49 thoughts on “Naughty By Nature – Written On Ya Kitten (QDIII Remix) [Official Music Video]

  1. What made Tupac and Treach so unique they both had there own style even though they were like brothers

  2. Treach’s skills as a rapper were underrated. Dude could rhyme his ass off. This song showcases his flow.

  3. I probably would have only been able to give Peppa 5 pumps. Especially the way she looked in this video.

  4. I think it's funny that on an effort to edit out "I'm here for nipples n' tits! Nipples n' tits!" At 2:44, they just loop "nipples n' nipples n' nipples n' nipples"

  5. Thank you for uploading the single version for this on spotify! Would like to see more of these, there's some nice hidden gems among them. When the De La Soul albums are finally available, I'd like to see the 12 inch singles accompanying them!

  6. This just crossed my mind this morning, and happened across an official version recently uploaded! I think it was this month 25 years ago that I discovered this version and have loved this beat ever since, brilliant!

  7. Respect ?Tommy Boy records) Halleujah! Hip Hop Hooray!
    I'm up six hours early, it's a kitten hittin day
    The dog catcher doesn't speak, his moves switches 'cause, 
    I catch the pussycat and he catches all the bitches!

  8. Tommy Boy I was literally just looking for this on Sunday! Thanks for the upload lol. On time in the clutch ?

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