Nature Cat | 🐱🎁Nature Kitten’s Christmas Adventure! | PBS KIDS

Nature Kitten: Tally ho! Squeeks: Hooray! Yay!
Hal: Whoopie! Daisy: Oh yes! Oh yes! Nature Kitten:
There! All finished! Nature Cat: Finished?!
That can’t be. There are so few decorations.
And zero lights. There’s no way I’d
be happy with that. Nature Kitten: It’s amazing! Nature Cat: What?! Mouseling Squeeks:
Nature Kitten? Can we give you
your presents now? Nature Kitten: I don’t
need any presents! Nature Cat: I didn’t
need presents? Are we sure that’s me? Daisy Spirit: Yup! That’s
you as a kitten, all right. Now, keep watching. Nature Kitten: Whoa!
Where did you get these? Bunny Daisy: My Granny
Bunny helped us make them! Nature Kitten: This
is unbelievable! Nature Cat: I’d forgot they made
me my first hat and sash. And I was happy with just that? Daisy Spirit: Well,
what do you think? Nature Kitten: These
are the greatest gifts a kitten has ever gotten! Now I have something for you. Nature Cat: Oh! Okay! That must be my Christmas list with all the other things
I want for Christmas! Daisy Spirit: I don’t think so. Mouseling Squeeks: Oh! What
is it? What is it? Oh! Oh! Nature Kitten: I made a
list of all the things we can explore in nature! I call it my Nature
Curiosity List! Bunny Daisy: Ooo! Find
out where a stream begins. Puppy Hal: Explore the
tippy top of a mountain! Mouseling Squeeks: Dig deep into
the Earth and see what’s there! Young Squeeks: This is so cool!
Daisy: Sweet! Hal: Oh! I can’t wait
to do all of this. Nature Kitten: And the
best part is, we can keep adding to the list, ’cause there will
always be something new to explore together in nature. Young Squeeks/Daisy/Hal:
Thank you, Nature Kitten! Nature Kitten: Wait!
I have something else. Puppy Hal: What is
it, Nature Kitten? Nature Kitten: I
wrote a song for you! Nature Kitten: I call
it, Say Hello to Nature!Nature Kitten:
♪ Look under a rock, ♪
or up in a tree, ♪♪ There is nature all
around us, naturally. ♪
♪ Say hi to a bush, say
what’s up to a plant, ♪
♪ say “hola” to apigeon,
And a carpenter ant.Bunny Daisy: ♪ So much
nature all around! ♪
Puppy Hal: ♪ So much
nature to share! ♪
Nature Kitten: ♪ So say
hello to nature, ♪
♪ Cause it’s everywhere! ♪♪ Hello! ♪Clouds: ♪ Hello ♪Nature Kitten: ♪ Hello ♪Clouds: ♪ Hello ♪Nature Kitten: ♪ Hello
to all the Nature, ♪
♪ that is up and down. ♪♪ Hello, to all the nature
on the sky and ground. ♪
Bunny Daisy:
♪ Wave to an eagle ♪
♪ soarin’ in the sky ♪Mouseling Squeeks:
♪ Say bonjour to a bunny ♪
♪ As he hops on by! ♪
All: Bon jour!
Bunny Daisy: ♪ Say
“howdy” to a hawk,♪
Puppy Hal: ♪ “How’s it
going” to a Vine, ♪
Nature Kitten: ♪ You can
low five an oak tree, ♪
♪ You can pound a pine! ♪Bunny Daisy:
♪ Nature’s all around, ♪
Mouseling Squeeks:
♪ Nature’s every place! ♪
Nature Kitten: ♪ Go out and
say hello to nature, ♪
Puppy Hal/Nature Kitten:
♪ Say it face to face! ♪
Nature Kitten: ♪ Hello! ♪Young Squeeks/Daisy/Hal:
♪ Hello! ♪
Nature Kitten: ♪ Hello! ♪Young Squeeks/Daisy/Hal:
♪ Hello! ♪
Nature Kitten:
♪ Hello to all the nature ♪
♪ on the land and sea, ♪♪ The world is
full of nature, ♪
♪ Come and say it with me! ♪♪ Hellooo… ♪All: ♪ Hello! ♪Nature Kitten: ♪ Hello-o-oo ♪
All: ♪ Hello. ♪

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