My Service Dog Gear Haul! ?

(upbeat music) – Hi everyone, I’m Jaquie
from Chronically Jaquie and this is my service dog Harlow. This video is dedicating to going over all the gear Harlow and I use as a team. If you’re interested in
how to get a service dog or wanna learn more about
service dogs in general, then you need to watch
my Service Dog 101 video. Or if you wanna learn more
about Harlow in specific then you need to watch
my All About Harlow video and you can find links
to both of those videos in the description. I’m going to be mentioning many companies, sellers, shops, products, and so on. And if I have a link to those things you’ll be able to find the
link in the description in the gear list. Also in the description are a ton of helpful links so be
sure to check it out. And there’s also a table
of contents there too. So if you’re only interested
in my nighttime gear or my collars and leashes, the table of contents will
take you straight to it. You don’t have to watch the entire video. Keep in mind that stores
I mention may close or they may stop making
the products I show y’all or Harlow and I may get
new gear in the future that we don’t feature in this video. But, I’m going to do my best to keep the gear list in the description
as updated as possible. Also keep in mind that you don’t have to use the gear I use whatsoever. There are many good
options out there for gear. And just because I don’t mention it doesn’t mean it’s not a good option. In this video, all I’m doing is sharing what Harlow and I use as a team and what has worked well for us. And lastly, I must warn you, there’s going to be a lot of pink. There’s no secret that
pink is my favorite color. Now that we’ve gotten
all that out of the way, lets’ get started. (upbeat music) There are several wonderful
places to get gear from. There are so many good options out there and these are some of my favorite places. But that’s not to say that I don’t like to try new shops every once in a while because I do enjoy doing that too. So anyways, one of my favorite
companies is Ruffwear. They make rugged dog gear, and although they aren’t
service dog specific, you can make their products fit your needs by adding on service dog
patches, or leash wraps, and whatever else you may need. I love their products ’cause
they are very high quality and this company really values
their working dog clients. They have something called
a Pro Purchase Program and you can apply to the program online. Once you’re accepted, they will give you a discount the entire year. It is awesome And it has allowed me to afford really high quality products for Harlow. I really love Ruffwear and I can’t say enough good things about this company. The next place I’d like
to go to is Amazon. I’m part of the Amazon Prime Program and I get two day shipping. I love free shipping and when it comes in two days it’s even better. Amazon has things like patches, leashes, vests, and so on. I also really like Etsy
and Instagram stores. Both Etsy and Instagram have shop owners that are really passionate
about what they’re making. Both have really unique items. You can find service dog specific gear in both Etsy shops and Instagram stores. You can get patches, leashes, vests, anything you could possibly think of. And you can get custom orders. And that’s really important to me. I love to customize my
gear to fit my personality. You can get custom colors, which is important to me because it’s sometimes hard to find pink patches and other pink items. So custom gear is really awesome. And Etsy and Instagram stores are great places to go to for that. And if you look in the description I have some links to some
of my favorite Etsy shops and some of my favorite Instagram stores. I also really like It’s a website where you can get just usual dog gear. It’s not service dog specific but that’s where I get things like Harlow’s dog bowls, her toys, dog beds. It’s just for dog supplies and they have really great prices and when you hit a certain amount of money in your cart, you get free shipping. And I love free shipping. So those are some of my favorite sellers and also when it comes to patches, I go to a local seamstress who will sew them onto my gear professionally because I want to make sure it’s put onto my gear perfect and I just don’t trust my own sewing skills. So that’s all about some
of my favorite sellers but there are so many good options from places to buy gear. (upbeat music) Now let’s go over my vests and packs. The first one I have
here is a wiredog vest. It’s bright neon pink, which I love. And it’s also padded on
the inside for comfort. Harlow has always been very
comfortable in this vest. It’s never chaffed her the wrong way or sat on her awkwardly. She loves it and I love it too. Both straps are adjustable. And you’ll notice that the
buckle is really large. Which is perfect for me when my hands are having issues with dexterity. It comes with three D-rings. One in the center, which I
put miscellaneous items on, and two on the edge which
I attach a pull strap too. It’s perfect configuration
for a pull strap. The patches are custom
made by Mutt Butt Gear. I chose the design for this patch. Dog on duty, do not distract. I of course have a not all
disabilities are visible patch. And this is the same
patch as the other side. It’s just a very well made vest. The vest comes with the
option of saddlebags. And they are open and close with a zipper. Very roomy inside. And they attach to the
vest through the D-rings with these plastic clips like so. See. I choose not to use the saddlebags because they seem a bit awkward to me. But lots of people use
them and have success. So that’s awesome. There is a velcro slot on the saddlebag because this vest came with the option to have patches placed on it. But since I’m a custom
patches kind of girl, I knew I wouldn’t use
whatever patches the provided. So I selected the option
to have no patches. But, this vest does come with patches and it comes in many different colors. I have only spot cleaned this vest. Meaning I’ve cleaned it with warm water and soap by hand. But I wouldn’t be afraid
to throw it in the washer if I needed to. Over all, I highly recommend this vest. It’s done really well for Harlow and I and I love the neon pink. Next up is a pack I bought from Petco. And the company that makes
it is called Good2Go. I love the big pink
reflective strip on the top. And the back is mesh so
it’s very breathable. You can see that the back has a drawstring shut portion to make it tighter, but I’ve never used it. And there’s also a plastic D-ring. There’s no place to attach a pull strap, but this vest does have a
handle that comes in handy. And the plastic D-ring is good for attaching miscellaneous items. I love the patches I have on this vest. They were custom made by Mutt Butt Gear. This one says do not
separate my from my girl. And this one I custom
designed and she lovingly made it for me it says, she gives me the strength
to find my own magic. It was made in honor
for our love for Disney. The other side has custom patches from Mutt Butt Gear as well that say dog on duty do not distract. And not all disabilities are visible. I have just spot cleaned
this with warm water and soap when needed. It’s a lovely pack that has a lot of room to hold various items. Like my inhaler, my medication, emergency meds, things like that. Harlow loves this pack and so do I. Next up is a molle type style vest that was made for my by Epic Fido. Unfortunately they’re no longer making this vest anymore but Epic Fido is still a wonderful store that makes high quality products. This is completely
breathable which I love. Especially down here in Florida. It comes with three
D-rings which is perfect for miscellaneous items and a pull strap. Bright neon webbing, my favorite color. And the patches are custom
made by Mutt Butt Gear. The one on the top says not
all disabilities are visible. The one on the side says
dog on duty do not distract. And the other one on the side says do not separate me from my girl. This strap on the front is adjustable and the strap on the
stomach is also adjustable. I love that it’s a molle type style vest. Meaning a tactical type vest because I can attach
different things to it. I bought this pouch at Bass Pro Shop and then I had a seamstress sew on a Mutt Butt Gear patch. And it just slides through the webbing. Secures with a fastening button and it goes onto the vest like so. And of course I would only
put both on at the same time to distribute even weight. I love this vest pack combo. And although Epic Fido
doesn’t make it anymore they still make many
other wonderful products. But this is a lovely
vest that Harlow and I have used many times. Up next is what I refer
to as Harlow’s mess vest. This is what I got off Amazon and I have that prime shipping
so it came in two days. And this was actually
Harlow’s in training vest. She wore this throughout the latter half of her training days and it still barely fits her on the larger setting. It looks like a tube top on her though because it’s so thin. Although I don’t really
like how it looks on her and it doesn’t have enough
room for custom patches on it, this is perfect for
what we use it for now. Because if we’re going
somewhere and I know her gear is gonna get dirty, I don’t want her to
dirty up her nice gear. So instead we’ll use
this and then afterwards I can just throw it in
the washer and dryer and it comes out looking really good. It came with these big
service dog patches. It has a reflective strip on the front. The front strap and bottom
strap are adjustable and the buckle is really big. Which is great when my hands are having issues with weakness or dexterity. There’s a big D-ring on
the back and a handle. I attach miscellaneous items to the D-ring and a pull strap if needed. So this was great for her in training days and now it’s a perfect mess vest. This is what I refer to as
Harlow’s professional vest. It actually belonged to
my previous service dog and since it’s not pink,
we’ve never used it. But we keep it on hand in case we go to a very formal event or occasion in which pink will not work for her gear. This is a Ruffwear Webmaster Harness and it didn’t come with the patches but I ordered all of
the patches off Amazon and had a seamstress sew them on. It has all of these straps which makes it a little
bit tricky to put on, but it’s nothing too terrible and they’re all very adjustable. It’s not padded on the inside, but my last service dog was always very comfortable in this. Also, there isn’t really a place for a pull strap. There’s one D-ring which is very strong, but it’s in an awkward location and the handle is a little
too low to the body. So I need counterbalance assistance and this vest just doesn’t
really provide that. So it’s another reason we don’t use it. Also, it’s not pink like I mentioned. I only spot clean this
with warm water and soap, but since Harlow and I never use it, we never really need to clean it. But, I think it looks very professional so I wanted to share it with y’all in case somebody was
interested in this as a vest. Lastly, we have what I refer
to as Harlow’s fun vest. It’s a Ruffwear Front Range vest and it comes in many different colors. There’s no patches on it but I could add a patch if I wanted to. This is what I would use if Judd were to take Harlow running, or on a bike, or something like that. We don’t use it for service dog work, but I think it’s good
for every dog to have a professional harness lying around. Just in case you need one. And that’s what it looks like up close. Ta-da! That is all I have to show y’all about Harlow’s vests, now
she’s gonna model them for you. (upbeat music) Let’s talk about collars and leashes. For me it’s very important
that they’re functional but also fashionable. But just to the extent that
they match our current gear. First up I have an Easy Walk. This is actually a training tool used to teach a dog how to heel properly. I got mine off Amazon with prime shipping. But various other stores sell it and virtually any pet
store will have it too. It comes in a lot of colors
and various other sizes. This is a great tool to teach
a dog how to heel properly and it does so safely because it doesn’t put pressure on the neck which can be dangerous if a dog is a heavy puller. But rather it puts pressure on the chest. It redirects attention to you because it steers your dog to the
side when they pull. I love the Easy Walk. I’ve used it to teach
various dogs how to heel and it’s done well. But of course there’s other
training tools you can use. If you use it properly
it’ll get the job done. Anyways, Harlow was really
easy to teach her how to heel. It’s become second nature to her. And even though she still
has a really good heel, I choose to continue using the Easy Walk. Just because I think this configuration is much more comfortable
for her than a collar. So that’s why I continue to use it. Just for her comfort. Other handlers choose to use other things and that’s totally fine. ‘Cause each handler will do what they want with their service dog
and we only have our service dog’s best interest in mind. Next up is the leash and collar set Harlow and I are currently
using the most often. The collar is the Top
Rope Collar from Ruffwear. There’s a big reflective
strip going around the entire thing. And the buckle is really unique. I love how easy it is to undo
and put back together again. And the leash buckle is
very sturdy, I love it. The leash also has a reflective
strip going through it. It’s called the Slackline leash and it’s very adjustable. The clasp is unique but very easy to use. I love that this leash
has two adjustable parts. One for the lower end
that’s close to your dog and one for the top end
that’s close to you. This one is very easy to
slide around and adjust. You just do like so. And this is the one that I move around. Deciding between whether I want the leash to be over the shoulder, around the waist, or a normal handheld leash. It’s awesome. This leash has held up really well to getting soaked in the rain, getting mud on it. It’s easy to clean if you just wipe it down with a wet rag. And this is so versatile. It works really well
for a service dog team that needs a lot of options. This is a great leash, I
love it, highly recommend it. The next thing I’m gonna show y’all is the leash and collar set Harlow and I were using before we got the Slackline. It’s the Ruffwear Flat Out Leash and the Ruggwear Flat Out Collar. The Collar is a normal collar. It’s very high quality
with a normal buckle that’s made of plastic. The leash clasp is metal and very sturdy. And there’s a tiny reflective strip going through the entire thing. The leash is called the Flat Out Leash and there is a reflective
strip going through all of it. There’s a handle at the bottom. It has the same leash
clasp as the Slackline. It’s very functional. But as you’ll notice, there’s
only one adjustable part. So for me personally,
I could only use this as an over the shoulder leash. Which was fine, but then I got a port. And it would be very
uncomfortable using this because Harlow heels on my left so it’d have to go over my port. And that’s why we opted to
get the Slackline leash. Because it’s more adjustable. Even though the Slackline doesn’t come in this bright pink color. And this does come in other colors. I personally like the Slackline more because it’s more adjustable. But, the Flat Out collar
and leash set is still a great set. We used it for a long time and it’s done us so much justice. This is an awesome set as well. You can’t really go wrong
with any Ruffwear products. Here we just have what
I call my mess leash. If I’m taking Harlow to the dog park or if we’re going somewhere
I know she’s gonna get dirty, if she’s going on a play date with friends I will just use this leash. It’s a normal handheld leash
that I got from Walmart. It is braided I believe and it has a lot of reflectiveness
in it, which I love. So this is the leash I use if I just don’t care about what we’re doing and I don’t want to risk one of her nice working leashes getting dirty. I recommend that all service
dog handlers have a mess leash because we’ve used it a
lot and it’s come in handy and it saved her working
leashes from getting really dirty at times. Because this one was
cheap and I don’t care what happens to it. So this is a really good thing to have. But of course you do you. Next up is a 25 foot leash. I got this from Tractor Supply Co. It’s a tack and feed store. But I’m sure Amazon sells
them or any pet store or various other online stores. So if you wanted one I’m
sure you could find one. I use this to teach Harlow how to have a very solid recall when she was a puppy. So instead of letting her off the leash and risking whether she
would come back or not ’cause she hadn’t learned how
to have a solid recall yet, I had the 25 foot leash
to ensure her safety. And now Harlow has a very solid recall and it’s thanks to this leash she was able to learn how
to have one very safely. This also comes in handy
at various other times. So I just think it’s good to have. So yes, 25 foot leash, very good to have. I’m glad we have one for those moments where it might come in handy. I also have a few leash wraps. This was made an Etsy shop
called Patience and Love. I love that Etsy shop. The leash wraps can have
many different sayings, many different colors. This one says service
dog with a paw print. I have one that says in training that we don’t use anymore but we used it a lot when Harlow was more in training and it helped a lot. And then we have one that
says please ignore us. I do love leash wraps
but they don’t always work to get the message across. Sometimes when we’re
using please ignore us people tend to ignore us more, and sometimes they don’t. It just depends on what type
of crowd you’re gonna run into. These are also handy for non-service dogs because maybe you want people to know your pet dog isn’t friendly. You can have one that says not friendly. Maybe you want people to know your pet dog is shy so you can something
like shy, approach carefully. Or something like that. I think leash wraps are a great way to let others know
information about your dog that you’d like them to know without having to approach your dog first. So that’s why I have a please ignore us, I have one in training,
I have service dog. Because maybe it’ll
deter just a few people from interacting with Harlow and distracting her from her job. Also this comes in handy if I don’t want her to wear a vest but I still want to identify her as a service dog. I’ll just clip this onto the leash and that is all she’ll wear. Because Harlow can still
work without her vest. She doesn’t legally need to wear one. So leash wraps are very versatile. They can say many things,
come in many different colors, and I really love them. And I love the Etsy
shop Patience and Love. The last thing I have here
is one of my favorites. So somebody gifted this to Harlow and I didn’t know exactly
what they were making until I opened the package. And I just about screamed. Look at this collar. So if y’all follow
Harlow and I on Instagram or on our vlogs especially. You’ll know that Harlow’s nickname, one of them is hippo. So somebody made Harlow a hippo collar. The person who made this runs a store. It’s called Guardian Gear K9 and they have wonderful products. They don’t only make fabulous collars, they make all types of
service dog and dog gear. Highly recommend you check them out. But they have a really
sturdy leash clip here. The buckle is easy to do and undo and I love this collar. I’m in love with it so much. It makes me so happy. It’s a hippo collar, how funny is that. Anyways, that is all about
my leashes and collars. And now, Harlow is gonna
model them for y’all. (upbeat music) Let’s talk about hot weather gear. Living in Florida I’ve
learned a thing or two about how to keep a dog comfortable when the weather gets hot. Actually, here in Florida,
the pavement can become so brutally hot that it burns the bottom of a dog’s paw. That’s why paw protection
and hot weather is crucial. The first thing I wanna show
y’all are Ruffwear Boots. I have tried so amny different brands to combat the hot pavement problem, and nothing stands up to
the quality of Ruffwear. Also you can’t beat their price given the service dog discount that I
mentioned in the first section. Ruffwear makes three
different types of boots. One is for snow and the other two are great for combating hot pavement. They make a Grip Trex and a Summit. These are the Summits, it’s
an older model of the Summits but they still work really well. And yes it’s orange. They don’t come in pink, but that’s fine. They do have different color options. So if you’re gonna decide between the two based on color, go for it, they’re both really good boots. The way to compare the two is the Summits are more like a lightweight tennis shoe and the Grip Trex are more like a rugged heavy duty hiking boot. Because of my needs, my service dogs never really needed to have a
heavy duty hiking boot. So I prefer the Summits. I also like the Summits because they’re a little more lightweight and they tend to go further up the leg. Which is more comfortable
for Harlow’s dew claw and that’s important to me. But I have had both the
Summits and the Grip Trex. I have used both of
them on my service dogs and they both work really really well. So you can’t really go
wrong between the two when making a choice. I also recommend getting the liners. And basically they’re just little socks. Yes they’re adorable. Because I’ve noticed that it makes the boots very comfortable and they stay on better for Harlow. Also make sure you measure your dog’s paws according to the instructional video on the Ruffwear website. There’s a specific way to do it to make sure you get
accurate measurements. But if you measure the wrong way, or they send you the wrong size, or the boots just don’t fit even though you did everything correctly, don’t worry, they have a really easy return policy. I’ve had to do that before. Also, if your dog’s
paws are different sizes they have an option to
order boots individually. And it costs the same as
if you order a four pack. That’s what I have to do because Harlow’s front paws are 2.75 inches and
her back paws are 2.5 inches. The boot should fit snugly, not too tight, and not too loose. Also, training Harlow in
the boots was super easy. When they came in I put on the socks and then I put on the boots. I made it very happy with
lots of praise and treats. And then I took her leash on her and I just power walked. I didn’t even give her a chance
to think about the boots. I distracted her with
commands that she loved to do, playing fetch, and I kept it on for five minutes the first time. Every day we practiced
and I made it a really happy experience for her
with things she loved like praise and treats and
commands she liked to do. And slowly extended the time
that the boots were on her. And in no time she had
completely gotten used to them. There’s also something
called Musher’s Secret. It’s a natural wax based product that you put on your dag’s paws for protection. And I’ve used it on my dog’s before and I love it. But I think of it as a first
line of defense type thing because when temperatures
reach a certain level Musher’s Secret isn’t
gonna do the job anymore and you need something
more which are boots. I do something called the boot test and I’m sure several other service dog handlers do the same thing. I’ll take the back of my hand and place it on he hottest part of the pavement where the sun has been
beating down on it all day. If I can comfortably leave my hand there for a full 10 seconds
with no discomfort at all, Harlow does not need any boot protection. If I can leave my hand there
for the full 10 seconds but I have some discomfort,
she needs Musher’s Secret. And if I cannot leave my
hand for the full 10 seconds because of discomfort from the heat, then she needs boots. Keep in mind that dogs do kind of like sweat through their paws. And when they have boots on, although Ruffwear boots are breathable to a certain extent, they cannot regulate their body temperature as well. So whenever Harlow is booted I’m sure to take several breaks in the shade or AC where I completely remove all of her boots and socks to allow her to cool down. When a dog is wearing boots they are more likely to overheat. So you gotta be really careful with that. I never really use Musher’s Secret or Ruffwear boots anymore. Just because I personally have increased heat sensitivity over the past few years due to my chronic illnesses. So I don’t go out in the heat, Harlow doesn’t go out in the heat. But it’s good to have
the boots just in case. And it’s good for Harlow to
know how to use the boots just in case. I love Ruffwear boots. You can’t go wrong with them. The sole on the back is very textured and it stands up to the
hottest of pavements. And all you have to do to put them on is unvelcro them, slip your dog’s foot in, and velcro shut. You can’t beat the quality, and because of that service dog discount you can’t beat the price. So yes, I highly recommend Musher’s Secret and Ruffwear boots for
hot pavement protection. The last thing I wanna
show y’all is this cooler. And I know it may look
kind of funny right now, but that’s because it’s dry. To function, you need to wet it down, wring it out, make it damp, and then put it on your
dog to keep them cool. And it keeps your dog cool without getting them soaking wet and it doesn’t get everything else
around you soaking wet. I love it. This one is made by a
woman who’s really sweet and she runs a shop
called Coats Made By De. And there’s so many things about this particular cooler that I love. One, it comes in a lot of vibrant colors and that to me is important. Because it’s hard to find good gear that accentuates your personality. So I was really happy when I
found that it came in pink. Also, it’s machine washable. And this thing can get really dirty. So the fact that it’s machine washable is awesome to me. You put it in the washer and then you let it air dry. It also has a really big
coverage of the tummy of your dog and that’s awesome because one good way to keep your dog cool is
to keep their stomach cool. It’s also custom made. All of Harlow’s cooler measurements came straight from me to the creator. And it’s custom made to fit Harlow. So this one fits her really well. It also holds up really
well in the Florida heat. It stays damp for a really long time and Harlow’s comfortable in it. There’s so many things you
can do with this cooler. You can put patches on it. You can embroider it. This thing is great. And I literally went
through so many coolers. At least eight different coolers from some big companies,
from some small vendors, and this is my favorite by far. So if you’re trying to debate
between different coolers, go ahead and try what you want. But I’ve already been through several and this one’s the best so far. Also, there’s an option to
put pouches in certain areas. So you can put ice packs
to add extra cooling. I didn’t get that option with this one. But when I order my next one, I definitely will. I don’t use this anymore with Harlow because I’m heat intolerant
and can’t go out in the heat. But it’s just good to have just in case especially since we live in Florida. Now I’m gonna show y’all how this works. So I just fill my sink up with water and then I put the cooler
in and let it soak. I have soaked down the
cooler in public restrooms. And if I don’t want Harlow
wearing this in the car, I’ll just wring it out and then I will put it in a plastic ziploc bag. So after it has soaked I drain the water out of the sink and wrong this out as much or as little as I want. You can wring it out completely to where it’s just a little damp or you can leave it soaking
wet, it’s up to you. I have wrung it out, now let’s go find our model. See, its’ a great fit. Not your dog may continue
to pant with the cooler on because that is how they
regulate body temperature. But the cooler helps to
keep them comfortable. The cooler is damp but
Harlow’s fur underneath is totally dry. Now if you leave the cooler soaking wet, then your dog is probably
going to get wet too. And gear does tend to get a little damp if you put it on on top of the cooler. So you have the option to use no gear or just put patches right onto the cooler. What I choose to do is
use Harlow’s mess vest on top of her cooler. Even though the cooler
is wet, it’s not dripping onto the floor and it doesn’t make Harlow smell like a wet dog. It fastens with velcro
and it’s really just a wonderful product to use in the heat. Now Harlow’s gonna do
some modeling for us. (upbeat music) So living I Florida, I don’t actually have any cold weather gear for Harlow. Because it never gets cold
enough to need any down here. But, I still wanted to make this section because I have a few
suggestions for cold weather gear that I love. With my last service dog
he was a Goldendoodle and we always kept his haircut very short to keep him cool here in Florida. But we did some northern traveling and I needed to get him a jacket, ’cause otherwise he’d
be really cold up north. And I got the K9 Overcoat from Ruffwear. It was a really well made jacket that did a perfect job of keeping him warm. Ruffwear makes really
good dog coats and jackets and they also have that
service dog discount I mentioned in my first section. They have wonderful products
that are really high quality and you can’t beat the price either because of that discount we get. So if you’re looking for a dog coat and don’t know where to
go, I recommend Ruffwear. You can also put on patches or embroider their jackets too. Also, Ruffwear makes a Polar Trex Boot. It’s specifically for
dogs and combating snow. I know snow can be harmful to dogs. Especially with the salt
they put on the roads and things like that. There may be more to it, I
don’t know, I’m a Floridian. But still, they make boots
specifically for snow. And although I’ve never
used them personally, I’ve used other Ruffwear boots and they’ve been really really great. So make sure you measure your dog’s paws. Specifically how the tutorial video shows you on the Ruffwear website. And if you’re dog’s
paws are different sizes you can order boots individually and it’s the same price as
ordering a pack of four. There’s also something
called Musher’s Secret. And it’s a natural wax product
you put on your dog’s paw as a line of defense against anything that might harm their paws. I heard that it’s been good for defense against snow and other cold
weather environments as well. So take my advice for what you will as coming from somebody
who lives in Florida with no snow and really
no cold weather products. But these are things I’ve
heard worked really well. I’ve used the K9 overcoat
from Ruffwear myself and loved it. So that’s all the advice I
have for cold weather gear. (upbeat music) Let’s talk about wet weather gear. Living in Florida, it tends to rain a lot. And when it rains, it pours
ridiculous amounts here. So I’ve done all I can to keep Harlow as dry as possible
in those circumstances. ‘Cause having a wet service
dog when you’re out in public isn’t the best thing. But sometimes it happens. So one thing I do to help with this is I keep a towel in the car at all times and that helps to a certain extent. Another thing I’ve done is I’ve ordered a dog raincoat off of Amazon. It’s not pink but that’s okay. ‘Cause there’s really
cute little duckies on it. It comes in this pouch and there’s a little portion on the top that fastens with a button so you can attach it to your service dog’s vest or wherever you might wanna put it. I keep this in the car. All you have to do to take
it out is undo a button and pull out this ginormous raincoat that you’d never think would
fit in this little pouch. And I got the biggest size possible because I wanted the most coverage. You undo this ginormous thing and tada! There’s a raincoat. I just put it on top of Harlow. You just fasten it here and there’s one more place
to fasten it on the chest. And that’s it! The hood does cover her eyes a little bit. Which is kind of awkward for her. So I don’t make her wear this
for long periods of time. For example, if we’re in the car and we need to get into the supermarket but it’s pouring rain, I’ll put the raincoat on her in the car. I’ll make her wear it from
the car to the supermarket and then when we’re in the supermarket I’ll take the raincoat off, I’ll put it back in
the pouch so it doesn’t drip all over the place and then I’ll let Harlow go as normal
through the supermarket. This raincoat is good. It keeps the top of Harlow dry. But of course her paws
and legs will get wet too. But it’s an extra line of defense against a soaking wet service dog. Next up I have the
Ruffwear Headwater Leash and Headwater Collar combo. The collar is very nice and sturdy. And it’s a little cumbersome to buckle up ’cause it’s like a belt buckle. But it’s nothing too terrible. And the leash clip is very sturdy. The leash is just a normal handheld leash. It doesn’t go over the
shoulder or around the waist. And the leas clip is the
typical Ruffwear one. It’s very unique but very functional and easy to use. But what I love about this combo is this isn’t like any type of
fabric leash I’ve ever felt. It is a rubbery silicone type material that completely wicks off water, mud. It won’t absorb any substance whatsoever. So if it’s pouring rain or I need to leash up Harlow for a bath, or we’re going somewhere I know that it’s gonna be very humid or type of muddy, or anything where I know
it’s gonna be dirty. This is a great leash to use because it completely wicks off any moisture or substance, or water, or
mud, or anything like that. So this is why I have it. We don’t use it very often at all. But it’s good to have it for those moments when I know it’s gonna be soaking wet. Up next is a pink Outward
Hound Doggie Lifejacket. What I love about this lifejacket is there’s a place for
the dog to rest their head and it won’t go underwater
because there’s a flotation device here for their chin. It’s fastened with velcro
under their stomach and there’s two adjustable straps that also go under their stomach. And there’s an adjustable strap that goes over their chest. Two handles here made
specifically made to lift them up onto things like a dock, a poolside, a boat. And I got this specifically because Harlow was going swimming
for the first time and I was really worried
about how she would do. But turns out Harlow’s
a really strong swimmer and doesn’t need a life jacket whatsoever. But I have it still for
just in case moments. If we were ever to go on a boat I would feel more comfortable if Harlow had a life jacket. So that’s why we’re holding onto it. If you like Ruffwear
and you’re not concerned about color like I am, Ruffwear also makes
really good life jackets and that is all of the wet weather gear I have to go over. I feel like everything’s
pretty self-explanatory. So Harlow doesn’t need to model anything. So let’s go on to the next section. (upbeat music) Let’s talk about nighttime gear. As a service dog handler, it’s important for me to keep Harlow
visible and safe at night. Especially in crowded areas
so people don’t run into her. One of my favorite
things to use to do this is a Halo Lights LED Collar. The company gifted Harlow a pink one and a salmon colored one. I really love this company. They’re genuine people
who really care about dogs and their safety. This collar has three different settings. Rapid flashing, slow flashing, and steady. I’m photosensitive so I
only use the steady setting. If you’re also photosensitive, maybe look away for a
moment while I get to it. You just press the button. Tada! Look how bright it is in the daytime. Imagine at night. And no, it’s not obnoxiously bright to the point where it bothers
me while Harlow’s working. I’m perfectly okay with it
while she wears it at night, while she’s working. This is water-resistant. Meaning Harlow and I have
been caught in the rain while she’s wearing it
and it was totally fine. And Halo Lights also makes for
100% waterproof version too. This runs on a charge and not batteries. The charge lasts me about three outings that last a few hours at a time. And when I need to recharge it it’s very easy. You just slip it out, get
they charger they provide you, slip it into it’s port, and I plug this in to where
my phone charger goes. And it’s charged overnight, that easy. This comes very long. And then you measure your
dog’s neck size and cut it. So make sure you measure twice, ’cause you can only cut once. I love this collar. I just keep it together and
slip it over Harlow’s head. It’s been a great tool in
keeping Harlow safe at night and I love the company. I highly recommend getting
a Halo Lights collar. I also use these glow
sticks from Bass Pro Shop. You just press the button, they turn on. They’re nice and bright,
but not obnoxious. And you turn them off. Where I use them is on
Harlow’s Epic Fido vest I showed y’all in the
vest and packs section. They just slip right into the webbing. And they’re perfect for nighttime outings, especially in crowded places. I have four of them and put one in each corner of the vest. And they work really well. They last a very long time. The only down side about these glow sticks is once they die, they die. There’s no way to replace the battery or fix them or anything. You have to buy new ones. But they’re only a couple bucks and I buy them at Bass Pro Shop. They light up Harlow really well and they keep her safe at night. The last thing I wanna show y’all is something called the Beacon. I don’t ever use this but I figured it’d be useful to show because
it’s a Ruffwear product and a lot of the other Ruffwear products have a specific place
for this to secure into in order to light up your dog
and make them more visible. It has three settings. Rapidly flashing, slowly
flashing, and steady. I only use the steady setting because I am photosensitive. If you’re also photosensitive you may wanna look away for a moment. Tada! And it’s nice and bright and
makes your dog very visible. It’s sold on the Ruffwear website. It has a hook on the top
so you can make it dangle. Or like I said, it has a specific latch to hook into some Ruffwear products and make your dog more visible. So the Beacon is also a good option to light your dog up at night and make them more visible
and keep them safe. So that’s all about
the nighttime products. And now Harlow is going to
show them off for y’all. (upbeat music) Let’s talk about travel gear. Generally when service dog handlers travel they take their service dog with them. So you have to pack for
your service dog too in addition to yourself. With all my medical
appointments all over the state, we’ve done a lot of traveling. And one of the great things about Ruffwear is they make something called a Haul Bag. It only comes in one color and unfortunately it’s not pink. But that’s fine ’cause
it’s very functional. It has pouches on the
outside, the side is zippered. And it has three more
compartments on the other side. On the inside it’s extremely roomy and the lining is perfect for any spills or messes that might happen. It’s so easy to just wipe
it clean with a wet cloth. This side of the compartment
has three pouches and the other side has
one big zippered pouch. And like I said, the
inside is extremely roomy. I like how the mouth of
the bag opens very wide. And then it just zippers shut and you have two handles here. This is the perfect bag
for Harlow and I to use when traveling for all of Harlow’s gear and just normal doggy necessities. Up next is the Ruffwear Kibble Kaddie. This is a wonderful invention for those of you who feed your dogs kibble. You open the top, pour in the food, roll the top down, and secure the buckles. They act as a handle. There is a latch on the side if you wanna pour food out that way. It’s hold together with a strong magnet. I’ve never had this open
accidentally and food spill out. But if you want to you can secure it even
more with duct tape. There’s a spot in the front where you can put various items like
a collapsible dog bowl or you can put a measuring cup. Since I had to measure out
my dogs food for each meal, I would always just undo the top, measure out their food,
and serve them for the day. This is a wonderful
option for those of you who feed kibble and it fits really well inside the Haul Bag. But Harlow and I don’t use kibble anymore. Harlow is now on a raw diet. So when we travel with her food, we use a lunchbox like this and I put her prepackaged meals where
I measure out her meat of the ziploc baggies inside the lunchbox. And then I put an icepack
on top and travel this way. And it works really well. When we get to the hotel,
or a friends house, or wherever we’re going, I just put the food inside the fridge and they preserve themselves perfectly. The next thing I wanna show y’all is this Vera Bradley tote bag. It was gifted to me by a very nice lady. It’s roomy, has a lot of pockets, and it’s very useful
for keeping in the car. Now I’m not saying you need to go out and get a Vera Bradley tote bag, but having some type of big bag or basket in the car
could be really useful. What I do with this is I put it behind the driver’s seat and I keep a lot of useful items in here. I keep an extra leash, an extra collar, an extra toy, wet wipes, a towel in case Harlow gets soaked while it’s raining, I keep her raincoat in here,
I keep her boots in here, her cooler, and I keep an
extra vest in here too. Usually her mess vest
is what I keep in here. So it comes in handy for situations say we’re in the car, she’s wearing one of her nice vests and
it starts pouring rain. I don’t want her nice vest to get soaked so I’ll switch it out for her mess vest which we already have in the car because of this useful tote bag. So that’s why I really like
having this bag in the car. Plus, if I need to go somewhere overnight, all of the gear I need for
her is in this tote bag and all I have to do is take it out of the car just like this. Plus, I also have the haul bag to fill up with other various gear. So between this tote bag and the haul bag, all of Harlow’s gear is kept
in one consolidated place and it’s awesome. And speaking of the car, now I’m gonna show y’all
all of the useful things we have in the car for traveling. Harlow is a wonderfully, well-behaved passenger in the car. But that doesn’t mean she can’t get dirty. And I want to keep my
interior as clean as possible. The first thing I have
here is just an old blanket that I had and I threw it over the seats to keep it as clean as possible. It’s machine washable and really handy. This is a Ruffwear seat cover. I love this thing for so many reasons. One, you get the service dog discount. Also, it has these sideflaps to protect the side of the seat when your dog is entering and exiting the car. Also, it’s machine washable. You wash it in the washer
and let it air dry. It’s so nice to be able to
really clean this thing. Hair does not really stick to it. It’s so easy to shake out. Also it’s easy to put on and off. It’s just secured with
four buckles like this and it’s fully adjustable. Each buckle is fully adjustable. There is a pocket behind
the driver’s seat, if you can see with the zipper. So you can store various items. And there’s also the
option for the buckles to come through. You can also use the buttons here to put over the buckles if
you don’t want them visible. But I like them coming through. It’s very easy to detach the seat cover from the driver and passenger seat if you need people to ride
and put their legs down. I love this seat cover. Here I have a Kurgo dog seat belt. It’s very sturdy and I’ve tried many different seat belt brands and they’ve all snapped at
the bulk of Harlow’s weight because sometimes I’ve called her to get out of the car before remembering to unbuckle her and she’s
been able to step out and the seat belt has broken. That is not okay. I do this not to keep Harlow in place. Remember, she’s a very well
behaved passenger in the car. I do this for her safety and the driver and passenger safety. Because dogs can become
very dangerous projectiles in an accident. This has kept her in place when I’ve had to suddenly slam on the brakes. I’ve called Harlow out of the car and she’s jumped and this
has kept her in place. I hook it to her vest in the middle D-ring or side D-ring, whichever seems the safest. And I love this Kurgo seat belt. It’s extremely sturdy. It’s never broken, and it’s perfect, and it keeps Harlow safe. Lastly I have these Kurgo
door guards on each door. They’re just to keep my door clean. But if you have a dog that
scratches at the doors, that would be a great option. I’ve had them for over a year and they are starting to fall off every now and then. But they’re still a great option. And they have little pouches that you can put various items in. They just slide right into the gap between the door and the window. Where the window slides down. And it’s really easy to
install, I do it myself. And that is our car setup. (upbeat music) Let’s cover miscellaneous gear. So gear that I think is important but I can’t really fit it into
any specific category. First up are these awesome
service dog bandanas that were gifted to
Harlow by KMF Design Co. They really work well with her gear and really accentuate it when I want her to look even cuter. Or they’re a great option when I don’t want her wearing her vest. Maybe it’s too hot for
her to wear her vest or I want her to have
a more off duty feeling but I still need others to
know she’s a service dog. They also make bandanas for your pet. They can just say your dog’s name or they can have no lettering at all. KMF Design Co makes
really awesome bandanas and I love the ones they gifted to Harlow. Next up are my pull straps. I love this one. It’s thick, made of
perichord, pink and black, and I just clip it onto
Harlow’s vest and packs in order to use her for counter balance and other mobility related tasks. This is an excellent pull strap but the Etsy shop I ordered it from doesn’t exist anymore. However, you can order pull straps from loads of other places. For example, this pull
strap is also well made. It’s pink and black, made of perichord, and it was gifted to me by the Instagram Sky Blue Eyes service dog in training. I love the big carabiner clips. She also makes other
things like pull straps for opening fridges and doors. I also made my own pull straps so I could teach Harlow how to open and close the fridge in order to retrieve me water when I need it. This is just made of felt that I bought at a craft store and then I attached a piece of hardware that I bought at a hardware store. Both are very easy to find and this was really easy to make. I just looped the felt
through the hardware and braided it and knotted it at the end. To attach it to the fridge I just loop it through the handle and secure it to itself. And Harlow pulls at this to open the door. It looks kind of grody because she’s used it quite often. So it’s definitely gotten
covered in slobber. But this has been easy to make and it’s been a great use for Harlow when she’s retrieving me
water out of the fridge. Something else you’ll
often see on Harlow’s vest is a collapsible water bowl. It comes in many different colors. I obviously like pink. And this is made by Popware. I ordered it from It has a carabiner on the top so I just clip it to one of
Harlow’s D-rings on her vest. And literally it just pops open into a water bowl. And it’s perfect for
giving Harlow water breaks while she’s working. It comes in two different sizes. A small and a large. I keep the large in the car because Harlow is a large breed and it’s easier to give her water from the large. But I keep the small on her vest because I find that the large is a bit too cumbersome to attach to her vest and the small is a
perfect size for clipping onto her vest and giving her water breaks while we’re out and
about and she’s working. These are called Mutt Muffs. They’re literally noise canceling
headphones for your dog. And yes, I have them in pink. Harlow is not noise sensitive. She’s very confident
around all types of noises. Just like service dogs should be, fireworks, live music, things like that, she’s totally fine. But I would like to have these
for just in case moments. They’re really good for
certain types of working dogs that might be exposed to repeated sounds that could damage their hearing. But if I were to go anywhere that could possibly damage Harlow’s hearing, I would choose not to bring her with me. I don’t wanna risk it. But like I said, I have these for just in case moments. However, I have noise sensitivity myself. So I would never be going
anywhere ridiculously loud, so Harlow would never be going
anywhere ridiculously loud. We never use our Mutt Muffs. I would never bring
Harlow anywhere with me that could possible damage her hearing. But I like to have them
for just in case moments and Mutt Muffs work really well for certain types of working dogs and certain scenarios. This is a clicker. It’s a great training tool that has a lot to do with timing and
positive reinforcement. I have a video that
details how to introduce your dog to a clicker. Sometimes Harlow and I use this when I’m teaching her new things. I bought mine off Amazon, but you can get a clicker
in so many different places. Pretty much any pet store will carry one. This is my old treat pouch. There are so many fond memories associated with this thing. And although Harlow has
graduated from needing treats so often and we
don’t use it anymore, I still felt the need to show it to y’all because it was so useful for us. This is the Rapid Reward
Treat Pouch by Doggone Good. We bought ours from Amazon. And it is such a functional treat pouch. It’s great for training your pet dog and it’s great for
service dogs in training. It comes in may different colors and it has so many compartments to it. There’s one on the front that’s
held together with velcro. And it’s opened like so. I would keep various items in here. There’s a slot on the side. I would keep my inhaler in here and there’s a slot on the other side that’s actually meant for poo bags. ‘Cause you can dispense it
through this hole on the side. And I would actually
keep a clicker in here. Then the main compartment
which is held together with a magnet is very big. I would keep regular value treats here. And there’s another
compartment on the back held together with velcro and I would keep high value treats in there. On the very back there’s a zipper with a thin slot and I would sometimes put my ID and a debit card in there. Maybe some cash. They have a strap that comes with it. I threw mine out because I didn’t use it. But the strap can go around your waist and buckle and adjust so you can secure the treat pouch that way. Or there’s a clip and you
can clip it onto your belt or onto the side of your pants. This is an awesome treat pouch. I know that it looks kind of beat up but that’s ’cause it’s been through a lot with Harlow and I. I have thrown it in the
washer and dryer a few times and it’s always come out perfectly fine. I love this treat pouch
and I highly recommend it. The last thing I have to
show y’all is something that I found very helpful and useful. But not every service dog handler is gonna wanna do this. And that’s totally fine. I’m just showing y’all what
worked for Harlow and I. So sometimes when I’m out and about I’m either in a hurry
trying to complete my errand or I just don’t feel well at all due to my chronic illnesses. But people still try to
stop me and ask me questions ’cause they’re curious about Harlow and why I have her and so on. That just doesn’t work out sometimes. So what I ended up doing is making an info card on Harlow through Vistaprint. It has a cute photo and some information and then a little paragraph on the back. The information on the
front had her birthday, she is a Golden Retriever, she’s training to be a service dog, and it basically just answers all the frequently asked questions
I would get about her while I’m out and she’s working. Or in training. And basically on the back it says I’m a service dog in training, I’m learning to help my girl
with her various disabilities, don’t forget not all
disabilities are visible. Also, she may not feel well
enough to stop and chat. I know I’m cute, but I
need to focus on my job. Distractions like calling
to me, petting me, and trying to get my attention in any way could cause great harm to my mom. Thank you for being understanding. It also includes her Instagram handle in case people wanted to
get even more information. So this info card again,
I made on Vistaprint has really come in handy and help people understand why I may no be able to stop and talk about my dog. So I really enjoyed it. It’s help me a lot. I’m actually gonna be
making updated version of that card soon since the picture is a little outdated. And Harlow is really
close to being done with her in training phase. Who knows, maybe the time
you’re watching this video Harlow will be done with
her in training phase. Anyways, that is all
the miscellaneous gear I have to show y’all. And now Harlow’s gonna
model some of it for you. (upbeat music) For this last section here I just have a few household items
that have really come in handy. The first one I have here is a slow feeder dog bowl. This is Harlow’s dog bowl because she eats incredibly fast and the slow feeder is designed
to slow down her feeding. This is important because eating quickly can cause a lot of issues like bloating and other problems with dogs. So a typical Golden, quick eater, this is the perfect solution. I bought mine at PetSmart but you can literally get this in so many places. Amazon, any pet store, Lots of options for where
to purchase a slow feeder. And don’t worry, they come
in many different colors not just pink. This is a lint roller. I think it’s pretty self-explanatory. But this is kind of
like a giant lint roller that we got from Bed Bath and Beyond. Harlow does shed and it’s
nice to have this in the car. So when we go somewhere we can get all of the stray dog hair off of us. So I recommend keeping
a lint roller on you if you have a dog that sheds. This has definitely come in handy. Next up is Harlow’s favorite toy. It’s just this like
pokey, pink, squishy ball. It used to squeak, now it just does this. The squeaker, it doesn’t
even have a squeaker in it. I don’t know what happened to it. But it doesn’t squeak
anymore which is fine with me ’cause squeaking drives me insane. This is Harlow’s favorite toy. We got it at PetSmart. A lot of y’all have asked me what is Harlow’s favorite toy. Here it is. Also, she loves Nylabone toys. They’re good for chewing on as you can see these are pretty well destroyed. But they hold up super
well to Harlow’s chewing. And she’s a heavy chewer. Not on furniture or anything. She only chews on her toys. The extra large heavy duty Nylabone toys are perfect for her. We order all of our toys from because they have a
great price and when you hit a certain level of
payment in your shopping cart you get free shipping. There’s also tennis balls
she loves to play fetch with. We get them anywhere. Somebody gifted us this
pink one which is cute. She also loves Tug Toys. And I just get felt and braid
my own tug toys for her. This one was s gift for
her from somebody though. And she loves to play tug. They don’t hold up very long ’cause of how hard she can tug. But they’re perfect and
cheap to put together. And lastly I have her toy bin. We got this from Home Goods. It’s like a home decor store. It was cheap and perfect
for holding all of her toys which she loves. And again, we get most
of her toys from Chewy. And now I have one more
thing to show y’all. This is Harlow’s cot. It’s a Coolaroo Cot, we
ordered it from and it’s awesome. She loves her cot. It is elevated off the floor
so there’s air circulation and it keeps her cool. It’s also used for her place command. Meaning I’ll tell her a place and she’ll come and lay on
her cot until I release her. It’s great for when guests come over so they don’t get ambushed
by an excited puppy. She knows she must stay here and calmly wait until she can greet them. This is perfect for her taking naps. She likes to chew her toys up here and it was just a really good purchase. She has a little corner of the living room that’s all to herself. And she really loves her Coolaroo Cot. Well that is all the gear
I can think to show y’all. Remember, seller’s may stop selling the things that I’ve showed y’all. Stores may close and I may
get new gear in the future that I didn’t feature in this video. But I’m planning to keep the gear list in the description as updated as possible. Just as a disclaimer, none of the sellers or products that I
mention paid me in any way to show them in this video. I’m just showing y’all what Harlow and I have used as a team
and what works for us. But don’t forget there are several good options out there
for service dog gear. I hope you found this video helpful and thank you so much for watching. (upbeat music)

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