MY MOM WANTED TO BUY HIM… (Preparing a Leopard Gecko Cage)

That’s okay Mom: So Cute!
Taylor: Yes, I love them Mom: Look at him eating!
Taylor: Yeah, if you wanna get one I’m good. Mom: Oh my God!
Taylor: Let’s get one Mom: But he gets too big…
Taylor: He can just walk around the house Mom: Can’t you just stay little? Taylor: Leopards do too Mom: But look that would be cute! It’s a little hidey space. Mom: There’s another one. Are you gonna get another ball python? Taylor: No, I don’t need another ball python. Mom: Well, don’t you wanna do it anyway? Taylor: No. *laughs* Taylor: People always ask “How does your mom let you have animals?” Taylor: Here you are. Mom: Oh my god! He’s so cute! Taylor: Do you have $500? Mom: Well, of course not. Mom: Cute! I’m sorry y’all are just in a little bucket. Mom: Is that where they live? Worker: No, no. I just brought them out.
Worker 2: No!
Taylor: Come on- *laughing* Worker: No no no. *laughing* Worker: We have them in this big metal container. Taylor: I hope he poops on you. Mom: Well I hope he poops on you. Taylor: Well, I’m used to it. Mom: Well I raised you. Taylor: Did you just help him walk?
Mom: Yesss Worker: He’s the littlest one out of everyone. Mom: You look like your name’s crush. Taylor: That’s so original. Mom: Look at that face!
Taylor: Yeah. Mom: It’s just like those giant Galapagos ones. Taylor: We’re in the works of it, yeah Taylor: Oh, mom. Mom: Look at his feet! Mom: No, he died Taylor: I love you. I love you. I love you. Taylor: Okay, so I need a cage and then- I think I’m just gonna get that- Over there it’s like 89 cause I have two of them already So they’ll look good all… Worker: So, the small
Taylor: Yeah Taylor: A free Mongoose!’s a bike They sure have a lot of gerbils Mom: That one’s really cute! Taylor: Yeah
Mom: I mean they’re both- all cute but they look like they’re very healthy I bought the entire store~! Can you change your gloves cause I’m allergic to flour?
Worker: Oh yeah, yeah Okay, so here is the finished look for now I actually have a few more things… Well, I have a few more rocks that I’m gonna stack up I’m gonna put a little more rocks around Um, just for more, you know, scenery I have a few things that I still need to work on And maybe modify but.. Over here, this is the feeding corner Course the crickets will be loose But things like meal worms and hopefully the Dubia roaches will stay in place Here we have a watering dish Here we have a hide on the cool side of the tank And here we have a hide on the warm side of the tank And then up here is a humid hide It’s just a hide with some moist paper towels in it This is the one I think I’m gonna modify because If the gecko would wanna get in there, she would have to climb up And it’s kinda just an odd design Kinda meant for like snakes and stuff so… I’m probably gonna change that out and make it something different And that’s the tank And I’m really excited to get her She arrives at 10:30 AM tomorrow Okay, so the cage is ready and… that’s… that’s it I don’t know what to say I was gonna go- like, I was falling asleep And then I realized I have some stuff to do tomorrow And that I probably wasn’t gonna be able to film an intro or outro until really late tomorrow And I want this video to be out before then So then I was like “Oh, god, I have to get back up so I can film” So now I’m filming this with like… I don’t even know what’s in my hair I look like…a sailor And then tomorrow we’re getting together this fun surprise for a fan So, I’m really excited to show you guys that video footage Cause it’s gonna be really fun Thank you for watching this quick little video And I will talk to you next time Goodbye This tank just got really low on water And started spitting bubbles everywhere So that’s what’s going on now Cheese has bubbles literally all over him It basically ran out of water in the sump And so it started spitting bubbles out And now Cheese is covered in bubbles Sorry, Cheese, I’m gonna fix that right now.

100 thoughts on “MY MOM WANTED TO BUY HIM… (Preparing a Leopard Gecko Cage)


  2. Omg you mom is awesome my mom says “no! NO MORE PETS!!! Ughhhhhh no snakes ugh fine I will go with you to look BUT NO BUYING”

  3. 4:19 Taylor you look like a little girl whenever you don't have any makeup on lol love you and your animals Taylor!!❤️??

  4. No I don’t need another ball pythons oh Taylor if your past self could see you know oh my gosh you’ve got 14 snakes or is it 15 I lost track

  5. I got a free tortoise from my backyard. It was a Cherry head red footed tortoise❤️ his name is pele. How we got his name is he looked like lava and Pele is the goddess of lava. I love my pele❤️❤️❤️

  6. What are these shops and what state are they in! Also can you make a video on how to care for a leopard gecko! I’m thinking of getting one and what all did you get? Could you tell me? I just really wanna know…

  7. “I hope he poops on you”

    ”I hope he poops on you!”

    “Well I’m used to it”

    ”Well I raised you”


  8. Hey Taylor! Old fan and I realized your under a lot of controversy right now, I just wanted to know that you can make the same old videos that you used too and I miss them, I hope your doing alright (no uploads wtf) and I hope you make a return!

  9. OH MEH GOSH I USED TO HAVE A FERRETS WAHHHHHHHHH YOU SHOULD ADOpt FERRETS :3 ik a lot about ferrets and don’t only get one ferret get 2 or more cause you don’t want them to be lonely

  10. Cheese!

    If he could talk he would say:

    Why is there bubbles all over me? MUM?! MUM! HELP! ME! NNNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP WALKING AWAY!! MUM!

    I AM YOUR GOD!!!! SAVE ME!!!

  11. Where did you get your metal shelves that your tanks sit on? I love your videos very educational and of course funny!

  12. I literally was like omg why does this sound like Taylor wth then your face popped up and I was like OHHHHHH I’m stupid tbh. ??‍♀️

  13. This was so funny when your mom said oh no he died I started laughing out loud literally and I think it’s funny because I have a grassland tortoise and he likes to do that when he gets tired and gets under the basking light And on top of the heating pad that is under his tank he just loves to stick his legs out and it’s so cute I have so many pictures of him doing that because he just get so tired and just plops down wherever he is on top of the heating pad and under the light it is so funny

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