13 thoughts on “My Pet Tortoise – Habitat

  1. Thank you.THANK YOU a million times.,….You "ARE" a wonderful,educated WOMAN,who knows her "TORTS".So listen-up John Q. Public.,…NATURAL,NATURAL sunlight.The Southern & Desert States are THEE place to have your "TORT".Tell all your fellow tortoise lovers to "TUNE" into this nice Lady.A tortoise is a 100 yr.gift,and a multi-generational Family member.,…..The SUN is their SURVIVAL.Give 'em room to roam,dirt to dig in,NATURALLY occurring food,a little dug-in pool + a few good water stops.,…..OHHHH YEA.,..They'll love you forever,……."AND" your GRANDCHILDREN.

  2. I have a hermann's tortoise, we got the little guy through a relative and I'm not sure whether I should keep his vivarium heat pad on at night. We have a UV light for when he's indoors and I'm not sure if the heat pad should be turned off at the same time? I've heard conflicting things from two experts so I thought I'd put it out there.

  3. I was gonna get 1 for my birthday, we were about to get it then my mum found out keeping them was really expensive 🙁

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