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[Applause] hello fat parents and welcome to another episode of natural pets TV I'm Robert summer and I am joined by Heidi nevela dr. Jody and dr. Patrick thank you all for joining us dr. Jody I want to talk about natural and alternative pathways that we have and we see a really an explosion of and probably more importantly a much better understanding and usage of this is a fabulous topic we all love to talk about this we live and breathe this every day with what we do and I think what we would like to see is the natural modalities or the oral remedies being selected as a first line of defense rather than the last resort in many cases but the caution of course with that would be make sure that you don't delay important veterinary care we like to emphasize that we need a good Western medical diagnosis a lot of times to provide proper care and when you're trying to choose some of these oral supplements it can be difficult to choose safe and effective supplements there is an organization out there called national animal supplement Council it's fairly newly developed but now we can start to look for their little seal on some of the products it's just one of many ways to start selecting safe products and get an idea of which to choose and how to dose them and those kinds of things but then there's also a lot of physical modalities that we can use to and even conventional veterinarians are starting to incorporate some of those into their practices oh yes so like I've been in practice now for 17 years and I didn't know I'm coming out of practice that acupuncture could coming out of school that acupuncture could be part of practice and along with acupuncture which is just inserting needles or substances into the body to stimulate acupuncture points which are where nerves and blood vessels and lymphatic vessels all come together and converge and can create a whole body effect releasing anti-inflammatory hormones and other substances that relieve pain so I had no idea that that was even like an option that it could give my treatment my patients when I first started in practicing 1999 and now that's a huge part of what I do on a day to day basis and actually take like every single patient and not just think oh could they have surgery could they have medication but we want to think about what could we do from a food perspective what could we do from a supplement nutraceutical perspective what can we do from hands-on work and complementary and alternative type treatments acupuncture physical therapy laser treatments chiropractic etc there's so many things but there also are so many things that it's hard to know what is the right thing or the right combination of things so that's why pet owners really need to get that initial diagnosis has to like this is the anterior cruciate ligament tear should we have surgery should we not have surgery if we're not having surgery maybe we're going down that route of going to physical therapy after we have surgery maybe we're going to physical therapy so it's so much more accepted but it's good to work with a veterinarian that's open minded to it and it's going to be able to guide you down that right pathway and the natural modalities are very synergistic they all work together you can't choose an herbal as equivalent to a drug but in order to avoid some of the drugs for pain management that can have strong side effects you need to incorporate some chiropractic adjustment and some acupuncture and some herbals in order to get that same effect that you might get from a strong nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug and there are in the and M and met the herbal traditional medical system that I work in there are herbal equivalents to the very pathways you're talking about we of course always have people coming first for the diagnosis from a qualified vet but if they're looking for a natural alternatives there are the ones that I work with or Andean Amazonian and from the humble current so the each disc elections are amazing and they've been around for 2,000 years so they're well developed however you still even a pet parent get context us we say well these are you know novel plant steroids or they're they take the form of natural corticosteroids and basically and they can be adjunctive so we're never saying use these instead but a lot of them can safely be integrated with synthetic interventions so it is some names with some of the popular herbals that you use for pain management oh there's many no and it also depends on the type of pain it's really so well developed that is you know is it nerve pain is it muscle pain or in whatever but so there's some that are just central nervous system relaxants but they also affect the heart and blood pressure rate and and the smooth muscle relaxation so something in that sense could be like a valerian root or a passionflower there are much more like Mulungu that are much more specialized and work on pain immediate responses but then there's also things like achiote and Sangre de grado that are are natural plant-based steroids that have a whole other array of first and primary secondary chemical constituents to it so it's just it's it's for people to know that there are other alternatives that they can safely combine like Sangre de grado has absolutely no contraindications drug interactions or cautions so that's a really good one that you can put into like if you have nerve pain it's a neuro cynic you can put into a regimen safely with any other medication and so it's just a good and it doesn't really have a downside and then from those playoffs of course comes essential oils which is okay another modality I really enjoy combining essential oils with my acupuncture practice copaiba is one of my favorites it's actually sap from a tree in the amazon contains beta carry a saline which is a potent anti-inflammatory natural chemical constituent wintergreen which is where salicylic acid comes from which is how aspirin was developed a lot of the drugs out there were developed from plants but the plants had it right because they're more balancing and most of the time much safer and and a lot of things plant wise can be used to long-term safely where we start seeing trouble with that with the medication steroids accord or a good example where we have to be careful how long we use them Frank I've always been a fan of trying to reduce the reliance on medications that potentially side effects a lot of pet owners need to be aware that a single or multiple doses or long-term doses or misuse of drugs can really cause life-threatening side effects like anti-inflammatory drugs non-steroidal anti-inflammatories are very effective at reducing arthritis pain but some pets respond negatively to them and have digestive tract upset kidney liver issues sometimes even blood clotting problems so we want to make sure the patient is appropriate for their use but then try to reduce the need by having lifestyle changes which include changing your home environment so there's more traction for your pet to walk on or not that really high bed that your pet has to jump up and down off of even gating stairs so they don't tumble up and down weight loss is really important in weight management because so many pets carry extra pounds that put stress on all body parts including the joints and versus inflammation in the body and then there are ways you can naturally reduce inflammation on the day-to-day basis like I'm a huge fan of fish oil based omega fatty acids a lot of my patients and I take that myself or I think probably the herb that I'm most familiar with for anti-inflammatory effect is boswellia and tumeric or curcumin which is in tumeric and so those are really those I take them myself as well I'm like the biggest guinea pig for my patient I'm going to try it first if it works to me but hopefully it'll help you too so I'm a big fan of taking all the all that the drugs but trying to reduce the reliance on them like the dog falls it hurts itself it's breaks its leg it has surgery you need your drugs right at that time but you can pretty quickly try to transition the patient off of the drugs or on to less drugs with our our supplements and our other complementary and alternative modalities another great Chinese herbal is Kor Dallas that has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties and we have to remember if we are using one of those NSAIDs long-term that that can also be actually damaging the cartilage as time goes on so combining that with the glucosamine type products a hyaluronic acid helped rebuild that joint at the same time as we're fighting that inflammation to make them feel better absolutely yeah make the body healthier so it lets medications needed along the lines of oral nutraceuticals which are food derived substances having medicinal benefits there are medications that work like nutriceuticals I use on poly sulfated glycosaminoglycan which is commonly known by a brand name which maybe I can or can't say on the show quite sure but it's an injectable product that is sterile clear liquid that's very simple to inject into the muscle of dogs or under the skin and cats I teach owners how to do it all the time I incorporate that into my treatments I give it as an aqua puncture treatment so I inject that into acupuncture points and that directly goes from where the injection site into the blood into the joint in two hours and it's has been proven to help to rebuild cartilage as compared to supplements which may not work quite as effectively and need to be taken every single day for a long term in order to work and a whole other modality to mention is homeopathy oh yeah and acupuncture us and and I believe you went to I this yesterday and I went to the Chi Institute graduated 2008 and you can also inject homeopathic remedies I don't know if we can mention those later grandmas yes but but but there is a great company out there that we use for humans but we also use some of the animals so homeopathy is an energy medicine but a whole other great modality that a lot of us try to incorporate into our holistic practices I think it's just important to say too that just because it's natural doesn't mean it's safe long-term yeah and and some of our men and strongly intent like for instance strongly antimicrobial products like chunka piedra which are good at addressing urinary inflation inflammation and those kind of issues really should be used thirty days with pre and probiotics digestive enzymes added for the benefit of gut flora but cycled off for seven to ten so just not to have a misconception that because it's natural it's safe you know some some can be used non-stop and over the lifetime very well but and then also just please wherever you're working would make sure you check for the conjugations interactions of cautions because natural products do have them there they typically are far safer with less side effects than synthetics or other interventions but still you need to be working with someone who knows what their differences even the simple Western herbals I usually tell people is for five days on two days off that also gives you up gives you the opportunity on those days off to kind of assess whether or not the product is working does it make any difference how are they when they're on it when they're not on it I also try to choose Western herbal products that are glycerin extracts rather than the alcohol extracts for the MA they're also more receptive to it it's more palatable might be slightly less potent but I think it's also safer long-term well as you can see there are a lot of options out there that we all have when dealing with our pets health but you've got to be working with an expert and what that really means is you have to be communicating with them so remember those pet journals remember to work with someone that you trust that you can communicate with and it's going to be better for you and for your pets thanks for joining us here on natural pets TV hey everybody thanks for joining us there's another great episode with a lot of great information and we really appreciate you keep the conversation going in the comments section down below and don't forget to subscribe to the channel as we have a lot of great episodes with a lot of great information coming to you with a lot of great guests and if you want more information on our guests for Heidi nevela you can get that at nature a pet with a Z comm dr. 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