My Guide Dog Picks My Makeup! *adorable*

She follows me on Twitter My favorite author follows me on Twitter ♪ intro subtitles by [email protected] Hey guys, it’s Molly here again for another video and look who I have with me It’s my snuffer-puff He’s sleepy, as per usual But as you can see from the title today, we’re doing a super fun video my guide dog picks my makeup I saw Jenna Marbles do the “My Dog Picks My Makeup” And I know I had talked to Manny and he had mentioned that he was gonna do it At the time of this filming, he has not done it yet, but I know he wants to And I was like; You know what, if they can do it we can do it! Mr. Sleepy here is a guide dog for those who just stumbled upon this video I’m blind, very true, yes, real, you can just surf around my channel to find out more about that But he is a highly trained guide dog and will be picking my makeup for me That was not in his training I don’t know how well he’ll do, but we’re excited! And you guys are always requesting more Gallop in the videos So, today you’re getting all the Gallop in the video, and I should mention this video is sponsored by Audible Huge shout-out to Audible! Thank you so much! I’m obsessed with you because being blind I mean, is there a better option to read? Braille is one of the most cumbersome languages Braille is just, like it’s not for pleasure reading You know Braille is like super convenient to like read elevator buttons and like the signs on washroom doors or “restroom” doors But for actually pleasure reading a book It’s not the option and so I’ve been using Audible for as long as I can remember I could not recommend it enough So I’m so excited that they’re sponsoring today’s video And just for you guys You guys can get a one month free trial which includes one free audiobook If you go to or text “mollyburke” to 500500 And, if you’re an Amazon Prime member You can get the first three months of your Audible subscription for $4.95 a month, which is basically like getting Three months for the price of one So pretty good deal! Highly recommend! All that info will be linked in the description bar below So, check it out, you will not regret it and if you want a book recommendation from Gallop and I I highly recommend you check out ‘Keep Quiet’ by Lisa Scottoline, It’s so good Anyways, I’m barefaced, my face is in the nude It needs to be all made up for the day ahead So Gallop, let’s get to it He doesn’t seem too enthusiastic Let’s get to it Gallop! … Gallop! Let’s go! There we go! So I have this glittery makeup bag filled with, not makeup, but kibble and bits So I’ve laid out, Gallop has three options for each category That I’ve laid out He’s really excited about the kibble and bits Okay Gallop Are you ready? Jake: Oh now he’s ready Kibble’s out, dog’s ready Oh god, my makeup and my floor is literally gonna be covered in drool This is gonna be disgusting, love you! Now babe, we have primers here Oh somewhere, there they are See, I need a guide dog No you have assis assis, rester Now let me set out the kibble, oop Goodness, okay One, two Rester Three Okay, va manger M: Which one did he pick? J: The one all the way to the left M: This one?
J: Yep That’s my primer, good job! It’s HD primer by Cargo Rester No, I don’t want you- J: He just lays down Literally, It’s cuz I said that he’s highly-trained Debout And I do speak French to my dog He was trained in Quebec, I get that question all the time Like, what is she saying to her dog? It’s French Okay, va manger va manger you see the one in my hand, doesn’t he? J: Oh, he went left to right again Wow, Okay I think Gallop, you have a system babe! Also, I think this is Gallop’s favorite game we’ve ever played Ok, we’re on to concealers. I only have two, because I’m no beauty guru And, I’m going to switch it up and we’ll see if he still follows the same trend I’m going to put the kibble here first, reste And then here, ok va manger J: Left to right Wait! Now that means I could just put the one the product that I want On the left side! If Gallop has a system I’ve got to come up with my own system Next products Gallop! ♪ Move your booty (x3) I don’t want you to lay down He’s so lazy! Okay, turn around, assis J: He’s like “What do you want from me? He’s getting really confused Let’s go over here And then maybe I’ll change the system up J: Oooo! J: Right to left I feel like he’s just going for whatever he’s closest to Which makes sense, ya know Bronzers! J: Gallop’s gone, he’s taking a nap M: Dude!
J: He’s had enough work for the day va manger Which one did he go for? J: Uhh, your right This is a fun game Alright Gallop are you feeling confident in your makeup choices today babe? Seems confident to me! Uck, I wish I could listen to music but It’d just get copyrighted Or an audiobook! NARS tinted moisturizer It’s good for the summer, good choice I’m such an animal with my foundation No pun intended I just go in for it with my hands, I’m just everywhere And, one of the greatest concealers Gallop Good choice, Makeup Forever HD not that you had much choice because I have two concealers Makeup Forever HD concealer and the Tarte stick concealer are like the only concealers I own He’s like done with the makeup talk Gallop: I’m bored, I’m over it Gallop come back to me! Gallop! Okay, I forced him back, he’s not thrilled about it But we’re living with it, I’m happy about it I think he’s just really bored about this whole makeup situation This is a bare minerals powder You can use it as a foundation or as a setting powder It’s just not my fav I really like Bare Minerales This just isn’t… Isn’t my favorite but I guess Gallop felt The other two were both, you know didn’t have coverage So he was like, “Well, I picked a tinted moisturizer I should give her a bit more coverage with the powder” I appreciate the thought that I’m sure went into it Gallop This was a great bronzer choice because I have self-tanner on my body, probably badly put on I’ll leave my “Blind Girl Tries Self-Tanner for the First Time” video down below So, now I have to kind of bronze up my face a little bit to match, since- I got a dog hair in my mouth Ugh, life with a guide dog I guess we’re going on alone. Alright, well Gallop’s just really decided to leave and I’m not forcing it you know He can hang out with me if he wants to, but doesn’t have to Ok, on to blush! I actually love this blush it’s very pigmented Actually, I think this is the same one Jake used J: Me and Gallop, great minds think alike Yeah, you and Gallop picked the same blush It’s by Stila It’s like, I think a color adapting blush, It’s coral What a video you guys you get to hang out with my dog You get to watch me put makeup on Which is always so thrilling And you get a free audio book Okay, I’m gonna do my highlighter now and this is the Tarte twinkle stick I think it’s called a twinkle stick, Maybe I just make that up, but I’m fairly certain This I believe, is like a pretty low-key highlight so just GO HAM on your face Alright, so now that I have my blush and my highlight on I’m gonna try to like blend it together and tone it all down. Ok-ey! now, I’ve blended my blush and highlighter all in Annnd, I’m gonna go into the eye look this is A lil’ Mac quad and it’s the purple scheme So Gallop had a look he was going for because he picked a purple lipstick Purple eyeshadows and coral blush and purple and coral are a good combo I wouldn’t have picked this whole look with this outfit today But you know, he was going for a look He wanted a statement. I appreciate that So, I put that one on my lid and I’m putting this one in the crease and I’m just gonna leave those two alone for today Do the windshield wiper Ignore the fact that my eyebrows have to get waxed We’ll pretend they’re on fleek Okay eyes are done, I’m not doing any liner today and I have lash extensions So I don’t need mascara Best life decision I ever made! Way too expensive, but also a life saver because it takes my mom… Like ten minutes to get all the mascara off my face because I just can’t function with mascara okay? it’s hard. The crowning glory is this I was gonna say Mr. Kate and then I was gonna say Kate Spade Katy Perry is the one we’re looking for Ding ding third time’s charm, got the name right So, this is the Katy Perry Covergirl Very bright purple Let’s do it and this one of those lipsticks that will show all the flaws Great I’m gonna have my mom come in and fix up the lips cuz I always do the base of the lips and then she does the touch-ups so in a minute All right you guys These are the products that Gallop picked ♪ And here is the final look that I’ve come up with what do you guys think What do you think of Gallop’s choices? What do you think of my face? That’s all, that’s the video I hope you guys enjoyed! Thank you again to Audible for making this possible, and all of you killa bees for being in my life! I love you all so very much! and I’ll see you next time Bye!!

100 thoughts on “My Guide Dog Picks My Makeup! *adorable*

  1. Whoa the blush gets a little out of control around 8:00… But I loved this! Even though Gallop didn't seem too thrilled to be asked for his opinions lol

  2. Molly this is my first watching your videos I am so blessed to have a new look on life you really touched my heart with the story about your disease and blindness I watched Nicky's video that you did with her and that's how I discovered your channel I think that you're really strong to be able to go through this I am so so happy that I found this channel it's going to give me such a interesting look on YouTube now I can never find anything good anymore so I'm glad and just the look on life that I have now when you were talking about freedom that really touched me cause I don't realize how much I take my vision for granted and the fact that I have this freedom every day is amazing I know not everybody gets that now and I am really grateful that you had mentioned that, I hope that freedom comes your way through life and that you get to keep on experiencing freedom in different ways all your life thank you for making this channel

  3. My sister was totally blind completely in the dark . I could tell you still have your pupil, are you a high partial?

  4. In my class, there is a girl who is blind, but four years ago, in the third grade, boys would “ tease “ her, and ask her who they were. Three weeks go by, and the counsler forces our class to come to her classroom. She gives us this lecture that she is not blind, but VISUALLY IMPAIRED! But she is legally blind. I did not partake in this game, but especially this year in choir, she is a great peer. And I will help her often get music out of her folder, or plug in her magnifier for her. The only thing that me and the girl behind her, ( who is also my friend) she will hit us randomly at times, and we ask her to stop. I am not mad, it is just a minor inconvenience at times. Yes she is a great person, but she is very dependent on me, and the choir teacher, to help her with everything needs. And she will whisper the senders very loudly as we are doing timed solfedge, so it is a minor distraction for me, and sometimes we will be doing ear training, and she intentionally messes up so the choir teacher, will help her. Once again, I am not mad at her, she has had a very catered to her needs life. I am not by any means trying to hate on the legally blind community, but some act too dependent on people to help her her whole life.

    ( ps, she doesn’t know that she started her period, and she reeks of it) I just get tired of it.

  5. Hey Molly i love you so much, you are just a bomb of inspiration

    My favorite book is actually 7 books the Harry Potter books

    And also i dont use makeup at all cause i dont know how to do it right so it looks good
    PS Sorry for any miss spellings im not good at writing

  6. I train all my dogs in german or latin because im American and less likely to come across someone who speaks German or knows Latin that way im the only person who can communicate with my dogs. Its actually extremely common in the dog training world lol not saying hers was trained in french for same reason, i know Gallop was trained in Quebec with native French speakers.

  7. Molly I love you so much ❤️ and your channel is my favorite on YouTube. I watch all your videos all the time and will rewatch them all because you’re so funny and nice

  8. Have you tried bookstare or learning alley, I'm visually impaired and both these book app are free if your disabled. My college counselor referred them to me and they are great.

  9. No hate i love you and look up to you so much but you often put a little too much blush on and it looks very unnatural. I think it would be better if you put less blush. I just wanted to make this comment because i didn't want anyone to make fun of you for it even though you are amazing at makeup ? ??

  10. Really love it but your clothes really don't match your makeup

    Love the glitter bag

    For my Service stock I use a mix of like Commands that you would use for sled dogs and sounds that my mouth makes are clapping and hand jesters

    I'm hard of hearing so I hope that makes sense lol

  11. New here. Im confused. She said she is blind but says she watched a Jenna Marbles video doing the same thing and she was on her phone on twitter????

  12. Omg this is completely unrelated but at the begining when you had the bad with dog food in it you look like daphanie from scooby doo 2

  13. Woah , wow i'm speechless your dog is great @ picking up make up's for you damn i suck at it & i'm a 25 years old guy lol haha im ashame of myself lol

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