My Farm’s breeds of Dogs Which Always Makes Me Worried

music Hi friends Its too much cold today early morning as normally we go for morning walk this one is jenny one of our farm’s most love-able dog Music Hi friends Today’s topic is about those breeds from whom we never expect to be a watch dog guard dog to some extent Labradors are good watch dogs but you can train them to b a one these are the breeds which are very love-able from their nature which make them to be friendly with strangers and others soon There are many cases toward these breeds to be stolen even in adult age Yes you heard it right they get Stolen Number one breed in the list with most registered cases to get stolen is PUG Pug is that kind of breed which is so innocent even they get stolen in their adult age if you are planing to get one which is not a watch dog a normal family dog these word such as family dog is just good to hear but in back of mind their is always a fear of if if somebody stole them in my absence or if they runaway from park or if they run away from house so these type of breeds are those you can’t expect to get back once they are gone most of people are known to these things that these breeds can be stolen in most of cases they can follow anyone who gave them something to eat and that person can take them to their place there are many cases especially for pug breed Labrador is second most famous breed to get stolen in adult age even at the age of 2 years or 3 years they can be stolen So whenever to bought these breeds specially Pug Husky Labrador many more such as Shih Tzu which barks very less an so on But we are discussing about those breeds which are famous nowadays and found very commonly Especially this. This breed always stay active but never think they will work as a watch dog Husky is a breed which howls many people have Superstition toward howling of these dogs especially in rural area but its in there genes its not a Bad omen however they don’t act as a watchdog they do so but in very less cases like whenever somebody came in you r house they start barking but in very rare case Mostly they start playing with strangers So if you are planing to bought one of these three breeds That’s not totally true that Pug cannot be a watch dog i will show you mine most of viewers have already saw her in my previous videos Pug, labra and husky they all barks and they can be a very good watch dog but you have to provide them proper training to be a one It’s not a difficult task whenever you bring your dog to your home at any age of 30 days 40 days or 60 days no matter what never let them to be get friendly with anybody never let anybody to feed them never let anybody else to take them for a walk during walk never let anyone to get close to them or talk with them whenever someone try to do so stop them Dog’s behavior is always depend on owner that how they train them to be So there are many other Guard dog breeds such as German Shepherd they could also stop barking But its all depends on the lifestyle we provide them from beginning So My friends you can make a Non-watch dog breed as a watch dog breed its all depends on your training the lifestyle you provide them from their first day However you can change the behavior of an good watchdog and made them a friendly dog its all depend upon you So be very carefull Saw that Labra barks And that howling it’s normal in this breed So it depends on us that how we evolve them to adopt as whenever we bring them home we are bring positivity and a friend for 10-12 years So we have to keep it in mind that for their rest of life they are going to be with us and it’s our responsibility to provide them proper training further information is provided for you guys in the description box please check it out Sorry for the background noise i have tried my best to reduce it for now But sorry i can’t do over voice i prefer to do it directly Apologize for that background noise As its morning and its their playing time and to do enjoy the moment Have a great evening At last but not least its an humble request whenever yo bought a family dog keep them with only your family otherwise it cost us by losing them forever No No 😂😂 that’s what we called jealousy That;s what happen in my farm daily😅 If i am playing with one other will came to join too So friends i have ho tension about these two Jenny Stop😂😂 Outro Music Outro Music

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