– [Narrator] Dogumentary
TV. Producing the best breed documentaries on YouTube. (dog bark) – [Dave Mullican] I just got
attacked by a mountain lion. Good boy Chaos. You
keeping the hook off of me. (Intense action music) Holy s… That was the scariest s… I’ve ever seen. Motherf… bit me. Shredded the back of my shirt. Keep him off of me boy. (intense action music) Good boy Chaos. Keep that f… away from me. (instense action music) Best come down boy. You won’t be a bad ass now. Come down. I guarantee
this dog will kill you. That’s why you ran like a sissy after he had you by the neck. I didn’t survive a mountain lion attack. I was rescued from a mountain
lion attack by my dog. (upbeat hip hop music playing) My name is Dave Mullican,
Real Deal Dog Training. The day started for me, I wasn’t having such a good morning. Business wise I was having
a little altercation with one of our border trained dogs. Me and the wife were arguing a little bit. So I decided to clear my head and take off to the mountains and go hike. Just something I like to do. (mellow dance music playing) So I went to Lado Creek, San Marino National Forest. I’m real familiar with the area I kind of know it like
the back of my hand. I took Chaos with me,
and to be 100% honest it was out of pure laziness. I usually take my puppy that I want to groom up and teach new things and stuff
like that and he was up on the top arena, and his
father Chaos was on the garage and it was just, like I
said, out of pure laziness. I was just, I got the closest
dog, I went to the car and left. Nice waterfall up there, nice things to do beautiful scenery. We do see a lot of wildlife
but is mostly small wildlife. From quirrels to rabbits,
to Bobcats, stuff like that, never seen a mountain
lion, never seen even a ram that’s supposedly up there. The location I went to
is a well traveled area specially on the weekends, or
towards the end of the week. There’s families up there
from little babies, to dogs to old people. I mean is well traveled probably 1500 people on a Saturday alone in the middle of the summer
go up to the waterfall. It was blue skies nice day,
not too hot not too cold. Perfect day for a hike, and that morning I just wanted to be by
myself, I was done with people so I continued forward
which I hadn’t gone before probably 300 yards from the falls. (upbeat hip hop music) I started through the foliage. I got on a big pile of logs,
and people say Spidey Sense or your intuition, something told me not to get off them logs,
and I just took it as they’re unstable, so I got
of the logs, right after I got of the logs, spidey
sense went away per say and nothing out of the
ordinary, continued my hike. When I’m hiking with my
dogs, I let them be free, You know, they always in
either earshot or eyeshot, these they don’t go too far. So he was ahead of me, you know,
maybe 25 yards ahead of me. Just cruising through the
canyon, so I came through on a everyday hike, dog went ahead of me, I stopped right here
to look at the natural water runoff in here. Thinking that there could
be gold down in there. Just thought in my head. Continued with my hike, I got to right here I heard a noise. When I heard the pitter patter, actually is something I never heard
before but it didn’t scare me in any way to turn around or check it out. I just continued. What got me to turn around
is I been hiking up there for so long that I know the little tiny pebble slodge
usually means the bigger rocks are coming behind it. So when I heard that, that’s
what actually got me to turn around and look behind me. (mountain lion growl) I mean, paws and teeth. That’s all I saw. I literally just turned,
screamed against this rock and basically the fetal position. The cat hit me so hard it
slammed me into the rock. It wasn’t probably a half a
second, and the dog was there. But I could feel it breathing,
I could feel it on me. There’s nothing I could
have done no matter what anybody says or think, or weapon or whatnot. It was such surprised that you didn’t have time to do anything. So when he hit the cat, the cat went straight to his
back, he had him by the neck the cat wrapped the dog
with all four claws, he’s on his back. Had him wrapped up. They’re fighting, I was yelling. The cat tried to bite him in the neck. “No, no, no.” the dog was laying
vertically in the Middle of the cat’s stomach. And as I’m yelling, I could
see the cat trying to push the dog off a little to bite his neck. And you can see in the collar he actually bit the side of his neck but
he couldn’t get a good bite ’cause of the collar. At that time I was screaming and yelling and then before you know
it, there’s this kind of poof bunch of dust and they’re in the bushes. So as the cat is trying
to bite Chaos’ neck Chaos is just digging
deeper and shaking and just putting as much pain and fighting to that as he possibly could. I came millilitering down here not running by any means. Screaming at the top of my lungs. I honestly thought, he
wasn’t going to make it. You know, is just them teeth are so big, and what I was seeing. Yeah, that’s why I was
yelling and screaming. You know, that’s my best friend. I don’t want nothing to happen to him. Saw the dog shake one last time, and then went in those bushes. I grabbed my phone and I actually called my wife because I left that morning
and didn’t tell anybody where I went, like an idiot. I luckily got cell service and let her know I got
attacked by a mountain lion and where I was and then the phone cutoff. And that’s when I started
my video right there. Holy s… Holy s… I just got attacked by a mountain lion. Chaos, where is he? And then finally as I’m calling my dog I finally see my dog and
then I started asking him where’s the cat? Show me the cat He starts showing me the cat. I didn’t even know you
could see, hearing the video I didn’t believe him He ain’t in the tree boy, I don’t see him but he knew exactly where
he was, he you know, I had to go get my dog Like I said, he would not come to me which is unheard of. So I had a visual sight basically, where I knew
the cat couldn’t be so I went to get my dog and once I got close to leash
the dog, I noticed the cat was above me in the tree . Got this boy tree (breathing hard) Yeah that’s the scariest
s…in my life right there. He had my shoulder Chaos jumped him. Chaos is about half a mile ahead of me. Started yelling and fighting next thing you know
Chaps come and jumped him they were fighting for
a good couple of minutes they were fighting for
a good couple of minutes come down boy, you gonna be a bad ass now come down, I guarantee
this dog will kill you. I went from the most scared
I ever been in my life to the most mad I’ve ever been in my life and you can see my boy is not playing. He got a few battle wounds
but he wants this cat. And he wants him bad. Try to explain to people
my dog does not play. You touch me and he will hurt you. This cat is bleeding from the
neck, the side of his face. He up there moaning and crying. But you just met a …. I don’t know honestly
if I was videoing for this might be my last video ever I don’t know, I was so
scared I just did it. And after I got that second video, my anger started to subside and I went back into fear. And as I started to leave
I took my eyes of the cat and started to walk away
and I heard another noise I look back up and the
cat is going to come out of the tree on top of me. And that’s when I freaked
out. I literally moved right back to scary like
I was in the beginning. I turned around, I fired
up my dog and I walked out of there backwards. I got out of the foliage
to where, in the opening where I knew I was going to be okay. Well, thought I’d be a
lot better than I was. And all that adrenaline, it left, and I literally collapsed and started petting my dog
and telling him how much I loved him and checking him for wounds. After I did that, you
know a minute or two, I wanted to continue on to get
out of there to tell people the ranger, the cops, you
know, people that’ll warn other people. And I really couldn’t walk.
I didn’t understand it at that time. But I got to my car, and I loaded my dog. I drove as fast as I could
to the ranger station to warn people and explain what happened and when I got there, I continued
to tell the gentleman what happened. What I just went through, and
at first he kind of laughed he didn’t believe me until
he saw the back of my shirt and then right away, it went from joking around basically
to serious business he had fish and game on
the phone, the warden everybody within minutes. So Chaos is Belgian Malinois. He’s my personal dog, and
this dog is pretty fearless. He does anything I ask him to do but I honestly can’t tell
you that I would have thought he would have came and save me from a mountain lion I mean, who does that,
that’s kind of crazy. I mean, I know he will
from a human, he’ll do anything I ask, but that was like a true
testimonial of what the dog will do for me. Put his life on the line for me. I’m a dog trainer. I think Chaos is a good
testimonial to what I do here. (mellow hip hop music) I don’t do it for sport, I don’t do it for play I don’t do it for fake protection dogs. I like to build the fight in the dog. I like that my dogs to fully understand and be confident enough
to fight in any situation. (mellow hip hop music) Let’s go easy easy, easy easy. My training philosophy
has a lot of controversial stuff to it. You can call it a liability. In my book anything is a liability. You have a gun, you own
a gun, is a liability you kid gets a hold of it
something bad could happen. If you’re a good gun
owner, or a good handler, good dog owner, there’s a
liability (mumbles) really quickly yes, the gun could kill
somebody, yes the dog could really hurt somebody but as we found out in real life I rather have that liability
on my side than not by my side it’s not so much of the craziness in the dog
if the dog is trained for this just like anything else,
is what you do with it, is how you take care of it, is how you mentor that
dog into how to be a dog when he’s not doing his job, he’s like a real dog. He plays with my kids, he
hikes, he does normal things but when is time for serious business he understands thank god, just like the mountain
lion, that is not a game. No hesitation, 100% hit
the tread, and handle it the best you can. Pressure and confidence is a huge thing that I train. I train for real life whether, I like to build just like the military you build the confidence so high these men think they’re indestructible. We all know we’re not, but with the confidence,
along with the training it’s a really good mixture like with the cat, there was no hesitation he hit that cat like freight train I couldn’t even really fathom
that in my head for a few days like he didn’t even hesitate I, as a full grown human being coward. (hip hop music) With that being said, I
want people to understand you know, I didn’t think my dog had any chance with that cat. Like I said I was crying,
I thought my dog was done. But if I would have lost my dog that day and I would have survived, yes I would have cried yes, I would have been hurt for months but in my book that’s a good dog. The dog kept me alive, the
dog kept the cat off me. The dog did everything I trained it to do. I really believe that you know, it was up to god, whether that dog lived or died. It had nothing to do with my training or I mean he’s fighting a killing
machine, he had no chance. We’re trying to educate people, and it can happen to anybody. A lot of people are thinking the same I thought the same way as you. I honestly did. – I’m all by myself – It won’t happen to me, it
only happens in this time and this time, no. – And I didn’t bring my poles I don’t carry a gun but I carry a knife – You know everybody
says what they would do to a mountain lion. You know, I was one of those guys 100% to be honest with you, I thought it wouldn’t happen to me. I carry a knife, I got this, I got that, I’ll stab it, I’ll shoot
it, all this stuff. It’s far from the truth . Without the dog I was stuck. I was at the mercy of that lion. To be sitting here in
the condition I’m in, and the condition my dog
is in, is unheard of. I’ve talked to rangers, fish and wildlife, I’ve talked to a lot of people. I truly believed I’m blessed to be here and nor only that, it’s changed my life a lot I stopped smoking cigarettes. It made me realized that life is precious. That it can end at any day. I honestly believe if my
dog wasn’t there that day I’d be dead. We wouldn’t be having this conversation. My kids would gave no father,
my wife would have no husband. (hip hop music playing) I mean, the days look different, the sky looks different to me,
the dogs bark different. Everything is different to me, I can’t explain it so much as in I’m just happy to be here. I’m just happy to be breathing this air sitting here. Wake up every morning, I thank god for a, just being around. (hip hop music playing)


  1. OK guys I've been doing some follow up and it looks like the Mountain Lion in this video may have been the same lion killed a week later in Fontana, Ca. I'm in communication with the Fontana Police Dept. (Animal Services) as well as Fish in Game.

  2. Every working dog: from service dogs to personal protection dogs to military working dogs, are the best. What did we do to deserve them?

  3. cat's normally attack from behind…. when your are in the wild… never go alone… and have more than one large dog… the dogs will keep it distracted long enough for you to get a good shot…Or just… KEEP YOU BUTT OUTTA BIG CATS TERRITORY…

  4. Your training and conditioning allowed your dog to exhibit the primeval competition that existed between the wolf and saber – tooth. I do believe, however, that the cat chose to fight another day. With superior athleticism, jaw strength, larger canines, the use of 4 deadly claws and its killer expertise, Chaos caught a break.

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  10. The training he's talking about giving his dog is called military reflex training. You train so much with the dog for certain predetermined skills that it becomes automatic without a thought just an automatic fluid reflex response. It does take a fair amount of time, displine, energy & dedication to perfect. When the training is completed & done right it's a pretty impressive thing to watch the dogs new skill or response in action.

  11. Amazing dog
    Young and inexperienced cat
    An experienced cat can kill a man or dog in seconds
    Very lucky

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  15. For everyone saying the mountain lion didn’t really wanna kill the dog so they got lucky… that’s not the point. A dog has no chance but he gave his owner a second chance and he was willing to die…. that’s the point.

  16. We love to hike in the mountains. I really appreciated your mountain lion video. Noticed that your dog was wearing some sort of vest in the video. Did the vest help to protect Kaos in the attack? If so what type of vest was it?

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  18. I'm glad chaos is fine but as good as he is, I firmly believe that mountain lion (cougar) could have torn your dog up. You were lucky, but so was chaos. Great story though.

  19. Someone wrote this "This is the cats house, the human walked into it" that is an erroneous concept. We humans (proto to modern) are a natural species of the Earth about 2.1 million years on the Earth. The Earth is all of our house. A human animal has as much right to roam as do other species. And our friend the canine has been with us for about the last 20,000 + or – years. We established a friendship with the canine for just this reason to help us deal with predators. The cat did what it was meant instinctually to do. It wanted to avoid injury because an injury = starvation and starvation equals death.

  20. Dogs are superior to mountain lions.Did people forget about packs ? Silly folk probaly never slept outside.That cat would have been a nice carpet.

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  24. As usual, this video has brought out idiots of every stripe- i like the fact that wild animals exist-its exciting and as a conservationist, they need protection from the moronic idiots who would exterminate them, however, when one attacks people or dogs, they must be hunted and killed. Why? Because most big cats and bears don't go after people and pets-they know better-when one does, it usually will continue to unless killed-this particular cat might have been taught a lesson. For the dummies who've never been attacked or owned a "game" pitbull or 140 lb bull mastiff(like mine who loved people and appeared to be a big goofy gentle giant, a switch flipped whenever another female dog came around and she became an animal that was frightening-i know, because in breaking up several fights, i was severely bitten-she moved with lightening speed)don't comment on that which you know nothing about-its a sign of stupidity-some dogs,as proven, can kill a mountain lion, young or mature- depends on the dog

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    IGNORANCE , Human Narcissism and GREED … Should be Feared. !!!
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  29. Dave ,just to let you know,You are "humanising" a cat, it is only doing what it is programmed at birth to do! Hunt! It is not your enemy it is an animal! I hate when people make animals into something they are not,they are not malicious and they are not thinking like a human either (thank god) its just being a mountain lion, its not it's fault for this interaction,it is the man being where he should not be! in ITS territory!!!

  30. And im sorry but, if i live in mountain lion country,i am making my dog wear the body armour for dogs issued to police dogs!

  31. This dude's a jerk for staying there to take this fucking video when he should be taking himself and his dog out of harms way. Don't tell me that the video taking didn't consume you as opposed to getting the hell out of there! You fool!!!!

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    I'm glad they are safe but hiking in the cat's natural habitat – you can't fault the cat for trying to eat.

  36. Thats a juvenile cat….best reason to have a dog with you in that situation is so that when a big mature cat comes along youre dog is lunch instead of you

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  39. I have a blue Dutch Shepherd, black Mali hybrid. He squared up to a young probably 100 lb mountain lion. In Santa ynez. My dog was only 11 months old. Nothing happened but he made a sound I had never heard before. He basically told the cat keep moving or we're going to fight. The cat took off. Never seen it again. These dogs are on another level than anything else.

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  43. Is this really a Malinois? I thought all Malinois must be Beige with a black nose?! Are there really fully black Malinois? Or is it a different race? Are there full-colored Beige too then? Without the black nose?

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