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kid what's going on this dumb brat lost the dog's weight the dogs are missing what happened hey girls and guys sister from styler let's play and I am back with my cute adorable family I've got my daughter in the kitchen you know she's eating some food I what this baby pigs doing oh my gosh you will not believe what he made me do he literally made me spend so much money on this little royal throne for both of our dogs so you guys know we have Egbert which is baby vixx's dog and then we have doggie who we recently adopted and he's more of the family dog but look at him do you see this look at my child yes peasant ah excuse me who do you think you're calling a peasant mister what do you think bought you these things I did wonders coming I told you you're not allowed to watch that show you're too young all right so the house has been going kind of crazy with our new pets like I feel like this isn't even my house anymore it's my kids house and the dollar's house there's dog food dog bowls absolutely everywhere so this is doggy spa that's Egbert spa they both look have their little hot tubs next to the pool like it is absolutely crazy it's getting late though um so are you guys planning to go to bed soon I know doggy and anchor are sleeping but what about you mister you got to get some sleep it's getting late the stars are out I don't want you staying up any later than than this so go get yourself ready for bed get in some more PJs no yield peasant stop calling me a peasant any of you're thirsty go get yourself some water I'm taking my dogs for a walk no babe you Biggs I told you this several times you're not allowed to take the dogs on a walk by yourself you're way too young and you can't handle both of the dogs you cannot talk to the king be God he taught me to be like that and I'm gonna sell this throne okay look I'm not gonna let you take the dogs for a walk what if one of them pulls you what are they trying to bite somebody I just don't want to run a risk of anything happening the dogs getting in a fight I can control them you can't even control yourself how are you gonna control two doll oh it's daytime I guess it's not so bad I am a do master what oh you're a dog master okay all right on one condition I will let you take the dogs I oughta walk since it's daytime now you could take them to go get some food but you have to take your sister is that a deal you've got to take your little sister Ellie no yes you're taking Ellie oh speaking your sister can I go please I can walk doggie exactly baby Biggs you can walk your doggie Egbert dog barks and she can walk dougie no well then you're not allowed to go so your choice either take your sister or don't take the dogs for a walk you decide I've got a lot of things to do around the house so then I go on strike what are you gonna do start eating dog food baby pigs get out of the doghouse look Egberts freaking out he's scared so it's a deal you're taking Egbert your sisters taking doggy fine all right see you gotta gotta make sure you let them know who's a parent around here if I lose her it's not my fault you better not lose your sister all right Ellie so when you take doggy make sure you're really careful okay cuz he does tend to pull a little bit it's just make sure you keep him close thank you mommy I'll do a good job I know you will I just go with your brother all right Oh my kid they're getting so grown up them going on walks by themselves together Oh wah poop on the couch Eggbert good boy you better not be having your dog poop on the couch oh okay so I guess I'll see them Wow he doesn't even say goodbye or nothing bye kids I love you Oh probably you know I'm only gonna groom about five minutes till I go out there so they feel like they're being independent well obviously I don't want them being out there for too long but I've been doing a lot of work on the house because I wanted to feel more like home and stuff but I am not joking you when I tell you there stalk stuff everywhere so this is like the movie room dog bowl dog beds of course in the front baby makes war not let me get away with psych not putting a dog bowl in every single room in this house look at this see dog balls from foster dogs they got their water it's really cute to see the way he is with his with his animals though got a nice little fireplace over here I do want to make a room upstairs so for the dogs as well and I want to try to give him a big Stu stop sleeping in the dog bed it started to turn into a really bad habit so you guys see we have this here just really good cuz the doggy sleeps here he sleeps up there and stuff or I think I'm gonna start doing a little bit more work and then I'm gonna go check on the kids oh I finished cleaning up upstairs let's go check on these kids and make sure they haven't gone too far or gotten themselves in trouble okay here we go oh they're here hey mommy I'm so sorry Oh what happened mama mom yes yes yes what's going on where's Egbert where's doggie kids what's going on this dumb brat lost the dogs wait the dogs are missing what happened did someone try to steal them away from you guys did what did you guys let him go why and what do you mean your sister let them go Ellie let them off the leash Ellie is that true yeah I wanted them to play with us and chase us I'm sorry look how long ago did this happen oh I know you're mad remix come here I know you love your little Egbert look you need to tell me so I could help you find your dog okay so how long ago was it did you just lose him now I don't care be pigs what's wrong I know you're upset but we've gotta try to find Egbert we can't just leave him off on the streets like this come on Ellie ruins everything don't worry I'm gonna talk to your sister because it wasn't right for her to leave let the dogs off the leash but we gotta focus on trying to find them now okay so where where did she leave him off the leash was it by the park maybe we could go have a look there huh the camp all right how about we get in the car and we'll go look for them together okay we're gonna find them I promise don't cry oh my gosh he's gonna be so heartbroken if he can't find his dog all right come on kids let's get in the car so you said you lost them by the camp right okay we'll have a quick drive all around keep your eyes open okay you guys will get out near the campsite and we'll start calling them by their names and see you they show up if not we'll make some missing dog signs we're gonna find them trust me I think they're dead don't say that they're not Ellie chilled up no she didn't look it was a mistake we all make mistakes but we're gonna find them I promise we'll put signs on every single tree you see here if we need to we'll drop pictures it'll be fine where is this campsite I always get lost think it's over here this car oh there it is okay come on we're gonna find them don't worry here it is here it is okay Ellie you stay in the car okay baby Vic's come with me come on we're gonna look for them okay oh no feeling well again Eggbert doggy have you tried checking the tents maybe they got scared baby they could be sleeping on one of these huh fire smells like a don't say that for you Biggs you got it you got to stay positive okay we're gonna find them don't be weird okay no baby Biggs get down from there they're not gonna be up there dogs can't climb trees oh my gosh you're gonna fall Oh see as soon as he was doing so good he was starting to behave so well and now his dog goes missing and he's back to being a little rascal Oh where'd he go look how about this since they're not at the campsite yes I'll buy it how about we go home we make some missing signs yes come on I'll take you home and we'll find them no I'm not leaving here baby bakes you can't stay here how are you gonna how are you gonna take a shower and stuff I will rent this lodge out okay how about if we all stay here is that better let's go grab Elly from the car Oh Elly wait what youyou found doggy I found him oh yeah how did you find him he found me doggy where's Egbert oh no doggies here and eggbert isn't what happened to aide Bert um look if doggie came back then Agra will come back for sure okay we're gonna rent the lodge and we're gonna stay here until a crook comes back okay Egbert my little heart is breaking into a million pieces I would say let's go get another dog but it's not gonna replace his dog Fox baby Vic's loves Egbert I think he loved Egbert more than he loves me his own family oh you guys I don't know what I'm gonna do please if you guys have any idea where Egbert is if you've seen him anywhere even if you think you've seen him and you're not sure please let me know because oh very big are you okay cuz honestly I do not know what I'm gonna do if Egbert doesn't come back I honestly think maybe Biggs would be heartbroken forever so please if you know where Egbert is please tell us but anyway you guys I'm gonna go ahead and end it here make sure you check out Ricky's channel he plays this little rascal right here baby Biggs I'll be linked down in the description below once again I hope you guys had fun watching and I'll see you guys next time bye you

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  1. Oh no! Our dogs are missing, please help us find them!
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  2. The dogs are lost because of ellie all because she had a problem with them whan i have a problem i get rid of it .s tell baby Biggs that.

  3. Zira u moved to adopt me because of chemical U in bloxburg

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