27 thoughts on “My Pets | Episode 27 | Gacha Life

  1. Oof i keep commenting for a shoutout btw luv your Oc it looks so adorable Keep up the good work amazing series i wake up everyday go to youtube find ur episodes pray to have a shoutout then nope but anyways luv you!

  2. Thank godness he's alive! Can i please get a shout out i really love your channel and im trying to get everytime a video from you comes out click right now on it so i can watch it! #MyPets #Nutellagang

  3. Video: DJ go sleep with Avery
    Video: You’re pet is awake!
    Me: Hyyyyy?! He might know something!
    Nutella: Thanks for Watching
    Me:…Are you fuc**ing kidding me? Nuuuuuuuu ;-;
    Hotel: Trivago
    I love this series sooo much! <3
    Can I have a shotout? :’)

  4. Shoutout!Shoutout!Please!!!!Shoutout!Shoutout!Shoutout!Please!!!!Shoutout!Shoutout!Shoutout!Please!!!!Shoutout!Shoutout!Shoutout!Please!!!!Shoutout!Shoutout!Shoutout!Please!!!!Shoutout!Shoutout!Shoutout!Please!!!!Shoutout!Shoutout!Shoutout!Please!!!!Shoutout!Shoutout!Shoutout!Please!!!!Shoutout!Shoutout!Shoutout!Please!!!!Shoutout!Shoutout!Shoutout!Please!!!!Shoutout!

  5. I’ve been commenting on your vids hundreds of times…..* deeply breathes * MAKE YORK————— DIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  6. Are York and Avery … Brother and sister? They both have one hair tuft other color, their hair is almost the same …. Could they be bro and sis?!

  7. Hey it would be pretty cool if you finish this series and make it a whole movie but that won’t ever happen cause it’s too long

    can I please have a shout out? I have been asking for a while I don't need one if you say

  9. NOOOOOOOO I had to rewatch episodes because I finshed them to quickly also Can I please get a shout out I've never gotten one before

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