MY PET SNAIL!! New Morning Routine catching bugs with Adley in Hawaii

– Adley, it's a big slug! Do you see it? – Yeah, I see, shall we go and catch it? – Let's go find it. – I see it! – Let's go get it and
take it to the house. – Yeah. – OK, let's get the slug. – Wow, it's a slug. (cheeky brass music) – Sh, Mommy's sleeping. – Sh. – We're gonna catch bugs. – Bugs. – Hey Hophop! – You guys have matching pajamas! – Uh huh. – Cute! – And she has a skirt on. (groovy guitar music) – OK, shall we bring Hophop? – Yeah, let's bring Hop (boinging noises) hop, hop, wait, ready! – Oh I found these things. – Check, where should we look first? – This way. (makes squeaking noises) – Do you see anything? – I see a head! – Where? – In the plant. – Ooh, shall we look under this rock? – Yeah. Mosquitoes on it. – Oh! – Whoa! – Did you see that? – Yeah, I did! – That was a big one! – Yeah, that was so big. – Shall we keep looking? Hmm. – Keep looking. (gasps) – I hear a bird. (birds chirping) Ooh, maybe there's slugs,
let's go look, come on. – Ooh, slugs. Watch out for lizards! – Lizards? – Yeah! Follow me, Dad. – OK, I'll follow you. (birds chirping) – She should find a shell. – Yeah, we will. – I found one! (dramatic chords) – Where? – Right here. – (gasps) – Shall we tap it? (boing noise) – Whoa! – Look at its eyeballs. (boing noise) – Cool. (lively jazz music) – Well, it's going back inside. – Do you wanna put it on my hand? Whoa, I'm holding a slug. Ooh, he's making bubbles! – Yeah. – He's inside. – (laughs) – Hello! – Hello! – Shall we go put him in the shade? – Let's go put him in the shade. – We'll put him right here. Here, do you wanna put him down? – Let's make him a bed! – OK, what's his bed? What do you think? – Maybe we need a leaf. (gasps) – Here's a leaf, could this be his bed? – Yeah! – OK, put him in the bed and then – We need more rocks in front of that. – and then this could be a slide for him. Shall we go find more? – Yeah, but I know what he needs. – What? – Some chairs! – [Dad] Chairs? – Yeah, in case he – [Dad] Grab 'em right there! Maybe these could be chairs,
for when friends come over. – And a baby chair and a sword and another sword. Maybe this is his Christmas tree. – What's that? – A Christmas tree. – A Christmas tree? OK, that's your Christmas tree! – [Adley] Let's go find more friends. – OK. (gasps) – What? – Is this one? Adley look, there's the shell. Right there. See if there's one inside. – Just a plain shell. – [Dad] Argh! OK, let's keep looking. – Keep looking. – Adley, it's a big slug! Do you see it? – Yeah, I see. Shall we go and catch it? – Let's go find it. – I see it! – OK, let's go get it
and take it to the house. – Yeah, take it to our house first. – Yeah, OK let's get the slug. Right, do you wanna grab him? – No, I don't want! – No? – Wow, it's a slug – Come here, little guy. (gasps) – (squeals) – Come to our new home! – Come on! – Come on Dad! (squeals excitedly) – We've got a slide and a Christmas tree. – And a bed! – And a bed. – We have a friend for you and swords. – He needs lots of friends in that bed. – OK friends, here's your bed. – [Adley] Now we need more, now we need get another bed for more. – [Dad] OK, get another bed. – I got one. Let's put it by the bedroom! I did it. We need a kitchen right here, a kitchen and then this is where you'll eat. – This could be the kitchen and that's the hallway
that goes to the kitchen. They go through here and
then that's the kitchen. – And they walk right here to chairs. We will be right back,
we're getting lots of more. – Yeah! Careful. – We got another one. That's another bedroom
and that's a kitchen. – (gasps) He's going to the chairs. – He's gonna go sit on the chairs to eat! Shall we get some food? – I think they eat leafs,
but not like leafs like this, just little baby leafs. – OK, let's go get some baby leafs. – OK. – This is their food. – Maybe some of these, like that? – No, we need a lot. – A lot? Let's go! – Let's go feed them. – OK. – Shall we put these in the kitchen? – Yeah. – ♪ Broccoli and greens ♪ This is their refrigerator. – [Dad] Oh, right there? – [Adley] Yeah. – [Dad] Shall we put some in the kitchen? – [Adley] Yeah. – (gasps) He's going in the kitchen right now. There you go, there's your kitchen food. Oh look, he's still sleeping in his bed. – [Adley] Heh, that's funny. – [Dad] Shall we go look for other bugs? – Yeah, let's go look. There's one, there's one. – [Dad] Oh no. – [Adley] It's right there! – Oh, they're so hard to catch. – One time, my dad got
one by the swimming pool. – Yeah, it was by the swimming pool and it jumped on my shirt, remember? – Yeah! – [Spongebob Squarepants
Narrator] Flashback. (musical twinkly noise) – [Dad] Look! – [Adley] Look! (boing noise) – [Mom] Oh my gosh! – Adley, I finally got a lizard! – Yay! – Yay! – Look Adley, we've finally go one! – (squeals excitedly) Wow! – I wanna pet it. – I don't wanna pet one. – [Mom] Touch him, Adley! – Here, pet him! We've been trying to catch
a lizard the whole trip and we finally got one! – Whoa! – [Mom] Oh my gosh! – (squeals) I never pet a lizard before. – Is that the first time? – Ooh, don't squish him. – We've been trying the
whole trip to catch a lizard and we finally got one. – Dad, shall we take him in? (boing noise) – [All] (scream) – He's on my arm! He's crawling on my arm! What do I do? – [Mom] Oh my God. – [Dad And Girls] (scream) (musical twinkly noise) – [Spongebob Squarepants
Narrator] End of flashback. (relaxed lounge music) – There's lizards all over in this bush. I just saw like five of 'em. Where did they all go? Maybe let's see if there's
any in these bushes. – [Adley] Dad! – What? – [Adley] Shall we go look for some bugs at the swimming pool? – [Dad] OK, let's go. – We gotta be up here. – Go through the jungle. (whooshing noise) – Pretty flowers. – Way pretty flowers. – Look for bugs, look for bugs. Let's put our feet in the water. – OK. Oop, don't get your jammies wet, ooh. That was some good bug
catching Adley, good job! Oh yeah! – Thanks for watching! – [Both] Bye! (jazzy keyboard music)

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