National Dog Day and Shelter Dog Adoption

Well, today is National Dog
Adoption Day or National Dog Day actually, we think of it
as dog adoption day because that is of course our focus.
And here at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter we look for any
reason to showcase the pets that we have and make them
available to the public and let the public know who is
here. So, we are taking advantage of the national
promotion on National Dog Day to get some of our dogs out to
new homes. Friends of the Fairfax County Animal Shelter
is actually sponsoring this event. The sole mission of
Friends of the Fairfax County Animal Shelter is to support
the shelter. So, today we are providing the funds to
subsidize the adoption fees, so today the public can come
in and get a dog, puppy, just the dogs and puppies today for
half the cost that they would normally pay and we are
filling in that price. We have lots of events throughout the
year, the next one coming up September 16 and 17 is going
to be a back to school event and we are actually going to
do a full weekend, Saturday and then part of the day on
Sunday. The first thing that we like people to do when they
come to the shelter for an adoption is to visit of course
and find a dog that they think will work for them. Someone
like this young dog that I have next to me will take lots
of attention and time, it is a puppy, older dogs may take a
little bit less time, so we try to work with families to
figure out, first of all what is going to work for you and
your family. And then once they have done that part, they
complete a very simple adoption questionnaire form,
we do look to verify home ownership to ensure that they
are able to have a pet in the home that they currently live
in and then we just talk it through and make sure that it
is going to be a good match.

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