NATIONAL PET DAY ( with GROOT ) … love your pets today … Well, you should everyday

it's supposed to be about you for the minute or so fix your little towel here next to the bed huh oh you got the charging cable there you go so it's National Pet day so I'm having my pet like a good boy Oh get your paw hi buddy he's still in bed he's still sleeping with his little blank or this National Pet day everybody love your pets

10 thoughts on “NATIONAL PET DAY ( with GROOT ) … love your pets today … Well, you should everyday

  1. I don't know who's the luckiest… The Groot or The Dub. Yeah, we do… It's The Dub. He's been Blessed by having a True Friend, who doesn't argue, does whatever is asked, and never complains. And above all.. Unconditional Love.
    So thats my thoughts on Love Your Pets Day esp after watching CCDub and The Groot together, inseparable.

  2. Love groot, he's such a sweetheart good boy. My Kimi dog is a pompoo 8lb girl who is 13 and blind in one eye but she's still spunky little pup. She sleeps with me and has for 13years but she doesn't shed and is small. She's a sweetheart like groot. ..Thanks CCW for pointing out its national pet day.?

  3. What a BEAUTIFUL dog he is, brother. I got a little rat dog. Lol. Na, I love my little BossyPoo (BostonTerrier/Poodle mix) bottle fed her from the 1st day. Thanks for Sharing, bro. We won't have peace til we make corruption cease!!

  4. I just went to the pet Shop,The assistant came over and I said I want to buy a Wasp Please,A Wasp Sir,we don't sell Wasps,I said you got one in the window

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