MY PET DIED during Hurricane Irma Destruction: r.i.p. Shamu

you know we have some leftover snacks for the mighty Shamu oh yeah let's catch them all with catch them all fishing with Zack ketchup you I hope this police officer doesn't pull me over because might be smuggling some equipment alright guys we start off looking at all the destruction looks like it's pretty Kaka left guys destroyed oh yeah I just passed into that freaking okay don't don't vlog and drive guys little flooding a little tree down to the right a lot of tree down to the left trees trees and fences are the biggest the biggest losses I think we have around here yeah this hurricane was not playing it's not a tow so many trees in the parking lots all the trees and fences died all this is like the national you lost a tree day do not enter didn't make it it's crazy out here guys they keep making me drive like against traffic and stuff because there's trees just everywhere all over the place I'm a tree get it well that trees messed up that tree is messed up that tree is messed up that tree is mr. bet fence is messed up that tree is messed up there's a lot of trees that are messed up well guys the good thing about living in Florida is that we don't have a lot of flood zones a lot of trees down but we have awesome people like that guy yeah like that guy's gonna kill all the trees and put them in a tree a tree at home excuse me sir if you need some wood I have a lot of wood okay if you need any wood I have a lot of trees and branches and stuff hey it's good to see you too buddy yo your fence is on the ground dude your fence is on the ground headed into the jungle guys tons of trees down bro bro the pond yo its channel 4 news hey hey jump bar knows you good bro yeah yeah they're good hi ladies and gentlemen friend of my front of my mom's yard doesn't look too good basketball hoops good I filled it with sand always fill your basketball hoops was saying guys tips tips too no oh come on where's the pawn cage the kids all right I'm gonna go look at the cage but first I gotta see how the real pond is doing we're doing good we got a we got a new pet fish guys guys I wonder if it'll eat give me bro whoa Oh [Applause] freaking lot longer all right we did keep one fish in here the entire time I don't know where he is there's a shingle in there that's not that's not him guys you survived yeah yeah here's a little food I'm just kidding I have nothing but it's nice to see you guys it's still hot why are you where's the plate go where's the plate go guys I can't find the plate go guys guys all know where the Playboy's guys shut up James God I'm recording a video okay anyway guys hold this up this is gonna be this is gonna be it and to remember to remember the the plate go we got a stop sign we got a stop sign James you feel good about it James get out get all the video James get all the video James alright guys see you later James alright so assessment of the damages we got a stop sign and and it's the stop signs mine now if you if you need to pick up the stop sign guys I'll be more than happy to return that stop sign I found in the middle of the street on my way over here so the plate go is gotta be somewhere in this pool unless sprouted wings and flew away I have no it's probably under there looking like it's under there I'm gonna clean up this pond though but let's go check out the rest of our house guys it's looking crazy trees this whole tree is like completely trimmed but I guess I'm gonna hire some guys to come pick this up because I'm doing a brother I love Jim but I got books to make me drop there's something in here what the hell was that iguana eggy always a little one eggy yo eggy was in here alright so we're good oh there's a gwaan as left and right there's my ducky friend what's up I told you guys you would be safe in there right you're good now right you good bro you go Boop oh yeah so this treat this treat didn't lose anything I have no idea how but this tree out of all the trees it slapped me in the face in my other video one of the branches when I was outside during the hurricane on catching my alive my other channel one of these branches actually slapped me in the face when I was recording but it really didn't break this is like the only branch that broke I call these branches so I gotta throw those away I guess but guys I feel like I'm in the jungle I feel like I'm in the jungle guys do you guys good all of you yeah you got some new debris in there got the creek still flowin strong can't stop the creek I don't know why it's decide to fall like literally right into the creek but as you can see this whole entire tree is pretty much down oh it didn't hurt our pool though didn't reach it and our creek is good so hey baby how you doing I'm gonna feed you guys soon I'll clean you up no problem let's go check out the pool let's go check out the trap let's go check out the cage I said check out the pool I don't know why all right what's going on here hey those fish are still good they're kind of deep but the Mayans are still in their little nests that's really funny and our pump is still pumping strong into the into the pool but let's see the cage cage still hooked up still hooked up what's up oh man it looks okay it looks okay guys it looks good from here from this angle all right so as long as the bottom didn't fall out which I doubt it did but the PACU is really strong fish I think if anything would tear them up and be that monster PACU but I think we're good let me go check on the other side I know this tree is kind of in the way but I want to grab the cage or anything before I'm ready to put the fish into the pond guys no you got my goals your herd Shamu you heard it straight from the fish's mouth guys we're good we got PACU tank everybody's still in there strapped up to the tree I told you guys this tree is legit right if I strapped it up it's still good around the mighty bush the mighty bush bro you're a legend bush give me haha give me damn bro don't smoke poured but anyway guys it looks like our cage work we still have all of our fish in it from what I understand because I don't see any breaches what can I get a wink and a dab in a day you know we have some leftover snacks for the mighty Shamu oh yeah so guys stress of Hurricane aunt Irma was too much and it killed as you can see Jim mu-2 is no more I'm assuming that that uh the PACU actually beat them up a little bit too much so you can see his tails chewed up stuff like that man guess that tribute wasn't fake I had a feeling some like this was gonna happen so big monster dude man too much stress too much stress too much stress bucketmouth fat fast man love you big girl I'm so sorry sure just let you go well you sacrifice yourself for the other fish my friend thank you so much wish you to wake up stayed outside with you what's laying all day got a bunch of tarpon snook today was cool made three videos out of it only fish caught fish in the in the home in the street bow so yeah big girl it's nice knowing you my man my old man just making sure that you did kind of don't believe it Wow I remember when I caught you twice actually well made you a cool tribute just in case something like this happened to you but I guess it's time to say goodbye see you later Chimel she floats probably yep guys stuff happens I actually used to I stopped naming my fish for a while because of because you know stuff happens we're gonna keep pushing on and I guess we need a new bass Shamu three the storms always killing them too it's a third storm second storm that hit the bass sorry Jimmy one was killed by a storm power outage Jimmy with two was killed because he was in that small that cage and then the POC who roughed him up really bad you saw it it was all chewed up the tail was chewed up when I was putting a man he looked she looked really stressed so hey you guys probably support all your prayers are your blessings all this is looking pretty terrible still from hurricane mo we've got a lot of cleaning up to do but we lost we lost the loved one shinwoo out there she's gonna float away and become a snack for some other creatures but guys thank you so much for all your support and I guess we got a hunt for a new Shamu maybe a bigger one catch him all guys mom catch them all fishes YouTube and Instagram you like this song right light and calm

22 thoughts on “MY PET DIED during Hurricane Irma Destruction: r.i.p. Shamu

  1. It's a fish ffs, that he shouldn't have in the 1st place wild caught…and leaving Pecos out in the lake in a box is irresponsible and a danger to the wild indiginous wildlife should they have gotten loose…and stop shouting jeez, what a twat

  2. Shamu why did it have to be you why couldn’t it have been that asshole fish that took my favorite lure

  3. Did he name a new fish shamu that look acetuly like that fish shamu in one of the new video in 2019 that died

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