MyIPM – Integrated Pest Management for your smartphone

Fruit growers can now fight insects and disease
from the palm of their hands with technology developed at Clemson University. My name is
Guido Schnabel and I’m a professor at Clemson University in South Carolina. Alternaria rot is caused by … The app that we developed will enable growers to identify their pests very quickly, reliably.
It will help them make better choices as to what to spray and how to spray. And it will
also help them understand more complex things better with interactive tables, with audio,
with text, with pictures, with links to other relevant websites. Initially tailored for
peach and strawberry growers in the Southeast, the MyIPM app now has information relevant
to growers throughout the East Coast and beyond. Schnabel has collaborated with scientists
from Cornell University, the University of Massachusetts, Penn State University, North
Carolina State University and the University of Georgia to expand the app to add information
relevant to apples, pears, cherries, cranberries and blueberries. Information for row crop
producers could be added as well. We’ve been talking for the last three, four, five years,
ever since smartphones came out, boy we really out to start moving this stuff off of computers
and on to smartphones because every year the growers are more and more using that. They
don’t want to get off their tractor seat. They just say ‘OK, what I do now?’ And they
do that. I’ve seen no other app that’s out there right now. There are other apps that
are out there, but there’s no other app in a format or a platform like this app that
is so user friendly and yet has so much information. Some of the things we produce, which are really
good resources, but they’re more designed for the web and actually viewing on a computer
screen. With this app and with the photos and the identification tools that we have,
it’s a readily available resource they can pull out of their pocket. They’re in the field
and they want to look at something and identify it. If they do identify it a disease or an
organism causing a disease, then they can immediately think through what it is that
they need to do next. What are the chemicals I need to purchase, all of those kinds of
things, and start moving on it from that point and it’s immediate. What is amazing about
this app is that it’s very user friendly. It’s one of the things that as a diagnostic
resource I don’t have in my state, so I really like the idea of growers being able to not
read description of a disease off a book but also have the ability of looking at high resolution
pictures and being able to tell symptoms, signs and almost streamline the process of
diagnostics. The app is available in the Apple Store and in the Google Play store for free
to make sure that everybody has access to the same information no matter what the size
of the farm, no matter what the resources that they have, they all should have the same
basic information available to them.

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  1. These are excellent tools for more food production, human population is increasing and we need more new tools for more food productions, thanks, excellent tools.

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