41 thoughts on “My Pets | Episode 28 | Gacha Life

  1. No!!Not the lovers ship if I was there I was going to make sure I kill that man I hope DJ is OK
    Also Plz shout out plzzzzz

  2. grabs gun ok mystery person who r u and give me one good reason to kill a pure soul such as DJ's!!! U got ten seconds!

  3. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo whhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy pls donnnnnnnt makkkkkkkkeeeeee himmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. 911 What 's your emergency ?!
    Me : in a ship there are two ppl but one is dying !! Can you help ?!
    Me : in my heart !!!!

  5. First of all shoutout plz? Secondly WHY!!!! WHY THIS HAD TO HAPPEN TO DJ?!

  6. If Lincoln's dad doesn't have a team name, they should be the shipwreckers ?? also can I have a shout-out plz

  7. I was also literally screaming DJJJ~ NOOOO~ for about a minute after it happened, I is saddened ;-;

  8. Me: ..they're gonna hide, right? What if it's a murderer? Avery's already been to the hospital.
    can i have a shout out plez

  9. I come home everyday to see this in my recommends and click on it straight away ? (Can I get a shout-out if possible please ?)

  10. Hi im new to this channel but i watched ot through episode 28 can i have a shoutout?You earned a sub!!! dont led DJ die ????

  11. https://sdk.popjam.com/v1/web/templates/deeplink.html?action=collaborate&feedItemID=3f4e1d20-8cf9-11e9-abfb-c7bda6ed16f9&subcampaign=40410 my random drawing u need popjam for it though

  12. Pls i need a new part TODAY !!!! I love you soooo much and the serias are …wwooowww realy good ! Can i have a shot out? Pls i write in every video but you dont do it ! Pls pls pls

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