MyStetho for Pets – Crowdfunding campaign for dogs of homeless people in Geneva

Today we are with jesse
it’s a dog that comes from austria who has a name that is beautiful that has the
right of veterinary care as soon as he has the lesser injury or he has the right to these
vaccines and there are dogs that inhabit with homeless people and who do they often
no access to vaccines that often do not no access to veterinary care when
they are bad at the dough we MyStetho the advice of
animal health on the internet we would like to organize a
event that would allow dogs like jesse may who live with
homeless to have access to this kind of care and therefore you are encouraged to give
money so we can organize a event for that dogs like
jessie here present may have access to vaccines and then to care we
direct now to the loss of the lake and what we are going to do is
interviews to find out if people they are motivated to give their money for
help the sdf especially their dogs yes I think it’s very good if we can heal
animals that belong to homeless who do not have the means to
do pretty well as an initiative. Ah, I think that the homeless who have an animal helps them because they have to deal with someone is very positive for them
a dog who die from diseases the guy he is going to be completely wiped out it’s dramatic it’s attached to an animal Well listen I think it’s a good thing to mobilize
for those dogs that may not have access to care and it’s sad
to know them suffer without voila without access to veterinary care
etc etc so I support your actually cause it touches me
a lot to see these animals these animals in trouble it’s really yeah we
had noticed with my daughter precisely of that and we said how they can live this poor dog when traveling notice a lot of homeless people
young people especially with dogs it’s a company that’s it because they
are alone they are in the street that makes him a company it’s a balance for these
people there but unfortunately the dog who lives not like it should not
that they barely have for them when we go before we want to help and the person and
the animal his name is Chico but for me it’s not an animal this is my first company listen to my Chico he has
need that I can checkup more regularly of a tumor he had me I have a dog
her name is Zita I adopted her at the SPA five years ago that’s me if my dog ​​had to be operated ben however I would not have the ways to have it operated I’m
my dog ​​is flying in front of the Denner at Plainpalais it’ll be a year and a half
now he was 11 years old he was called Bamboo it was my best friend I would really like to get a dog back SPA but I do not have the funds
necessary to pay for vaccines for get one we would like you to help us
donating on the platform WeMakeIt so we can help
homeless dogs and that they have the same life or in any case a life similar to
our beautiful Frank oh too much cabbage

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