My Dog REFUSING To Take His Pills! Then Vs Now Funny Difference!

46 thoughts on “My Dog REFUSING To Take His Pills! Then Vs Now Funny Difference!

  1. suchh adorable . Mine daily entertainment. btw I am an Indian and I love English videos also adorable videos

  2. When I was about 5 we had this golden retriever (RIP boy) and I think he got sick and had to take pills, anyway, I remember we stuffed the pills in hotdogs? Treats? Idk I was 5, anyway, the dog ate them and lasted another year with us.

  3. Just like my Labrador. She finds out the pill in a meetball, and after eating the meet, she spot out the pill ??… Now I know: We will try it with cheese.
    Key ' is sooo cute. I love, how he looks, when he's not sure about something….thank you for all this amazing moments you and Key' sharing with us.
    Greetings, hugs and cuddles from Germany ??

  4. It's funny all the tricks you have to do to get them to take their pills and not just eat what it's wrapped in and spit it out. Love Key's big smile. ❤️

  5. My Harley is a cheeky smart boy, he’s learnt how to eat everything but the pill which he spits out last.

  6. When i first saw this amazing channel i wanted to watch it all day but i forgot to sub so i spent a whole week trying to find it but when i finally did i watch all the videos i missed and i missed a lot love you guys and keep up the amazing work

  7. My husky was the same way….. it got to the point where even if you put the pill in a piece of cheese or in a gob of peanut butter, she would seemingly devour the "treat" only to spit out the cleaned off pill onto the floor a minute later.

  8. Miss Jodie could you do a video of key crunching down on biscuits. I just love it when you can here and see him enjoying the biccies. ??????

  9. Omg key is so adorable and hilarious
    Mom:"you need to eat youre medicine"
    Me:"hell no"
    Mom:*force's me to eat pills*

  10. My parents' cat is so unbelievably hard to get to swallow a pill.
    Mix it in her food: She leaves it and eats the rest around it.
    Wrap it in ham or cheese: she taked it and spits out the pill.
    The vet just opens her mouth, drops the pill in and the cat deals with it.

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