38 thoughts on “My Pets | Episode 21 | Gacha Life

  1. Please give meh shoutout! I've never been before this would mean alot to me!!
    You're the best Gachatuber I know.

  2. Oh hell no bitch add me to this series I will kill this with the pink as hair she be looking like a thot on the dot.

  3. ok these are my ships
    dj x Avery
    Lincoln x harpie DUH!!!
    lucky x linnie they would be cute and lucky is just sooo caring
    and last but not least norrio x esmeree (I think thats how you spell it)

  4. 1.: LOVE. IT!❤❤❤
    2.: It was sooo cute how Milo was blushing when Linnie told him the name of his bear?
    3.: At the first moment, I was like:
    In the next moment, I was like:
    And 4.:…
    Lincoln: ,,How was the first day?"
    Ollie: ,,I wanted to jump out of a window"
    Me: ,,That's my everyday life when I'm in school…"?

  5. what in the actual fuck. this is literal animal and or child abuse. stop with this content and degenerate shit immediately you fucking abandoned abortion

  6. Can i please have a shout-out I've been losing subs 🙁 also I wanna know what happens next 0w0

  7. School IS prison !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it the food or the long hours of of Class in every non-elementary grade help meh out of prison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Hey Nutella could you add a girl pet and make the boys like her and please can I have a shot out ppppppprrrrrreeeeettttyyyy pleaseeeee

  10. Nobody gonna talk about York’s uhm.. threat poor Harpie, let’s all team up and protect the smol bean

  11. I love the smol bean Linnie! He is so adorable with Prince Egerton III!
    I actually watched this when there were only 4-5 episodes!
    Well done.
    And Linnie the next day might get pushed, And he hisses like a cat,
    and scratches them. Just my suggestion, Bye! Edit: AnD MAaAAyBe Aa sHoUTOuT?

  12. Yesterday I just watched episode one…now this is the 21 vid..how's that possible?:V also is there another one like this

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