Natural Treats for Small Pets in the US & Canada

hello everyone welcome back it is currently sunday and i am back with another video for you guys today i hope that you all enjoyed your holiday weekend and had a great Thanksgiving with your family with your friends or whoever you celebrated with that day I know it was really good for me and I hope that it was great for you guys as well as you can see since Thanksgiving has passed I have broken out the Christmas tree for the piggy room and it's just been like up there on that shelf all year long but I decided to make it visible now since it is actually Christmas time so it's just a regular little solar Christmas tree with some pink decorations and it has some colored lights too but I still have to find an extension cord so i can connect it and light it up and it also has some really really cute extremely adorable um hedgehog decorations that my boyfriend's mom got me last year for christmas and they are so adorable i absolutely love them so yeah thanks to her so much if she's watching this i absolutely adore the decorations so yeah i have three little hedgies on my tree again to feed my hedgehog obsession so yeah this is where all the pet presents will go underneath as soon as they arrive I've ordered a few and I think I've gone a little bit crazy this year but they totally deserve it and i'll probably do a special Christmas special with the piggies opening their presents on Christmas so yes stay tuned for that alright so now moving on to the actual video today I'm just going to be making a short video on some natural treat options that you can get for your guinea pigs and rabbits in particular in the US and in Canada other places like the United Kingdom have a wide variety of natural treats they have the woodlands range the bridge s Excel they also have the naturals range and in the u.s. we pretty much have nothing that compares to that we can find in pet stores however after doing a lot of research I have found some online shops that do have some natural treat options that compared to the Burgess to the woodlands range and to the naturals that are available in the US and for Canada and I'm just going to talk about those a little bit today natural treats are the best option for your guinea pig rabbit or any small animal because it's something that you find naturally it doesn't have any preservatives or any harmful ingredients to them and overall they like them a lot more than those that you can get up the pet store that are colorful and have all sorts of different things in them that they really don't need I have found three shops that do sell natural natural treats for guinea pigs rabbits and for other small animals too two of these are in the US and one of them is in Canada so that you guys in Canada too will have some options without having to pay the ridiculous amounts of shipping for getting them shipped from the UK or from the US so yeah I hope that you enjoy this video before I move on I do want to just say a disclaimer first these products that I feature in my video have been purchased with my own money nobody has paid me to talk about them or anything and it's also not a shop that I have so please no rude comments I'm just actually talking about some products that my guinea pigs have really liked and I think that I should share my knowledge with other people so that they have the option of getting these for their pets as well alright so the first online shop that sells products for both guinea pigs and rabbits that I have found is the food for buns shop they are located in California if I'm not mistaken you can google them and i'll also put the link in the downbar so you can check it out if you want to they do have a few options of products available for your guinea pig and rabbits but these are the two ones that I have tried in particular the first one here if it'll focus is a potpourri with herbs and I think it is the eight ounce if i'm not mistaken and the other one is the potpourri with flowers which is eight ounces as well i think it says eight there i'm not sure but I'm pretty sure it's eight on besides the potpourri urban flour mixes that i have here they do have the individual leaves available for sale as well they have dandelions salads only if you want they have fennels they have metal they have plantain leaves so they have a bunch of different options I just decided to buy the mix since I didn't know which ones which leaves or flowers my pigs would like in particular so I decided to mix it all in and see which ones they picked out up out of it so I could determine which ones they like the best alright so here is their website as you can see the website is super adorable I love their color scheme the pink and the green everywhere and if you just go here to flowers you'll see all the flower options the flour mixes that they have available right here we zoom in you can see on this page they have different ounce options they have marigold they have chamomile they have hibiscus I'm pretty sure they have rose hips as well and just a bunch of different options and you can also go here to the herb option and right there you can see that they had the dandelion leave salad which my piggies really like the dandelions um they have some dill seeds they have some other type of herbs as well if we move to the second page you can see they have fennel they have nettle leaves and the last page they have plantain leaves raspberry leaves as well and yeah there's a bunch of different options of ones that you can try for your guinea pigs or other small animals and over here if you click on the potpourri herbs you get what I have which is just a mixture mixture of all of them that comes in the little bag i showed you and you have different ounce options and you can get the Pope remixes for the flowers and for the herbs so yeah there's a lot of different options and the shipping is really reasonable too I think it was maybe 250 for one of these bags so that's pretty good it's not overly expensive and you won't break the bank now the second online shop that I've found that has lots of natural goodies for your rabbits and guinea pigs and chinchillas and small arrow kavars is if we zoom in here bunny bunny boutique and they're also located in California as well I have not ordered from here before but I did order a few Christmas goodies for my guinea pigs so you'll definitely be seeing those in Maya little christmas special i'll be posting but here's the link if you guys want it i'll put it in the down bar for you guys to check out and as you can see they have a treat option right here which you can click and as you can see they have organic a biscuit crunch willow leaf goodies and they also have some natural cookies that they make with natural ingredients as well for your pet and they also sell some of the occipital stuff too if you're interested so yeah I did not buy any of these goodies of these treats for Christmas but I did buy a lot of their toys since they do have a lot of cool toys available and I was running out of toys to get for my guinea pigs since the ones that pet stores are pretty much the same and they have like loads of them already so I decided to try something a little bit different so stay tuned for my Christmas special which will feature all the stuff that I got from this website for them and the last option of places online stores that have natural treats and goodies for your guinea pigs rabbits and including small rodents and this one is please zoom in here Bobby's bunny boutique now I do plan to order from this website in a little bit because they do have the if we can zoom here products from the naturals would range that is available in the UK and I have been dying to diagnose to try those products for a really long time right now I just clicked on the four-year bunny link and they have salad sticks they also have some boredom breakers toys which I really like the look of and have wanted to try with my guinea pigs for a long time they have some breakfast cookies carrot and cranberry slices charities and just a bunch of options now if you click here on for the rodents link it has a lot of goodies and toys as well that are from the available in the UK which you can't get here in the US as you can see it has a lot of natural looking toys again a lot of Naturals products from the naturals range and just really really good optionally it even has a few little Christmas ones available and the shipping from here is not too bad at all even if you're shipping it to the UK I mean to the US it's better than getting these ships from the UK which will be a lot more expensive so I would suggest that you go check out this website as well again the name is bubbies bunny boutique and i'll put the link in the down bar as well so you can go and check it out oh and here's one of the cute little Christmas ones I'm definitely getting one of these for my small pets because they look really nice now before you actually go online and start splurging on the naturals products for your pets like I don't know like I would do I would suggest that you read the label and see what they're made of first and stick to the most natural looking ones because these are a lot more natural than others that you would find at the pet store but they're not as natch as dandelion salads or herb salads or flower salads or just salad mixes like that in herb mixes they are man-made and are made out of natural products but some of them do have stuff that your animals really don't need I've seen that some of them have like egg products which guinea pigs and rabbits really don't need others have seeds which are okay for smaller rodents like hamsters and stuff like that but not really for guinea pigs and rabbits as seats can be a choking hazard so I would recommend that you look through the labels and stick to the most natural looking ones that are made out of the most natural ingredients like like herbs and things like that alright guys so that is it for this video that those were my suggestions of online shops that I have found that sell natural edibles oh that's so cute for your guinea pigs rabbits and some other small animals since we don't have natural many natural range of products in the US as they do in the UK and other places in the world and here are my piggies eating some of the potpourri or mixed from food for bums and as you can see they absolutely love it and go crazy for it um here we have Aries in them this and they're happily munching away and they absolutely love it and they load the flour 1 2 and let's go to the top pigs hey no fighting and they're fighting for it too even though they have a whole other Bowl over here with the same stuff hey what was that come on you can share here oh dear so yeah you can see that they really really like them and who are gobbling it right up and they really enjoy the flower 12 so yeah I think that these are great treat options for your guinea pigs and rabbits as well well now that I'm at it I guess I can show you the cages quickly this week as you can see this area's seen they have their cupcake fleece a little cardboard tube there and I had to change this because they would just be staring at each other since they could see the other one in the demolished twig hut which I have right here as you can see and that would instigate a lot of flights between them so I decided to use this one since they can get in the other pig that is here or here can't really see them so hopefully that goes well it's been okay so far and right here they just have their gems custom crafts huts so here's the overview on the top cage and some munching peas and down here I just have cupcake fleece same huts a tunnel and this area is pretty much the same and as you can see they're still gobbling that up I absolutely love it so yeah I don't feed it that often because I just tend to forget about it but it's a great option for your guinea pigs and other small animals so yeah I hope that you enjoyed this video and I also hope that you enjoyed the last video of ghost my foster pic that i posted he's doing fantastic in his new home and his two new mommies absolutely loved him to pieces it's always hard to let go of a posture because you just want to keep them but it's totally worth it when you see the faces of two little girls that adopted him that just lit up and they absolutely loved them so it is definitely really rewarding and really worth it so yeah and I guess that's it what I have for now this was like an update video in addition to the treat video as well so yeah thanks for watching and we're going to cut this right now I hope you enjoy don't forget to comment like and subscribe and I will be doing the few video requests that i have in the next few days so feel free to request as well if you have any videos you would like me to make so thanks for much don't forget to comment like and subscribe I

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  1. Plz do more vids I need help! I'm getting a guinea pig on Christmas and your one of my most reliable you tubers for guinea pig care videoz

  2. Hi Snowdrop Hedgie! I might be getting a guinea pig for my upcoming birthday, and I was wondering if it's a good idea to get 2 males. If yes, can you please tell me if its ok to give them wood shavings for bedding as well as a small cozy hammock? ~Request: Please do a video about the BEST guinea pig clubs and how to prepare them for competition. I would rlly appreciate it if u do my request ?

  3. Awesome video! I love Bobby's Bunny Boutique although I haven't bought anything from there. I do a lot of internet 'window' shopping and then when the time is right I splurge! lol

  4. O have also ordered from the bunny bunch boutique, They have excellent products and my pigs love their treats, and they had a great piggie maze and and their hay is amazing too!

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