My Dog’s Reaction When I Lay on His Bed

Bailey Reaction When I Lay on His Bed

100 thoughts on “My Dog’s Reaction When I Lay on His Bed

  1. My bed my sweet bed off you go ogre you Meany miney Moran imbecile dumb wit papa dearest of mine victory victory to me to me la la la

  2. Golden or not one day Bailey is going to lose his patience with all the teasing?. Such a beautiful friendship. Appropriate music too.?

  3. What and all people do to make YouTube videos for likes , views and subscribers. Poor dog has to struggle to get his bed.

  4. Baily is hilarious he so adorable I like when he climbs all over his dad trying to get his bed .he a big rolly polly of fur. Bailey did finally get his bed the look on his face says I got my bed back from dad. So precious bless him

  5. Bailey's dad's laugh gets me giggling every time…its awesome.
    I have to recommend after watching some of your videos that you should invest in a cup to protect your stuff when Bailey gets going lol.

  6. Nossa e a coisa mais fofa do mundo, ele quer a almofada,como são sociais,eu choro de alegria de ver ele brincando alegria intensa com o dono.bjs.

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