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my parents had a very strict no dogs on the furniture rule that rule went straight out the window and my dad puddling rose her favorite person tonight and my dad she is obsessed with him he is a very very loving dog Rose has changed so so much Rose was living with a roommate of one of my best friends and she was being kept in a crate for days at a time and just wasn't getting any attention or love so I told her to tell the guy that had rose to basically shape up her ship out fix what you're doing to her or find her anymore I'm not leaving her there and she can try and fight me and I will call the police I'm coming to get brooch and when I got there she was in her crate and the guy wasn't even in the house he had left town and just les rose in her crate in the house and no food no water no nothing and when I let her out of the crate she had a little tail wag for me and you know she could muster up some kisses part of it might have just been that she didn't have the energy in her little sick body to be scared then I was gonna find her a new home is someone that would actually take care of her she really really likes you want to eat if I'm like making her food and then I like go away to do something else pre-show party to get my attention I beg your pardon Ullman I was a broke grad students like there's no way I can afford to keep this sickly dog I was like watching TV and she just sat there with her paw on my leg and just stared at me and at that moment I was like oh my god this dog is like trying to worm her way into my heart and into my life she just wanted to always be next to me and just wanted love and was giving so much love back Rosie it has so so much love to give and I think it's really sad that the people that have these negative ideas and stigmas around pitbulls wouldn't ever give Rose a chance to show them the love and what awesome dogs they can be even though I was like no I can't do this I cannot keep her she just fit in so well here and I took her visit my parents she just loved them she just seemed to fit here and needed to be here I knew that she wasn't going anywhere and she was where she was meant to be I can't imagine her not being in my life anymore

28 thoughts on “Neglected Pit Bull Dog Convinces Woman To Adopt Her | The Dodo

  1. dads are fun, ay? my dad didn't want a dog, then when we got one, the next day he cuddles with it that he doesn't even know I'm there

  2. I have only known 1 mean pit bull. That was because the owner made him that way. Have known and met 50 or more that were the sweetest pups ever! And they can be goofy.

  3. My rescue was kept in a crate for 5 months That was 5 years ago Right now he’s laying across my bed with my two Beagles all three quite comfortable

  4. Omg that was my friends dog? they gave her away because they couldn’t keep her in their apartment and now she’s happy??

  5. Hahaha, trick is on you. She pulled an Ace out of her paw… She is so adorable…. Thank u for rescuing her and giving her the love she needs….

  6. Our Pit is named Rosie and she is soo sweet and lovable too. I am glad you saved her and gave her the love and attention she needed. Pit's are so misunderstood.

  7. Such a gorgeous young hound and have her transport her to Australia. A pity in some ways are so strict. Depending on where the animal is coming from the can take 2 years quarantine.

  8. God bless her for standing up for Rosie! Most people would not gave had the guts to go rescue her like that, especially when they didn't even intend to keep the dog themselves. She just couldn't let this precious baby be abused and neglected like that. So happy this was a foster fail! ♡

  9. the only reason you find pits with attitude issues is because the first thing some idiots wants to do when they get a pit is crop their ears and teach them to be aggressive. Pits are not aggressive by nature.

  10. Had a pit bull mix rescue. She was absolutely the sweetest, most beautiful spirit I have ever had the honor of loving. Lost her about eight years ago. Still miss and love her so. Thank you so much for rescuing Rose.

  11. Some people who have dogs will keep them in a crate with they're not home for safety reasons. I have 5 pit bulls ,a beagle and a rat terrier who are in a crate when I am not home.

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