My Lab Puppy is AGGRESSIVE…

christena clean the machine clean a waffle machine make me waffles and edit my videos right now we will tell you guys you will see where we end up at the end of this show at the end of this vlog and it's it sucks because I will explain later but right now follow us and you guys will see by the title and funding you guys already know what's going on but Christina I'll tell you when I turn off the camera Christina you have to clean the waffle machine which is dirty from like two weeks ago because I knew you wanted this so now I'm gonna take advantage of it make me waffles it's a Google how to make waffles because you don't know how to make waffles we have everything I bought everything and then we're gonna do and do what we do do do did we got Sydney she was very very shy and like nervous and like like very she had a lot of anxiety and now she's getting use the storm really well and storm is or storm is there's still grumpy we're trying to get a trainer we're waiting for an email my lens feels like my lens feels like it has like stuff in the skin like sand in it would say if it's camera so we call the bunch of dog trainers like specialty fur farm for behavioral issues and aggression and stuff and no one is called back which is kind of crappy because you would think that people like the companies would care if your dog gets really bad new storm has gotten really bad and he's out of our control now because it's it's it's it's bad and I'm not going to show you on camera maybe I'll well another time but right now we are doing waffles attack with no Tina's doing waffles separate the eggs you look like such a nude she separated the yellow from back there's such a new and I think it means separate the eggs from the dry ingredients it says sift the dry ingredients together separate the egg mousse separates eggs I'm telling you you look like such a noob right no maybe you do separate eggs but what's the point so you're popping stiff peaks I told waffles I don't need two separate eggs Christina I made it without separating eggs guys I was wrong instead of helping I'm gonna record she spilled all this milk all over she thinks it was smart literally just pouring milk on top of the bowl and let's splash in everywhere you know yo okay new so when I made waffles it did not look like this it was very liquidy hers is very like weird and I'm sure it should look like that we're making like Belgian waffles I don't know the difference but um mine was really liquidy when you pour it it's like liquid and hers it's like foam tina's you're supposed to look like that just mixing the egg whites right now this time around I will probably write I told you know this has to be more liquidy cuz when you pour it it has to go all the way down it goes all the way down and it fills up and he got to pour it while it's standing up so this is not gonna work right now she said at least try it but look it's not gonna go anywhere I'll show a little example of how grandpa Hughes Hey stop storm leave it leave it storm that's bad a little bit a little bit go to bed go to bed storm sit up storm and I'm not doing it I'm just like this look storm and we got the batter we got this in the compasses the cup that came with the waffle machine it's like one and a half cups to fill up in here Tina will be filling it up once it heats up when it heats up it'll beep and and then I can say I told you so we need to add more milk so it can be fluid E and storm you're a dickhead you have a dog that you have some aggression issues to it yeah it's getting pretty bad it's a lab it's a lab he's around eight and a half months yeah yeah storm all right guys so the the barn Buster's call which is the the trainers and everything for aggression and stuff like that they're coming tomorrow morning so we'll be training storm for the first time tomorrow morning tomorrow's like a more of a consultation type of thing I'm pretty sure anyways so Tina you're about to get proven wrong now you can look I don't know what your plan is here okay off-camera she told me hey are you ready to be proven wrong oh wait hold on huh what's this you can't you can't cheat hold on hold is it over on the counter you already put it on the counter no I put this on there Oh what's this it doesn't go down right I explained to you why Christina it's not thin enough it's too thick and it doesn't roll down it's it's just physics it's just physics and now you screwed it up no it's too late it's already it's already baking and if you don't open it it's baking if you open it this is gonna spill up take a spoon and throw this up this up top throw it up why it's too thick I told you it's too thick I'm annoyed I'm not annoyed I'm trying to use calm as possible like I thought in my head I can't get another one of yours calm like it's too thick Christina it's okay don't move all right Gina open it Carlo I'll open it moment of truth this is exactly what happened it looks delicious don't touch it it looks fluffy mmm looks like you know those four things we sit on it is farts these no collisions dude anyways guys watch some milk and do a little bit of six foot action added more milk and now this is going to taste good no it's right there but I finished a lot yesterday Tina will tell you guys how it tastes like with my method with the milk method we're about to add some Sunny Delight into it – come on come on you may pour more Oh God okay okay whoa keep it – put chocolate chips in now – no that's that's why I didn't want to put everything it together because I don't watch aqua chips so we put a little bit of okay we're putting more we're putting sprinkles in we found that we put sprinkles it melts it nice and it tastes nice and sweet the waffles which is probably not Benja Belgian waffles anymore but their birthday cake waffles exactly so um Tina's gonna pour it into this little cup you're gonna dunk it are just gonna dunk it but now that's a bad idea that's a big chunk that's it just get me a Kleenex and I'll let the bottom oh this is bad okay fine whatever do it right let's see if it goes down smoothly but after that you do it really really fast and get another like half cup go go go go go quick quick quick quick oh my god this is hard it's so wet put it no keep going and then awesome now this baking is gonna rise a bit so one and a half cups you put a reflection it should finish any minute now it should do little beep I'm grabbing 1/4 oh my Fogg no nothing I put the camera lens over there the the waffle maker by accident then it's fogged up come on finish it up man finish it up now you need to give me your honest opinion of the taste okay I can hear it it's about to beep I can sense the finishing this of this waffle I knew it all right guys moment of truth that is how you make waffles I am the waffle master Kristina what are you you're the maid so we got finished she put butter in her waffles and then chocolate chip how's it taste piece of my recipe no I didn't know if mine but my recipe now I took over all right guys the waffles are done we got a little more here this machine makes so much mess and I almost regret getting it just because you gotta clean so much and don't you did not say that you regret yeah hi I wanted it so bad and I baked and I think please let's get it so we got it and I'm like man it's dirty as hell like it gets all over here it gets on the back and everything because Tina doesn't know how to pour waffle mix properly and we're watching this video right now a tmartn linked a anyways we're going to do our thing we're going to nap a little because I barely slept and then we're gonna go somewhere and you guys will find out or already know because you see the thumbnail

42 thoughts on “My Lab Puppy is AGGRESSIVE…

  1. You are a condescending asshole to her. Imagine if she talked down to you like the way you talk to her. She will leave you when she finds someone who treats her better. I wonder how you talk to her off the camera.

  2. Big issue . You had to dominate that pup and teach him who’s boss or he’s going to take that spot. You don’t have to hit him , nothing just raise your voice and push them down to the floor and make him stay on the floor later down on the side . It’s not hard at all , you should have done that lol.

  3. One dog need to understand that u are the Alpha here, not the dog. When my dog is trying to bite me or do something that she CAN'T do, I'm like: Aira, NO.
    And she fall down like in the alpha xd
    Hope u understand

  4. Simple fix. My Labs used to growl at me, but I bought a shock collar. A lot of these soft pussies will tell you it's "cruel", but I'll tell you something that's even more cruel : having to put a needle in your dogs arm because the province/state said you gotta put your fur baby down.

    It's a tool. Unfortunately it's a tool that can be abused, but used properly it can be a life saver! You just need to associate certain words with the pain of a shock. I kept it simple, and anytime they misbehaved I'd firmly say "No!" followed by a shock. After a few incidents, they learned that "No!" means they better stop the offensive behaviour.

  5. your emotions also play a big part in you dogs behavior, he can tell you are fearful and frustrated, so he is copying your emotions, he is fearful, and frustrated.

  6. This guy is quite annoying. Look at the way he talks to his wife. Very disrespectful! No wonder his dog wants to rip him apart… Lol..

  7. Show him you're the boss. You're the alpha and you feed him every day. Put him on a leash, so you can control him. If it was me, I would smash his face when he growling or showing his teeth like that.

  8. I know he isn't aggresive anymore, but when my dog became a young adult, he began to test my leadership and control, as a lot do at that age. I remember it only happened once in his life, when he was younger he wouldn't listen and one time bared his teeth. The second that happened he was held down (Not neccicerely "pinned") and couldn't move. He was also pinched on the bridge of his nose. He never showed any signs of aggression after that in his life. I've heard of some instances where people had dogs who were so aggressive that they bit, but the owners took the bite and faught back harder eventually winning over, because the dogs knew that they couldn't win.

  9. Just hit him on the snout/mussle lightly when he does that it show that you're mad… we do it to my dog when he chews stuff up and he's stopped now… Good Luck.

  10. What was your experience with bark busters? I was thinking of using them for my dog but then I looked up their techniques and they seem kind of sketchy

  11. Storm will be ok, he's maturing and you're doing the right thing by seeking help with advanced training. Aim High!
    Also; your waffle maker is FAIL, not your waffles. Tina had it right. Her recipe and "Methods" were spot on. You separate the eggs so that you can "whip" the whites fluffy and fold into the batter.
    Throw that horrible contraption in the garbage and get yourself at least one that sits flat.

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