My dogs puppies that were born today

hello guys how are you doing today sorry gaming video my dog a bus you have little booklets a boy why wait I should've they are still drinking form so my fingers on a boy ignore that's you can all somebody that talks polish drink drink come out dry no quick come on for in the wheel this person color did this one come one milk no no what'd I do wrong nice right there same Stefan these are police dogs he's 20 get milk from this one you see my dog by the way today she gave birth this these are all her puppies all of them are girl except whom when why with the blue on it that's guarantee boy there was another one that's sadly died after birth come on he's right dad the milks right there little guy come on up guys stay with me you'll be okay with me this video I just wanted to pick one up you could yep there's a John so he gone – you might not beat him Quan staying with me little guy also look at all these one were yellow was born second I don't know I used to hear yep that's a white woman's you guys when he doing this video now

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