My story of adopting my bengal kitten

help something's and welcome back to my channel so today's video is gonna be so fun because it's all about my little kitten this is my little kitten boy his name's ace he doesn't want to hang right now he loves hiding in that little box he has so many hiding places but his carrier case is his favorite I'm gonna let him do his thing so I'm Monday June 3rd I believe it was I went and got a Bengal kitten and he's a little boy he was born February 10th 2019 and his name is ace and in today's video I just wanted to introduce you guys to him explain why I got him why bangle specifically why I decided to go with the breeder instead of adopting pretty much every questions that I've had since I've gotten my cat and so let's just go ahead and get started so the first thing and kind of the main thing that I want to talk about right now is adopt versus shop a lot of times people are always pressuring you to adopt and never shop it's like I say not always true and it's not always gonna be what's best for you and your family because having a pet is a lifelong commitment or at least it's their life that you're committing to it's the next 16 17 18 years of their lives that you're committed to so you obviously want a dog or a cat that's gonna fit your house perfectly your life so perfectly and that gets along with you so here's my experience we adopted my dog from the Humane Society a shelter and we just went in one day and we're like we decided that we wanted a dog as a family and we didn't have any specific breed we were looking for we just wanted a nice good dog that could run outside you know be an outside dog hang out with people hang out with and we fell in love with scout since then he's like a whole new dog he used to be so scared and shy and timid in it and now he can do tricks he goes on walks every day like he loves other dogs he loves people I don't know he gets been very well he was a very skinny dog when we got him and now he's just a nice healthy big strong muscular dog he's the best dog ever basically honestly he's like the best dog I've ever but that being said he definitely has trauma from his time in the shelter from his childhood the people at the shelter told us that he had been adopted like several times and brought back because people said that he was too hyped but they didn't have a big enough yard to lend me an outside dog he just wanted to run and they kind of let him do that and he had barked all the time cuz he's inside basically like he could not be an inside dog and people can't take care of how hyper he was so me my dad were like oh my gosh this is the dog of our dream so we live on three acres he can be trained to stay in the yard and he can be an outside dog so he's kind of the perfect dog but all of that being said he does still have that trauma he is scared of big groups of people he has trauma and that's completely okay with us we're fine without we help them a lot with that we make sure you feel safe we make sure he's okay some people cannot deal with the trauma of a dog because it can be a lot of work and that's okay it's okay to shop instead of adopt because adopting you know don't know what you're getting yourself into they're most likely gonna be mixed breeds you don't know what they've gone through them anyway so all that leads to why I decided to shop for my bangle instead of adopt basically what I'm saying is that not all adoption from shelters are gonna be successful stories and it's gonna be way more traumatizing for your pet to adopt him and then take him back to the shelter because he didn't suit your lifestyle so definitely make sure that you are ready to adopt if you're going to adopt so now I just want to talk about my bangle and this isn't no order necessary like this is a no specific order on why I decided to get a bangle but I'm just gonna go ahead and start with my stole so my boyfriend's family is which I'm pretty much over there every single day and I wanted to be able to have a cat that I could bring over there it's severely allergic to cats so I had to get a hypoallergenic cat that was like priority it was I would never be able to bring my cat over so here's a list of hyper allergenic cats there's bONIES Fink's devonric Siberian Cornish blue Russian blue Japanese oriental Shorthair and bagels so there are naked cats and then there's like kind of ugly cats and I know that looks aren't everything when it comes to an animal but I noticed that bangles for the cutest ones of course I was gonna click on that when I was looking at hypoallergenic cats I had no idea what I was gonna get myself into when I clicked on links about bangles and then I kind of just ended up falling in love with the idea of having a bangle so one of the first things I realized in my research is that I was not gonna be able to adopt from the shelter because they can be bangles are considered a rare cat breed they have to be purebred they pretty much have to be braided from a breeder the likelihood of finding a purebred bangle kitten and a shelter is like one in a million now 2.0 of course I had to have a purebred because hyper allergenic and I didn't want to have in trauma I wanted to be able to be good with little kids I wanted him to basically be a life long companion so I realized that going to a breeder was pretty much my only option now if echidna would have a rut arised on any of the adoption centers I definitely would have gone but literally I never saw one come up so I decided that if I was gonna get a bangle I was gonna do a bunch of research because obviously they're a very special breed of cat because I do not want to get myself into some thing that I wasn't ready for wanted to know everything about a bangle the goods the bads everything so my experience from cats and dogs was that I my whole life I've wanted a mix of both I knew I didn't want to cat that was super lazy and just wanted to sit around all day but also dogs can be a lot of work and I wanted him to be inside so like a mix of like a dog and a cat would be like ideal for me little did I know that that is like the description of a Bengal cat so my research began and for the past like forty five months I've literally been researching probably like one to four times a week all about bagels because they're so cute and I just want to learn all about it so what I learned is that they're like descendants of leopards they're like a domesticated version of a leopard so that's why yeah so that's why ace literally looks like a leopard because he basically is one Bengals love attention I love to play they're basically like puppies in that sense most cats sleep 20 hours a day but Bengals sleep 12 to 14 so if they sleep a lot less because they love to play but on the contrary they also love to cuddle they love humans they love the tension look at him like he literally cuddles up on my lap all the time it just falls asleep thank you just thing ever and sometimes he'll sleep right next to my head and I literally cry it's so cute also from my research I realized I wanted a male and not a female because males are more calm they like to cuddle they're not as crazy while females can kind of get out of control sometimes and from my personal experience I've left a saloon for maybe a puzzles like four or five hours the whole time that I've had him and I was just like to run an errand or go to the gym or something because I can't and literally can't leave him like I think I'm the one getting separation anxiety not him usually cat gets it I think it's me getting it so I decided that a bangle would kind of be perfect for me because they love attention and the camera would be left alone for very long and I am home all the time I can do my work from home so why not get a bangle another thing I learned about bangles is that ace is going to prove a big muscle machine that can be up to 22 pounds the male's can but on average they're like 15 pounds so he'll probably be around that size also I learned that good diet is very specific they have to have high protein and no grain they're basically like Wildcats so you can't just feed them any cat food or I could hurt their stomach so I have a list of like cat foods that I can feed it and from the person I got them from they told me what cat food they use so I use a mix of their cat food and then this other cat food that he literally loves he devours while he's eating it I love when he eats so this is like the dopest thing about bangles is they actually love to go on walks so over here I have a harness and a leash and oh my gosh is it not the cutest thing that people walk their cats most cats probably would hate that but Bengals love to go on walks they're basically like dogs and that's it two other really quick facts is that Bengals love water which if you look right here I got him a little like a waterfall to drink out of because they just love water and apparently that helps them stay hydrated better I haven't really tested out with him I'm still letting him settle in before I throw them and some crazy experiences but apparently bill like take baths with you and love to play in water I don't know we'll see if viii likes it so apparently they love dogs or at least they get along really well with dogs I haven't introduced him to Scout because Scout is huge and he will just attack him because Scout loves every animal and will just play with him but I don't think he's ready for that so we're gonna wait quite a while for that one so basically what started out was me just looking for hypoallergenic cats and then literally falling in love with having a bank from there I started looking at websites and I realized that bangles are so expensive I've never seen a cat so expensive before I didn't know cats could be expensive some breeders were selling them up to like 5 grand and I was like um no that's not happening plus I feel like a breeder who is charging that much for a cat obviously just doing it for the money and they probably don't actually care about their cats on Sunday I decided to spend like two hours and I was like I'm finding one because I really really want one and I actually found three different people who live like pretty close to me and I was messaging them getting their prices having them send me cats send me pics having them send me pictures of the kittens and telling me all about the personalities and stuff and then I found eight and he was the cutest little guy and they lived really close so I met up with them and I met them on Monday and they brought me a sip they brought me his shot records his proof of like being a purebred basically everything that I needed to have him and they were like the nicest people ever they also raised Pomeranians they showed my pictures of like all their pets basically just like typical Missouri like country people they were so awesome and I still text in like all the time because they want updates and we still talked and she said that he was like his favorite so it was hard for them to let him go which is like really good news to me so anyway that's basically the story of how I decided to get a bangle and that I really did do my research why I decided to adopt why does I do shop instead of adopt and yeah basically now me and ace our best friend I don't leave his side he leaves mine all the time though like he just said I'll be Colby and he's like no I want to go to sleep or no I'm gonna go play and I just bought him a bunch of new toys I got like a laser and miss Q Olsen he'll basically just like typical Missouri like country people they were so awesome and I still Texan like all the time because they want updates and we still talk and she said that he was like his favorite so it was hard for him then to let him go which is like really good news to me but anyway that's basically the story of how I decided to get a bangle and that I really did do my research why I decided to adopt why I decided to shop instead of adopt and yeah basically now me and ace are best friend I don't leave his side he leaves mine all the time though like he just said I'll be holding him he's like no I want to go sleep or no I'm gonna go play and I just bought him a bunch of new toys I got him like a laser yeah miss Q Olsen he loves this guy he does not stop getting attention ever and if you're wondering I will be taking you to the vet soon with fur just a little quick checkup make sure everything's good to go with him I'm gonna regularly go to the vet I will be getting him neutered when the time comes and I will not be getting empty clod because I did a bunch of research and I had no idea but that is so bad for cats like I feel bad that I ever thought about me calling him now so as far as if you guys have any questions or the comment section down below let's have just like a nice fun open-ended conversation if you have more questions you're also welcome to DM e and Sid McGee on Instagram so I'm gonna keep making a bunch of videos with aides he really just wants to go back in here so oh let me show you guys he loves this too sometimes so he just said it and that can close him in and it's a nice little hiding spot he loves hiding spots so yeah there's a story of me and ace how we are now counts for life if you guys enjoyed this video it is very important if let me know if you guys want more videos with aids if you have any questions Beauvoir subscribe for new and i'll see you guys in the next one bye

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  1. that is one kick-ass kitty, he is so cute?. syd and her bengal look so made for each other??. this story is so nice.

  2. 'bengal kitten' sounds a lot like 'bagel kitten' and now i can only hear 'bagel kitten' and its making me hungry ???
    great video as always i found the bengal facts super interesting!! <3

  3. Wow I made that 6 views and first comment! Wow that’s an accomplishment for me. I love Syd so much.

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