Negative Energy? How to remove bad energy from your home

hi i'm eric from hire balance today I want to show you how you can clean and remove negative energy from your home so that you can replace it with happy positive vibrant energy what I want to do is I want to give you techniques that you can apply right now today that you can begin changing the energy in your home so let's have a look at an example you start out with a nice clean fresh home good energy but you have a bad day at work you feel beat up rundown stressed out and you're just so tired that you only have enough energy just to flop on the couch I'm sure we've all had days like that the problem is that one day becomes two days three days fast-forward two weeks you're so tired you got sick and now you're sick Low Energy sleepy depressed and that energy is gonna affect everything in the whole house next thing you know you have a friend come over and this friend just got in an argument or a fight with his girlfriend or roommate and he's very emotional about it so he's expressing his frustration his anger and all those emotions are what its energy broadcasting out and because he's feeling so emotional he pushes it into the pillow he pushes it into the couch around you and all that is soaking into your environment it's soaking into your home next thing you know what have you got you've got your home filled with sleepy tired stressed-out emotional depressed angry negative energy it's nothing of the good things that you wanted so how do you fix it all right so the first thing we want to do is we want to do a pickup we would just want to just like you're cleaning your house you want to do a general just pick everything up that you kind of made messy but here's the thing that I do when I when I clean is they don't think about just picking stuff up I try to become aware of the energy because just like with your aura and just like seeing energy in the air energy is everywhere so when I sweep or when I vacuum when I dust I don't think about just dusting I think about cleaning the energy and so my mind stays aware of the energy and I'm actually doing two things at once I'm physically cleaning and then I'm helping more of the energy clean so right now we're just gonna do a physical clean so we were sick and we just want take the blanket where we're laying and we just want to shake it out real simple and the couch we just want to clean everything up and so you'll be amazed that when you clean things up you know you automatically feel a bit more refreshed well if you clean and you're aware of energy and you think about cleaning out the bad energy and pushing it away you'll be amazed how much different it feels so we also want to pick up all of our dirty clothes we want to make sure we wash all of these which we'll do in a little bit and so now let's clean up the couch and you really want to do this with everything in your home but here's the couch where someone had an argument or if you were going through a particularly strong emotion you just want to give it a little bit of extra attention but you want to take all the pillows on here and you just want to shake them out it's really breaking down the energy because what happens is they put all that negative energy into this one pillow or wherever they were and when you put it there that energy because the negative energy is always gonna be stronger and so it's gonna start to bleed into the rest this couch and all these are the pillows so it's not enough just to clean this we now have to clean the whole couch and freshen it all up and get rid of all that negative energy so you want to take all these pillows and you really want to hit them together kind of like they used to in the old world right where you kind of put everything out in the Sun you just want to beat all that negative energy out you just want to leave them like that for a while now the next thing we want to do is let's say that it's been this way for two or three months or that you've lived in a place for a while and everything's kind of the same is every single piece of furniture you have everything you have in your whole home creates a pattern of energy where you move where you walk where you eat where you sleep where you where you sit where you watch TV every single day you're in the similar state of mind on that same couch in your bed in your dining room and so it creates these energy patterns that your whole home gets locked in so everything gets set now if you really want to create change and you're really looking to create an improvement or increase momentum or whatever you want to do it's good every six months maybe once a year is you want to take all of those big energy structures all those big pieces of frame and you want to move around as much as you can now if you can't permanently move them even a temporary move of just setting them aside a little bit is gonna allow that energy to break up enough that's gonna get rid of all that and kind of sweep underneath everything so I'm gonna have a friend help me to move a few of these couches around to try and break up the energy pattern okay now here's the next step now when I said pick up earlier I didn't mean free to actually dust or vacuum we want to save all that until later right now you just want to do a general pickup and move as much stuff around as you can now step number two is gonna sound a little bit weird but I swear to you it works and it works really well and that is we're gonna take salt just regular plain old salt I'm sure you have a bunch of sliding around the house waiting to be cooked with and all I'm gonna do is I'm gonna sprinkle a little bit my hand just to give you an idea of how much you want so not very much I'm just going to sprinkle it kind of over an area so through your room we're gonna pull up more in the hand and here we have some and here's this couch that we had before we had to someone come over with an argument and we just want to put a little salt and sprinkle it on there and ideally you'll do this in the morning just before say you go to work or you leave somewhere and you want to let it sit for about six to seven hours so just kind of a little bit all around your home and especially on places that you need to clean up even your bed if you're having trouble sleeping try salting it for a little bit come back later clean it up okay and I told you I was gonna get into a lot of house and wise and how come all I want to say about salt is that the reason it works so well is that it's a neutralizer so good better and different it's gonna take all the energy and it's just gonna wipe it clean so if you have a home that has really good energy or a business you don't really want to use a lot of salt that's just kind of a cleaner but if you have negative energy or just you want to change you definitely want to use a little more salt so it's gonna be just gonna wipe everything clean and it's gonna allow us to start over again with whatever energy we want to replace it with all right so I just wanted to mention one more thing before you went and this is something that I figured out because I used to move around a lot like every year from apartment to apartment and then is if you move into a place that's a little bit old or you know that people have lived there before one trick is exactly what we did here so all that's great except salt before you move in and I would mix a little bit of warm water a little bit of salt and I would wash the walls with salt and then wipe it off as soon as I was done okay so remember all those clothes that we were wearing when we were really tired at work and we had a really long day here they are and we're gonna do the same thing with the clothes that we're doing with the house just a little bit different you just want to take them throw them in the wash and you want to put salt in the wash with your clothes and just wash them with a little bit of salt so you know how it feels different when you buy a new shirt and you put it on and has a little bit of that fresher feeling versus one that you've had a long time or how when you put on a friend's jacket now all of a sudden for a second you'll kind of feel like them that's because their energies in the clothes and as soon as you put on that jacket you're assimilating or feeling their energy well if your clothes can give you that feeling of energy just think how they make you feel when they have some of that negative energy that you don't want tired sick depressed so just like everything else the salt is gonna wipe that energy out it's gonna give you a clean slate to start from all right so here's the last step and here's what we did we picked everything up we move some furniture around or if you can't move it at least shuffle the furniture around we put our clothes in the wash added some salt we salted everything paying special attention to the areas that we think might not have good energy or need a little bit better energy okay and here just before we leave for the day before we let everything sit for six or seven hours or eight hours how long ever you can let it sit is we want to turn on some music and you want some Basie music those sound waves are gonna move through your home and they're gonna break up the energy so let's play some music and let's leave for eight hours and we'll come back we're gonna clean it all wipe it wipe it clean and then it's gonna start all over fresh so if you like this video please share your experience include a comment below tell me how it went tell me what you changed and how you felt afterwards join us on Facebook and I hope you enjoyed it I'll see you next time

40 thoughts on “Negative Energy? How to remove bad energy from your home

  1. Can I mix some salt & water together as a neutralizer? Would spraying it over a surface, help cleanse it as well?

  2. My husband is going to think I'm nuts if I put salt on everything and I can't explain this to him. Lol

  3. In India, there is a tradition not to take salt directly from others I understood the reason that we will take their -ve energy lol….tqqq ?

  4. What you said about the clothes makes sense. I once said when I was younger that my mood changes depending on what I'm wearing and now I see why! Good to know.

  5. Thank you. I have always been a room re-arranger. It would be the result of a good cleaning by moving furniture to clean under and behind etc., I loved the “feel” of the process and the result. Now I understand the energy part. It makes so much sense.

  6. Good looking,and he don't like bad people and bad energy,jaaaaa..nice…me nither…dependent the spirituality in home,the only place in the world home…

  7. Is Eric in this video on social media just wondering.? Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and tumblr. And snapchat

  8. Once a month, I usually mop and wipe the house using a mix of water, vinegar, sea salt and a bit of sage oil for scent. Weekly on a friday morning, id burn incence. Heaven ~

  9. Excellent video! Just the kind of advice that I'm after, quite probably the best vid' around on the subject f 'de-gloomying' your environment, Many thanks for taking the time to upload! I'm on it!!

    I was thinking more of a permanent protection energy-field around our home. And not performing dust anymore!!!!! I mean, WHY DO YOU STILL WANNA CLEAN DUST (or anything really!) when you understand that you are A GOD and that you have limitless powers?! Yeah, I'll choose that!!!! I am so thankful of my Always High Frequency-home!!!!

  11. I'm watching on this Christmas night 12/25/18. Sun. Great video and so true. I've learned some things, placing salt in the wash, the bed and washing the walls down with salt. Thank you for that. You can definitely feel energy and be affected by it good or bad whether some people realize it or not. It's taking what is needed and wanted and discarding what's not. I was talking about the transfer of energy with a relative and having the right energy around to be a source of healing and the wearing of someone's property. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. Many Blessings. 12/25/18. 9:10 p.m. ???❤???

  12. Hello ! I do this kind of thing instinctively , everytime i feel there is some negative energy or after a visit from people who are negative 🙂 So i liked this video very much ,
    and i have to say it works , definitely.Keeping your home " clean " like this makes it your beautifull oasis .By the way , the narrator oft his video has a very positive vibe too.

  13. Dude! How do you know that salt is a neutralizer? In my culture, the older said, when you move to a new house, spread around your house with rock salt, leave it for 3 days before you clean it. This to remove all the negative energy in the house.

  14. I have a very small place but I move things most of the time when I'm tired of looking at them, never thought about the energy. But, the thing is: I practice tai chi most of the time and maybe my body energy is telling me to move things around. Next time, I will follow your way including the salt. Thank you.

  15. It's sort of like people say, "Setting the mood" in an environment. We as human beings actually "set the mood or energy" in our homes. Here's what you can do with absolutely amazing benefits after you've cleaned your home: 1. Play certain frequencies in your home (I'll list below) 2. Open a window to allow fresh air in and use an 02 generator and let it bubble through water 3. Then get somewhere quiet in your home and use guided meditations.

    396Hz = Grief into Joy.

    417Hz = Cleanses Traumatic events and facilitates change

    528Hz = Tone of the earth, bring change, transformation and miracles into your life and repairs DNA.

    639Hz = Enhances communication, understanding, tolerance and love. Enhances relationships.

    741Hz = Leads you into the power of self expression, cleanse cells of toxins.

    852Hz = Awakens intuition and return vibration to spiritual order.

    963Hz = Restore spirit to original setting, connected to light.

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