46 thoughts on “My Funny Dog is so Fluffy

  1. Bailey is happy dog
    He's smart loving dog
    Mama and daddy giving. Best attention
    He like.playing outside in

  2. You guys are running out of ideas. You need to invent better story lines like other dog channels. Note the view count is dropping per video. Get to work! You shud have a link for episode suggestions.

  3. Today i have seen Bailey so close view
    Bailey looks very cute very handsome
    Bailey you are created by the Lord
    Jesus bless you all

  4. Bailey es: bello, noble, dulce, gracioso, paciente, amistoso, suave… en fin Bailey es lo máximo. Si un día veo que la humanidad es como él, seguramente habré llegado al cielo. Dios te bendiga mi adorable perrito.

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