My Weekly Pet Care Routine 2019 And Pet Updates (All My Pets)

hey y’all welcome back man you with my
hectic life pets where we talk about all things pet and pet related and today I
thought I would go over my weekly pet care cleaning routine so my cleaning
routine is actually really pretty easy I don’t think I could get any easier if I
tried because I have bioaktiv tanks and I do have planted tanks and I have
snails and algae eaters and all that good stuff in my tanks to help cut down
on my scrubbing and cleaning and in my terrariums I don’t have to change out
the bedding so my cleaning routine actually is not every week it’s every
four days which I schedule accordingly on my calendar I know and I use an
actual calendar guys because I’m old I I don’t ever check my calendar on my phone
and even if it notifies me I tend to just turn off my notifications so I
never I don’t pay attention to it so I got a look at an actual physical
calendar like in the olden days so about every four days I go ahead and
maintenance my fish tanks and my vivarium SH and then I also wash
Buster’s bedding and I clean up the yard now it would be better if I cleaned up
the yard every day but right now it’s like 35 degrees outside so yeah I’m only
doing that every like four days right now so anyway guys I am gonna make some
coffee because it is early early in the morning
and then we are gonna get started all right so I’ve got my coffee I don’t know
how many big huge coffee fans there are out there but oh my gosh I got the
toasted marshmallow from coffee-mate and it is freaking delicious guys like uh
I almost want to drink it by itself but that would be weird right so anyway now
that I have my coffee it is time to get to work so the first thing I’m gonna do
is I’m going to go ahead and prepare one of these cubes of fish food I really
like the freshwater multi pack because it gives you four different varieties of
food so it takes up a lot less space than buying like a million
types of food and storing it in your freezer and that way you know your fish
are getting a varied diet because this has all kinds of good things in it it’s
got spirulina it’s got brine shrimp it’s got blood worms it’s got and way more
than that it’s got all kinds of good stuff in these freshwater multipacks
and like I said it saves on freezer space so I’ve already got a little bowl
of deplore native water so I’m just gonna pop one of these cubes in so I’ve
got my frozen fish cube thawing out in my deplore native water and I’m gonna go
ahead and take care of the yard while I wait for this to thaw out so I actually
got this new pooper scooper that I really am liking so far because a lot of
these scoopers are not big enough to hold my dog’s waste it’s an Army humor
scooper and they also come with a couple of these Jags but what I realized is
that a regular sized grocery bag works just as well as these bags except with
the grocery bags they’re not scented and you can buy these scented but I go
through so many poop bags between having four cats and a giant dog that I don’t
care about it being scented it just goes straight into my big outside trash can
so I don’t smell it so I don’t care about it so I don’t smell it I don’t
leave this stuff in my house that would just be so much waste and so disgusting
and no matter how scented a bag is there’s no way it can stand up to Buster
and the cats Here I am just picking up all of the little presents that buster
has left through the yard over the past four days then all I have to do is pull
the bag out and tie it off super easy could not be easier the
handles on these bags seriously like they fit perfectly on this pooper
scooper and now that I got the yard all nice and cleaned up I’m going to go
ahead and let Buster out so my fish foods been sitting for about
ten minutes now so I’m gonna go ahead and dump it into a net and rinse it off
that way I’m not dirtying up my tanks any more than I have to so now we’ve got
our nice clean fish food I realized that I am about to do a water change so it
probably doesn’t matter that much that I clean my food but it’s just good
practice and a good habit to get into so now I’m gonna go ahead and feed the fish
and look at him go and my camera battery is dying already and I’m like not even
not even into this video yet my torch frogs have like messed up a lot
of the plants in here so when I go through I will have to make some
adjustments when I maintenance this tank today because they definitely pulled
some of the some of the plants out of the substrate and out of rocks and now
that I got my fish all fed I’m gonna go ahead and charge my camera battery and
then we will get to the rest of my maintenance all right so now that I have
my battery all charged up I really need to get a second battery but they’re like
$60 and I’d rather spend $60 on my animals and my kid then on batteries so
anyway from my water changes I usually have my bacteria supplement because I’m
extremely paranoid all the time about losing too much bacteria in my tanks
normally I would prefer to use stability but I couldn’t find any at the pet store
so I have to order it online and I’ve got my prime water conditioner that
helps to neutralize and detoxify ammonia and nitrite and nitrate as well as
remove the chlorine and chloramines and then I have my co2 booster that I like
to add to help try to get my plants really growing as much as possible and
then of course I have a bucket here with my gravel vacuum unfortunately my little
pump thing that you can attach to the bottom of it just broke so that’s sad I
have to buy a new gravel vacuum and I’m gonna have to do this the old-school way
of sucking on the tube to get the gravel vacuum started but that’s okay because
each i-team’s usually only takes me one to two minutes to do and one of the
biggest things that you never ever ever want to forget when you’re doing your
water changes is to always make sure you unplug your heater and your filter on
all your tanks because if you don’t unplug your heater and your filter then
your filter is gonna run dry your heater could overheat and malfunction and it’s
just a whole mess so make sure that you’re always unplugging your heaters
and your filters when you’re doing your water changes guys make sure that you
never forget that step so important now the lids
a lot of my tanks are glass so I like to put a towel down just to put the lid on
so it that way I don’t have to worry about it maybe potentially cracking or
breaking it’s on a soft surface so if I accidentally manhandle it too much it’s
much less likely to break or crack I did crack one of my lids a long time ago
when I just set it on the counter and I was trying to be gentle with it and it
just cracked so easily that I like to put a towel down now tanks are not cheap
to replace so I’m gonna go ahead and get this thing started and I don’t do too
in-depth of gravel vacuuming my tanks because I do have like plants so I want
a little bit of that stuff in the substrate to help my plants growth but I
do want to get some of the nastiness out of there so I just kind of do like a
mild gravel vacuum on the gravel and then I do about a 50% water change on
every single one of these tanks most of my tanks are considered like nano
aquarium so I have to do pretty big water changes just to make sure that my
water quality always stays perfect now when I am adding water back into the
tank I try to make sure that the temperature of the water that I’m adding
back in is the same temperature I want it to be really really close like maybe
within one to two degrees of the temperature of the water that’s in the
tank this way I don’t have to worry about
when I’m doing my water changes sending my fish into some sort of crazy shock
because you don’t want to add freezing cold water back into a nice warm
aquarium because you’re gonna cause such a huge tank temperature fluctuation that
you could easily shock and maybe kill your fish so I do have really small
tanks so it really does not take a whole lot as far as my chemical additives with
the bacteria supplement always make sure just shake it really really well because
the bacteria likes to settle at the bottom and
it’s not gonna do you any good if you don’t shake it up like I said I don’t
really know if this is a hundred percent necessary but I’d rather be safe than
sorry and I know that I’m losing some bacteria when I do my gravel vacuum that
I’m probably pulling some of the bacteria out of the gravel and
especially especially whenever I change my filter cartridges then I go crazy
with adding bacteria supplement whenever because whenever you change your filter
media out you’re gonna lose a ton of bacteria because a lot of that bacteria
a lot of that good bacteria is gonna be housed in your filter media so anytime
you change your filter media do yourself a favor
how’d it add some bacteria back into the tank because you don’t want your
nitrogen cycle to just start over oh now I’m gonna go ahead and add water back to
this tank and do the rest of my tanks really really fast I did want to add in
real quick that I don’t ever remove my fish from the tanks when I’m doing my
gravel vacuum because the more often that you move a fish back and forth the
more stress that you’re putting on a fish especially with the bettas because
their fins are extremely delicate so trying to take them out and put them
back in with a net or something like that can really wreak havoc on their
fins and cause a lot of issues and it’s causing additional stress to your fish
that is just completely unnecessary unless you’re gonna be redoing the
entire tank changing out the substrate would be about the only time that I
would be wanting to remove my fish from the tank so apparently my camera turned
off while I was cleaning out my fish tanks so gotta love that
so rather than re clean all my fish tanks right now I will just go ahead and
show you the finished product snowflakes fins are starting to finally
grow back from him having a little bout of thin rot which I’m really happy about
both heat and Freddie ended up with FINRA
after our whole stressful journey across the country but luckily snowflake seems
to be doing really well and I think he’s gonna make a full 100% recovery I mean
it’s been over a month now and his fins are looking like they’re starting to
grow back so I think he’s gonna be just fine I did have to rearrange and kind of
doctor up my frogs and killifish tank because my frog so kindly like just
moved around a lot of the plants so I had to put them all kind of back in
place hopefully once their roots and everything start growing then the frogs
should not be able to like cause any problems with the plants anymore and my
Amazon sword in this tank is not looking fantastic I’m hoping that dosing the
tank and everything is gonna help because I mean when you first put some
of these plants in they are gonna die back a little bit but I’m not seeing any
new growth just yet but the last couple of Amazon swords that I have had I feel
like it took a little while for them to really start to come back after dying
off first so hopefully so hopefully in another month or two I should start
seeing a lot of new growth on this plant so now I’m gonna go ahead and do the
water change on this one because this one is over carpet I am going to be
putting a towel down on the floor to make sure if I have any whoopsies that I
don’t end up with a bunch of water on my carpet so if you do have tanks they’re
sitting on carpet when you do your water changes it’s always a good idea to put a
towel down there around the tank so that if you it lit it just leaves room for
error and I don’t know about y’all but I can get kind of messy when I’m doing my
water changes another thing you can always do too is put like some painters
tarp around or a plastic trash bag or something in the area that you’re going
to be keeping your bucket and stuff now this tank doesn’t have any fish in it or
anything but I am pretending to feed this tank every
and then with some fish food just to help build up some more ammonia in the
tank and get the nitrogen cycle really going so that this tank can hurry up in
cycle my fish I’m not sure when they will be shipping to come out here
because it has been really cold weather outside lately so I’m not a hundred
percent sure when things will warm up enough that they can be shipped safely
over here with the best chance of survival so on this tank I actually only
do about a 15 to 20 percent water change because it is a larger volume of water
so nitrates are not going to build up in this tank as quickly as in my smaller
Nano aquariums now one thing I did forget to mention is that when I do my
water changes I also do check to make sure that I still have a small piece of
cuttlebone in each of my tanks for my snails I do need to feed my worms so I
have my josh’s frogs where I’m food that I’m just going to put a little bit in
there for the worms this helps to get load my worms so they’re nice and fat
and happy and full of nutrition for my frogs it’s nice I’m gonna maintenance my
crickets and make sure that they have plenty of food and water so it looks
like they have plenty of foods so now I’m just gonna spray they’re a little
spongy scum make sure that they have plenty of water you don’t want to fill a
water dish for the crickets because they will probably drown in it as they are
super super smart next up I got a maintenance my isopods so I am just
going to go ahead and spray one side down a little bit there plenty of
cuttlebone I’m not seeing any mold or anything I actually check this every day
but I only feed them every few days so I’m gonna add in I’m gonna sprinkle in
some fish food for them so that they have a nice meal they’re still so small
and I can never seem to catch one on camera but I guess as my culture grows
then I’ll have so many that it will be impossible to not be able to find them
in the tank so next I’m going to check out my Krusty geckos tank this tank is
actually not looking too bad now that I’ve got paper towels I’m gonna just go
ahead and wipe down the sides glass I’m not seeing anything that I’m
gonna need to take the scrape or two I don’t think so I’m just gonna kind of
clean that up a little bit so I just clean up the inside and outside of the
glass a little bit and I also check on the food ledge to see if that needs to
be soaked and cleaned right now it’s looking pretty good so I’m not gonna
mess with it and I check it I check these multiple times a day so if I do
ever notice that something is looking pretty shoddy then I will go ahead and
do maintenance on an on maintenance day I only do XYZ days if it needs to be
done it needs to be done so while I’m in here I’m gonna go ahead and give Brack
some new food that’s another one that I do on a daily basis but while I’m here
I’ll go ahead and take care of it go ahead and give him his fresh food and I
do have to say that this moss in this tank has like ended my humidity problems
like it’s completely ended my humidity problems my humidity levels are actually
staying square they need to be tanked drying time it’s taking about a full day
for it to dry out from when I get it to about 80% so that is a lot better than
it was before so now his tank is all nice and clean and pretty and I mean
seriously that only took me like 1 minute why because it’s a bioactive tank
if I were to need to if I were to need to really take my razor blade inside
here then I would remove Brak so that he wouldn’t accidentally have any I
wouldn’t want any mishaps happening I try to be very cautious with Brack and I
try not to ever over handle him and I try to make sure that he is well cared
for and that he stays out of the line of danger if so if I’m taking a razor blade
into the size of the tank if there’s any spots that really need to be razored off
like any old food that’s like crusted to the glass or anything then I will
take him out of the tank because I don’t want him in any sort of harm’s way
so I do still need to plan all of these but I am gonna go ahead and give them a
nice spree eventually that is on my to-do list of redoing my green tree frog
tank but it’s still on my to-do list and it will end up happening it will get
done also I wanted to go ahead and check in on my frog moss and it looks like
it’s doing really well and there is still water at the bottom in the gravel
so I’m not gonna worry about watering it today so now we’re on to my pac-man
frogs now the tank glass is looking pretty good it’s looking pretty clean so
I don’t really have to do any maintenance there but of course I am
gonna need to spray this tank down and his water bowl is empty so I’m gonna go
ahead and grab that and clean that real quick and put it back in his tank so I
did go ahead and change out of this water bowl and added some water in there
some de chlorinated water in there I typically use white distilled vinegar
and water to clean all of my animal stuff along with my kids stuff actually
because it is way safer and I feel way better about it than using any of the
chemicals even if they do say that they’re reptiles safe I still feel
better using vinegar and water it just seems safer to me so now I’m gonna go
ahead and give a good spray down and while I’m here I do feed these guys
every four days so I’m gonna go ahead and toss zOC a worm son he can eat and
I’m gonna move this leaf out of his way nudge it towards him a little bit and
he’s got it who likes his were means muscle Iraq and
now on tumult ours tank also looking pretty good like said with the pac-man
frogs you don’t really have to do hardly any maintenance with the bio active
tanks because they don’t they don’t climb on the glass or anything they’re
not arboreal they pretty much just sit and wait and eat so I’m gonna go ahead
and clean mole tars Bowl and bring it will rot at the back so I found mold
thar she was hiding in the substrate I’m gonna go ahead and give this tank a good
spray down I already changed her water out so now I’m not gonna feed multi
right now cuz it does kind of look like she is shedding so I’m gonna go ahead
and leave her alone for now and then once she once she’s done with her
business then I will go ahead and feed her too so
the only thing left I do need to still figure out the humidity issues that I’m
having with these two tanks I’m thinking about maybe putting in a foam background
and putting moss on the background like up towards the top so that way I don’t
have to worry about the frogs like trying to eat any a moss or anything and
it won’t cause any issues and it’ll help to hold humidity into the tank and it’ll
probably give the tank a little bit more of a naturalistic kind of cooler look to
it so I think that’s what I might do is I might buy some foam board and go ahead
and put some like Coco fiber and stuff on it and then attach some moss like up
towards the top so I think it’ll look really cool and I think it’ll help with
the humidity in these tanks oh okay so I’m pretty much done with all my
maintenance for the day for the next four days really other than I still have
to wash all of Buster’s different beds he’s I’ve got two beds one for his crate
and one that I keep like well it kind of moves around sometimes it’s in my office
and sometimes it’s in the living room just depending on where I am because he
usually wants to be wherever I’m at so to make sure that my house doesn’t end
up stinking like dog I wash his bedding every four days along with all the rest
of my taint maintenance today my maintenance probably took me about three
maybe four hours to do mostly because my camera battery kept dying in the middle
of things in the middle of filming and so I kept having to recharge it as soon
as I realized that the battery died so I might have to invest in buying another
battery maybe even two batteries if I’m going to be filming longer videos and
not have to wait like 20 or 30 minutes for my battery to charge so if I had
actually done this without having to deal with moving the tripod around and
everything like that without filming it it probably would have taken me maybe 45
minutes which is not that much time and I love having the bioaktiv tanks I
really love having planted fish tanks it saves me so much time and just even
simple things like having a pooper scooper that you can line with a bag
instead of having to dump in a bag after you’re done picking up all of the
droppings all these things add up on time that can be better spent observing
my pets and playing with my pets and just enjoying being around them instead
of just another chore like it’s so much easier I also totally have a robot
vacuum cleaner if you have cats or dogs or both like I do I definitely recommend
checking out these robot vacuum cleaners I have a neato I’ve used Roomba before
right now I think I like the neato better because it kind of has a more a
better clear path whereas the Roomba kind of bumbles around a little bit but
either way they help get the job done and my house is not covered in here so
anything that makes pet care simpler and gives you more time to actually spend
with and enjoy your pets to me is a fantastic thing so anyway guys that’s
all I really have all today as always thank you so much
for watching I love you guys and I’ll see you in my next video bye you

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  1. Stay warm! Yuma temperature is 70 Degrees at Sunset. Clean on. All responsible pet owners must clean up. It’s part of the joy of pets! We had 4 Chihuahuas in a 1/3 of an acre property. We call the waste, Love Bombs! They have all died of old age. It breaks your heart. No more Dogs or Cats for me. I get to attach to my pets. Not fish though. A fish or shrimp dies, I try to figure out why. My Neon Tetras have lived for over 10 years, so I’m ok when one dies. They laid eggs, hatch, I get new Neons, Guppies, and Shrimps. My aquarium pets live full lives. I try to be a good steward of God’s creation. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed watching! Stay warm!

  2. Are you offended that science diet put a commercial aaaaand an ad on your video? Lololol.
    I AM watching the weather for when to overnight your fish. I have heat packs but i'd rather not send them if it's REALLY cold.

  3. I might be wrong, but the tank with the blue female crowntail…the filter seem strong for it. Good video. I've switched to Dubia roaches from crickets. They don't smell, don't die easilu and easy to colonize. I would recommend that

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