26 thoughts on “My NEW PET Water Cow!?

  1. I love your videos but I felt like you haven’t done enough research into the fish your considering getting and that’s not the best message to be giving to a younger audience
    This isn’t hate just a concern from a animal friend and a massive fan of your Videos

  2. That's my local fish store!! I go there everyday, I cant believe I didnt see ya. Definitely do a meet n greet there!

  3. Hey I worked at fish n chirps 3 months ago and I actually was there when he had a Jack Dempsey in his mouth and have the picture. Is there a way I can send it to you?

  4. Toby Macguire?! I feel like Goby Macguire was a missed opportunity seeing its a sea cow GOBY! Just sayin ?

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  6. Please don’t put that in your pond, sleeper gobies need a planted tank with structure. Also temperature sensative, it will probably die during winter unless you get a heater, if anything keep Toby in the 40 gal

  7. So what tank will he live in in September when it starts to getting cold and Texas like here in Chicago

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