My Siamese Cat Talking to me :)

oh yeah what can I do for you he's so pretty oh yeah it's a talkative you usually reserved talking for when I'm going to sleep at night yeah but now it's cute why Malik you've got food and everything I don't know what to do good you want to play oh here comes my yeah she's like what's all the fuss I even sleeping for like six hours I mean missing the scratcher I'm so pretty

39 thoughts on “My Siamese Cat Talking to me :)

  1. "You're missing the scratcher" Story of my life. My advice? Move the scratching post off of the carpet and into the kitchen or bathroom where if they accidentally miss it, they will scratch tile, and not the carpet. Lovely cats!

  2. I have a 14 year old siamese cat lmao and i can say they are not needy she has the sand box where she poops in rest she doesent need much things

  3. can someone pls explain how siamese cats look so different? when i search for siamese cat i get this "long thin face", big ass ears cat… but then, this cute round face one is also a siamese… my brain hurts… lol

  4. She's telling you something very specific. If you, as her pet human, don't understand her, that's your shortcoming! LOL

  5. She was trying to have a constuctive debate about climat change…. But Trumpcat came and interrupted everything

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