My FriendsTigger & Pooh – S2 Ep5 – Rabbit’s Sound Of Silence Part 2

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Thank for your watching! Say again Be quiet Please Ayat you say well what if occurred but Champa trees is no quiet affair Hmm. Could you chomp it somewhere further away from rabbits, please? Well, if this tree wasn’t so big I’d move it to madam first and finish it over there Well, I’m making like a tree and livin is were diggers do the best Hmm maybe there’s something we can use help carry the tree. Let’s look I Think we can use that wheel there Shh it’s okay bill. I think we’re far enough away from rabbits. Now that the noise won’t bother is cake Thank you. Kindly sleuths now. I could be as noisy as I need to be Shall we go tell rabbit this case is erased Sure is gonna be hoppy don’t we made everything so quiet Um, you don’t suppose my knockity-knock popped forever We’re really sorry rabbit the party’s in an hour I have to bake another cake and fast And this time I need complete silence Please Got it. Well Be quiet not a single sound will pass cars loose erisa cares and will be quiet while we do it Except perhaps that loud sound about to happen Hey, maybe it’s a game I bet they want us to guess what they’re trying to say. I Know I should take that doesn’t sound very tasty We are trying to keep everything quiet. So rabbit can bake a special cake for

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