have a secret admirer the Oreo man wait better not be the oriole man I found a mysterious love letter Richard to me son of that love letter it said that they wanted to kiss me oh that's disgusting guys they cool a giant sixty kiss at the bottom of the letter today we're going to find out who's me oh wait that's right I never got YouTube partner I guess I'm just a flipping Randy I'm sorry guys today's just a very sad day for me I got sold I was a boo-boo baby and that I can't get YouTube partner Zach stop Charlie abuse now anyway that's not the way let's find my secret admirer okay I need to find out who the flip loves me and I have a good feeling that it's one of these three people one two three hi guys I'm gonna go out and start interrogating these three girls and trying to impress them to see which one of them loves me and guys to start things off as you can see I wear my to Lutz t-shirt we just see these favored woman because she loves candy so much but I just remember one thing for me come closer she's a little bit closer well that's too close do not touch the merchandise you're flipping Randy there is C V so let's start with her Oh long time mercy you're flipping dahm dahm CD how is it you managed to say is such good shape eating that much candy it just doesn't make sense every time I see her she's eating the candy what's this you're looking so good Wow cv what the Hagah why you being like that I've literally just joined the game you also looking very amazing with our ice cream plots on the top of your heads okay so guys let me try and impress Seavey's much as possible and see if she shows any signs of loving me cv I just come up with this really amazing dance do you want to see it it's really amazing okay okay she didn't seem that interested okay see me check this out I call this one the razzle-dazzle okay whoa she just runs straight past me she's clearly not insane by my dancing wait I have an idea CD I wrote you a song yeah it's a song I wrote for you are you ready to hear this song and it's definitely just written for you and nobody else cv are you my secret admirer I think that you love me are you my secret amara cv she said oh I love Jackie are you kidding me one tag she's like really doing this to me right now hey shut up Marty what do you mean I'm getting friend-zoned I'm not trying to look for a girlfriend I'm trying to steal my secrets Myra is seriously I don't get it I would've definitely fought it with CV they wrote me that love letter what's the Hank who else could have written that lovely – sirs BCV what the heck excuse me Kelly wait maybe she's gonna finally reveal the she wrote me love letter yes cv what is it stupid by way of my John T oh my goodness I just got flippin pranked ah seriously what the heck who the heck wants that love letter okay guys I feel like we've all see me enough questions I finished this Oscar straight out see they I have a question to ask you and I think I know the answer did you write me a love letter what no yeah I didn't write you on IVA you're flipping Randy what the heck maybe she did write me a love letter one love letter oh geez maybe Stevie's gonna get jealous oh no love letter nothing to worry about cv I swear there was no love letter absolutely nothing I'm just gonna it's gonna be on my way no one that did not be writing you oh jeez oh she's definitely getting jealous sure I'll party stop tricking I like that cuz she well Jesus leave me alone wait guys that's suspect number two and I find it very fishy the suspect number two is just waiting around watching me that is something that somebody works a secret love letter would do they would just be waiting around watching what you're doing so silly Oracle cats hey I know you and I have something in common it's kind of obvious stupid silly unicorn cats we both know it was you don't wrote me love letter I'm not stupid I'm Kelly killer move wait what do you mean who what the flip shut up are Tina's gonna be no wedding if I don't find my flippin secret my rod wait Selita kool Kat are you serious you definitely didn't write to me that letter she didn't write the letter then who the flip wrote me that letter no you Brandi shut up you're flipping dumb dumb also don't touch the merchandise wait she's doing a sick face am I really that ugly okay guys if it wasn't a silly unicorn Kat and I definitely trust her and it also wasn't CV then guys it must be Newsted so guys let's go check news about sorry cv I thought it was you I'm gonna go see I even knew sevens written me a love letter wait what see me just said I'm gonna go hast she better not have oh gee Stevie's running tough news 7 I haven't even had a chance to yet where is she she's gonna be around here somewhere new serve when the flip are you oh my goodness that news is news you're flipping Randy listen up your dumb dumb Sunday Funday love letter whoo-whee what she said unless I knew it I knew it was you said what no sir I can't believe you're my secrets Myra what yeah you just said the love letter thing you wrote me a love letter I don't believe it news you love me just imagine the news a house kids a white picket fence we could have a door no Cornett George where was this no arty gave me a love letter wait what Arty's is true yes what the heck are you kidding me wait so news if you didn't write me a love letter look Stevie's getting jealous love letter oh never mind oh my goodness that is so awkward I can't believe that I thought that she gave me the love letter guys I'm so confused who wrote me that love letter the only in say had wait was that they had lipstick on the bottom of the letter which means I can finally expose who it was throw up versus silly you'll call cats absolutely no lipstick whatsoever then we've got our tea let me see your mouth let me have a quick peek insides okay there's definitely no lipstick inside of there oh okay he definitely didn't write the letter he would have probably eaten the left with those ginormous fangs okay up next is C V where is she let me see those lips Evie stay still or C V okay that's a tiny bit of lipstick that's not enough and also C V you are you're gonna chocolate just there you might want to wipe that off okay let me see demon okay demon doesn't have a mouth so he can't physically kiss anyone no Polka Zilla please tell me it wasn't you let me check your mouth real quick okay absolutely nothing else he's been punched in the cheek and okay new serve have no let me see your mouth new safe way why she acting suspicious for new steps let me see your mouth right now otherwise I'm at a party do you wrote that love letter does that get you put back you or do you think you're doing we're running away from us okay guys we've got her cornered make sure you surround her that's it everybody surrounds her quick quickly don't let her get away okay we surrounded her perfect lose em let me see your lips right now if you've got the lipstick on I know that I wish you two wrote that love letter waits you sure yes I'm sure you're flipping dumb-dumb I need to see if it was you the world the love letter let me see that lipstick bright now have not brushed my teeth yet ah new step you need to brush your teeth otherwise you'll get cavities wait what's that CV if no one wrote it here then who wrote it wait that's a very good point oh my goodness David we just passed our breath was that bad we're over there over wait what who is that person look at me hey hey excuse me sir Sir Alex wait Alex Kelly I have something to tell you wait what is it Alex wait do you know my secret admirers I won't fix what no are you kidding me alex is my secret admirer but look CV just died that's how upset she was her heart's literally just broke you can literally replay the video and watch the moments simi's heart broke in half if there's something I've been hiding for a while now but I love you where you want you made it was you but you don't have to be wearing lipstick Oh what you're a girl just whooping kiss me what the that's disgusting what the okay that was kind of creepy wait demon you're right we were also blind this whole time well if they see a miracle cats right he's a girl in a boy's costume Oh guys see V looks so jealous why the CV look so jealous woman she's gonna go angry cv juice wait we can get Steve you jealous CV did you see my new girlfriend over there see me like this is me and my girlfriend look we're holding hands see me look o girlfriend should we go watch a movie together us a dick guys she's getting so angry oh okay no no we're not taking you we're just going by ourselves okay Alex let's go to a movie Oh see she just said hold up oh my goodness what is it see me what's the matter anyway what do you mean see me we're just going to watch a film together what are you talking about not sweet huh way Stevie what's the matter you sound jealous yeah you tell Alex she's so jealous she has a stroke hearts what dang she said I'm not you look jealous CD CD why are you jealous for that doesn't make sense to me you don't even like me well what what CV you dum-dum I like some rock the flippin love letter to me I guess I guess we'll see you later okay Alex let's go watch our film together and we'll see you all later when would you mean no Stevie Stevie we're going to watch a film seriously we'll see you later oh boy Stevie we see me why are you following us we're going we're going on – Phil yeah alex is right still following me yeah I bet I miss new man I'm a new man we're going to watch a film together ok bye guys it was nice seeing everybody today I like to said she can't hold it in does that mean we have to give him mwah to each other okay then I guess this is how we're gonna do this okay I like so you're ready to give me off fuscus three two one close your eyes muah wait what I just kissed Evie um wait what simi got in the way of my flippin kiss and I just kissed save me on the mouth what thank wait Alex what do you mean pranks wait I'm so confused wait you pranked me what you can't just leave like that no you stop receiving she's all locked up I need to get out of here quick hashtag stop Cali appears oh my goodness thank goodness I managed to get away from her wait what's this yes guys that is going to be it from me today if you guys did enjoy this for your deputies to give that subscribe button and left right good night Oh tentatively leave a comment or suggestion in the comment section down below and I've caused see you all in the next video by


  1. Me:WOAH I SECRET ADMIRER hm.. maybe i know who..
    Alex:*kisses cali*
    Me:wh-what m-my ship is RUINED
    Cali:tries to kiss alex
    Cv:*gets in the way*

  2. ɪ ᴛʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛ ɪᴛ ᴡᴀs ᴀʟᴇx

    (:0 ɪ ʜᴀᴠᴇ ᴀ ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴡᴀɪᴛ ᴡʜʏ ɪs ɪᴛ ʙʟᴜᴇ)
    ᴛʜᴇ ᴘᴇᴛ ᴡᴀs ᴄʟɪᴋʙᴀɪᴛ

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