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– [Announcer] This episode
was made possible in part by the Van Eekeren family,
founders of Land O’ Frost, and The Hamill
Family Foundation.That’s me, Fred the housecat.When my family leaves
for the day,
I don’t just sit inside
watching the world go by.
I become… Nature Cat, backyard explorer
extraordinaire! ♪ Oh, go go go ♪ Tally-ho! ♪ Go go go ♪ Tally-ho! ♪ We’re climbing up
the trees now ♪ ♪ We’re swinging through
the breeze now ♪ ♪ We’re getting
muddy knees now ♪ ♪ We’re Nature Cat ♪ ♪ Nature Cat, Nature Cat ♪ ♪ Nature Cat, Nature Cat,
Nature Cat ♪ ♪ So what are we waiting for? ♪ ♪ We’re so excited to explore ♪ ♪ All that nature has in store
with Nature Cat ♪ ♪ Go go go ♪ Tally-ho! ♪ Go go go ♪ Tally-ho! ♪ He’s our favourite
nature guide ♪ ♪ We just can’t wait to get– ♪ Outside! ♪ We’re swinging through
the trees now ♪ ♪ We’re jumping
in the leaves now ♪ ♪ We’re getting
muddy knees now ♪ We’re Nature Cat! Tally-ho! ♪ Nature Cat, Nature Cat,
Nature Cat ♪ Tally-ho! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Wow! Hal really loves
that toy, huh? He sure does! It’s been his favourite
since he was a pup. He even named it Harold! Ha ha! Come on, Harold! Whoa! Hal’s good at that! Hal’s and Harold have made some
amazing catches through the years… NARRATOR:
It was a cold and snowy day
as the very brave Hal marched
onto the frozen tundra
of Wolter’s Field,
and made this catch.
And on a windy, autumn day,with the barometric pressure
falling steadily,
Hal made this catch.And then, on a warm, spring
day, with a high allergy count,
Hal made this catch!Achoo!Gesundheit, Hal.I just love you so much, Harold! “I love you too, Hal!” Here we are, Hal.
Wolter’s Field! Huddle up! Okay, here’s the game plan… I’m gonna run.
They’re gonna throw you. I’m gonna catch you. Ready? “Break!” All righty, Hal! Go long! Farther! Back! Keep going! Go, go, go, go, go! Tally throw! Harold! Don’t worry, Harold, I– Missed you! Harold! Hal! Hey! Wait for us! Oh, no!
Harold went into that cave! I’ve never been
in a cave before. Whoa! Me either. Me neither… and neither has Harold! Which way did he go!?
Which way did he go?! DAISY:
Whoa, hold it, Hal. If we’re gonna be in here,
we gotta be safe. Okay, let’s see. Cave… exploration… rules… Okay, here they are. “Never explore a cave
by yourself, in case someone
gets lost or hurt.” One… two… three… four. There’s four of us,
so we’re not by ourself. Check! “Always wear a hard hat in a
cave in case of falling rocks.” Oh, that certainly makes sense. One, two, three, four. Four hard hats. Check! “Always have a flashlight.” Check! “Speak softly in a cave because
sound vibrations can harm rock structures and
the creatures that live there.” Check! (Softly)
I mean… check… Okay, now we’re ready to find
Harold! Where do we start? You guys, the stream
carried Harold away, so we should follow the stream. Agreed!
We follow the stream then! Onward and yon– (Softly)
I mean… Onward and yonward! (Crying) This is all my fault. I missed catching Harold! Twice! Hal, we’re all
here for you. We’re gonna find Harold.
I promise. Harold, I’ll never
miss catching you again! I promise! This cave is unlike anything
I’ve ever seen. Oh, man. I wonder how this cave
was even made? I know! Whoa! Heh-heh, who are you,
little cutie? I’m a glow worm, man. Very impressive glowing,
young worm. Thanks. So this cave
was made by water. Water? GLOW WORMS:
Water! Water, why’d it
have to be water? Yeah, without water,
this cave wouldn’t be here. Huh, how so? Water seeped into the mountain, and, like, slowly wore
away the rock, you know, leaving empty spaces
that became the cave. DAISY:
Man, oh, man!
That’s a lot of work for water. WORM:
Oh, yeah, a lot of work done
over millions of years, a tiny bit at a time. Water! WORMS:
Water! Water also carried away my
Harold, have you seen him? He’s round and red and flat and
looks like a little red pizza. And he’s real talented
and a gentleman. Have you seen him? Oh yeah! Your Harold was drifting
down the stream. We saw him pass through
a short while ago. Oh, thanks! WORMS:
You’re welcome! We’re coming, Harold! Come on, gang! Tally ho! Man, oh, man! So beautiful! Wow! I don’t see Harold! We still haven’t
caught up to him! Never fear, Hal! We will catch up
to your beloved Harold! But what happens if we don’t? I might never see Harold again! The only way we’re gonna
catch up is to move, you guys! Come on! These are really cool, but so hard to get around! DAISY:
Wait! Don’t touch that! Or that! Or that! Wah! Why? Another cave rule. “You should not touch
rock formations “because they can break. And these took millions of years
to grow!” Oh, man… I’d wouldn’t want to break
something a million years old! Uh, right. Me too. Heh, yes. Copy that. I promise I won’t
touch anything, but we gotta get moving! Harold is in here somewhere! What are these rock formations
anyway? Well, the ones growing up from
the ground are called stalagmites. Stalagmites. And the ones growing
down from the ceiling are called stalactites. Stalactites.
Got it. Stalagmites! Stalactites! Nope, you mixed them up. Stalagmite! Stalactite! Right, of course… Stalagmites! Stalactites! Oh, man,
you mixed them up again. Stalagmite… stalactite… I can’t even hear the difference
between the two words. Hey! I just had an idea
how to remember them. See stalactites have to hang
tight to the ceiling. And stalagmites
grow up from the ground. Brilliant, Daisy! Stalagmites! Ground! Stalactites!
Tight to ceiling! BOTH:
You got it! Stalagmite, stalactite. Stalagmite! Stalactite! It’s Harold! I see him! Hey, Hal! No exploring alone! And no running! Hal! I’m coming for you Harold! Hal? Where are you? I don’t hear anything. Which way did Hal go? Hey, how goes it? Well, hello, kind sir. Have you seen a dog go by? Nope, can’t say that I have,
because I’ve got no eyes. No eyes?
But how can you see? Since there’s no light in here,
I don’t need eyes. There’s a bunch of eyeless
creatures like me living in here. But how do you know where to go
and get food and stuff? Oh, we get along just fine. We use our other senses
to make our way. So you don’t even need
flashlights like we do! Nope! And to answer your question,
I didn’t see a dog pass, but I definitely
smelled him go by. Whew! Your friend went that way. Oh! Thank you so much! (Softly)
Onward and yonward! ALL:
Hal! Hey, Hal, you there boy? Hal! Hal, where are you?! Hal! Where are you? HAL:
Hey, guys! Over here. Near the big pool of water. Where is that? Wait, wait, wait…
I can hear water rushing. This way! Whoa! HAL:
Uh, hey guys– heh-heh– Over here! Heh-heh… SQUEEKS:
Hal?! How’d you
get over there? No clue! You tell me! And that is exactly why you never run off
by yourself in a cave! I promise never-ever-ever-ever
to do that again! Did you at least find Harold? No! But I did! Look! HAL:
Oh! Harold! Hang on, buddy! How in the world are we
going to get them? Nature Cat is here to save the
day! For my best buddy, Hal,
and his Harold. I’ll do it! All right! Tally ho–
No, no, no, not yet– Oooh… far down.
Don’t look! Keep it up… And here we go–
Tally ho– no, no… Not ready, not ready. All right, all right… Breathe, breathe, breathe,
and on three. One, two, nope!
Maybe on five. One, two, five!
Tally ho! Got Harold!
Here I come, Hal! Ouchie… Harold! ♪ What a grab! Whoa! Harold! I told ya I’d never miss
catching you again! Woo-hoo! (Shouting dazedly) I just love you so much, Harold! “I love you too, Hal!” Ha ha! Never fear! Nature Cat is here
to save the day! Whoops… heh-heh-heh… Okay, so, you nailed
the landing. You just need to work on
holding the power pose. Focus on the muscles, like this. Look at those triceps. Ooh! Brava! Brava! Brava! Ooh! I like that! Here’s a nice, sunny spot
for your new home! (Humming cheerfully) Huh? Just gotta get this rock
out of the way. (Struggling)
Huh? Oh, man, oh, man! This rock is much bigger
than I thought! Never fear, Nature Cat
is here to save the day! Focus on the muscles,
Nature Cat, just like Squeeks! Definitely getting there! Ha ha! That rock is no match
for Nature Cat! Tally ho! (Grunting) Whoa-ho-ho! I think we need some
professional help here! Oh, Hal?! Hal here, reporting for duty,
Nature Cat, sir! Let’s dig! Dig, Hal, dig! Hey! It looks like a bone! A huge bone! An enormous bone! A huge, enormous,
delicious bone! Wait a minute! What? Ew. This looks like a delicious bone
but tastes like a yucky stone! But it doesn’t really
look like a stone. It looks more like a bone! Man, I’ll tell you one thing,
if this is a bone, it’s from a really huge animal! But there aren’t any really huge
animals around here, ya silly! Wait a minute. Hal, I think you’re
on to something! Of course I am. Wait, what am I onto? Man, oh, man! This bone could be from a long
time ago when animals were huge… like– like dinosaurs! You’re right, Daisy.
This could be a fossil! A fossil! Woo-hoo-hoo! Yippee! A fossil–
Wait, what’s a fossil? Here, watch. NARRATOR:
You say you found a bone buried
in your garden?
Well, if that bone seems to be
more like a stone,
then congratulations,you may have found… a fossil!You see, fossils are stone-like
remains of a plant or animal
that lived thousands or even
millions of years ago!
Wow! That’s a long time!Fossils are formed when natural
things like animals and plants
are buried under
layers of sand and mud.
Over a long period of time the
bone dissolves away,
leaving a mould, which is
filled with rock minerals.
And that’s how we get our
of bone to stone.And that stone
is called a fossil.
How about that?But how can we be sure if this
is an actual fossil? Tally ho! Nature Cat’s Fossil Guide
should do the trick! Hmm. Uh huh… Interesting… Aha! Look! This bone looks very similar
to what we found! It sure does, Nature Cat. We may have really
found a fossil! No way! We may have actually found the
fossil of a mammoth bone! ♪ We found a mammoth
fossil bone ♪ ♪ A mammoth fossil bone ♪ ♪ We found a– found a–
found a– ♪ ♪ Found a mammoth
fossil bone ♪ Whoa! This is from a creature that
roamed this area, just like us, but tens of thousands
of years ago! This is intense. Oh, man, I wonder what else
existed back then and what the world was like. Uh… Nature Cat?
Behind you… Oh, hey, if you’re
not gonna eat that, can I? Thanks! Ooh, hey, these would be yummy
for dinner! Oh, sorry!
Where are my manners? I’m Leo, the mammoth!
It’s a pleasure. ALL:
Mammoth! I’m Nature Cat, and these are my friends, Squeeks, Hal and Daisy! Pleasure to meet you, Leo! (Nervous laughter) Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! So, okay, I feel like I’ll address the
mammoth in the room. Uh, what are you
doing here, Leo?! Uh, the question is,
what are you doing here? Look! There’s a field here
where the woods should be! Hey! My garden’s gone! And instead of the stream by
your garden, there’s a marsh! It’s all underwater! Listen! Those don’t sound like birds
we’re used to hearing! (Birds screeching) ALL:
Whoa! Well, I’d love to stay
and chat with you guys, but I have a very busy day. Yeah, I’m searching for
something very important. Oh, yeah?
Whatcha looking for, Leo? Plants, twigs, leaves. I gotta eat constantly.
How do you think I got so big? Oh, I love to eat that too! Sometimes we mix them
all together and we call them salads! I love salads! Salads, huh?! Hey, maybe I could make a salad
to share with my family! Great idea, Leo! But I’ve never done it before… I’m kinda nervous. I can certainly help you,
I’m a great salad chef– so I’ve been told. And we’re top-notch
gatherers and digger-ers
and helper-er-er-ers! What he said! You guys would really help me? Yeah! Of course! Well, thanks! Well, what are we waiting for? Time to find
some mammoth salad! Onward and yonward! Hey, wait for me! Okay, there we go,
and just pass that along. There we go. Whoa! Oh, sorry! Well, that should do it! A mammoth salad,
fit for a mammoth! Not yet! We eat a lot of food! Gotcha. Uh, Leo, you okay? Yeah. I’m just looking for
something else for my salad. Like what? I don’t know, something
really different, you know, like, really yummy. I just so badly want this salad
to be really special! Hmm… Hey, you ever tried these? Spruce bark. I love eating them
where I come from. They’re delicious.
Give it a try. Mmm! I’ve never tasted
anything so delicious! I know, right? This is the missing ingredient! This will make our dinner
really, really, really special! Let’s get some more! Uh… guys? (Growling) Guys! Help! Never fear! Nature Cat is here
to save the day! Focus, Nature Cat. Focus… (Straining) (Growling) (Trumpeting) Wow. I mean, I knew my power pose
was good, but that good?! I mean… Bravo, Nature Cat!
Woo-hoo! Way to go! Thanks, Leo! No problem, Daisy! WOMAN:
Oh, Leo! Uh-oh! Another prehistoric animal who needs to feel
the wrath of Nature Cat! No, that’s my family calling. They’re looking for me. Are we ready to surprise them? Allow me! We’re ready! Dinner time! Come and get it! Where have you been,
junior? We were so worried
about you! Making a surprise for you! A delicious salad! Okay, Father Mammoth,
you sit here. Mother Mammoth,
you’re to the right. Perfect! Allow me. Oh, thank you! Bon appetit! So polite! Mmm! Mmm! This is abso-tively
dee-licious, son! Especially these! I’ve never tasted
anything so delectable! Did you try this? That’s spruce bark, Ma! Well, then,
more spruce bark, please! I love this salad and love
that you made it for us! Thanks for helping me out,
you guys! No problem at all, Leo!
No problem at all! And Daisy, thanks for
telling me about salads, and showing me spruce bark! I always love to help out a
fellow salad lover! Well, this is for you, Daisy! Aww! Hey look, it’s another fossil! Love it! A spruce branch. Thanks, Leo! Keep digging, Hal! Do you see anything?
Did you find anything? I found a bone!
I found a bone! Oh! It’s a stick.
Never mind.

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