My Dog Reacts to Giant Spider

would you do to it I told you you couldn't bite him 90 kill them Tucker you're just gonna snack on him now not nice to do that what you're just gonna pick the spider up and carry him around yep okay

21 thoughts on “My Dog Reacts to Giant Spider

  1. OK LOOK. This is gonna be a really bad influence to Tucker. At some point in life, if he encounters a real tarantula and acts the same way.. (ik that's too pessimistic, but like, expect the unexpected). ❤ Much love to Tucker!

  2. Tucker's the coolest dog. I have 4 labs and it's funny their mannerisms/facial expressions are so similar to Goldens. Tuckers coat is gorgeous – I just have my labs take turns taking a shower with me and their coat is already a headache to clean good that lab undercoat is like chinchilla fur.

  3. lmaoo the way he runs away with the spider. It called him fat and the next thing you know he wants to keep it?
    ❤️❤️Tucker deserves much treats♥️♥️
    The amount of treats Tucker will get:
    ?. spOOdeR aTtaCk?

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