My Dog Is Aggressive To Groomers

here we go dryer now okay give me kisses it kills me kisses hi can we kiss us oh my goodness are you kidding me kisses really all right you want me to save you from there Oh me to save you from the hair boom I gotta try divorced I can't draw you first just like do I follow driver I got dry you first oh my god are you me kisses kisses give me kisses are you happy are you happy to drive hi honey honey baby boy hi oh my goodness you're such a good boy just to warn you such a good boy a good boy Rhonda me know your bumbum you try your bumbum okay and yes your tire bum Oh hi yeah you did good he did some blood yeah I have to dry all your feets okay okay stay there okay okay how cute he is so she's found me off of youtube mom mom the pet parrot found me off at YouTube and he was recommended by the last mobile groomer to be sedated for grooming so uh-huh isn't it amazing we did a great groom mom did toenail trim with me she held his head he didn't try to bite or anything we were able to do the toenails with I did use just mom and toe knows it okay he didn't like him but he didn't try to bite or do anything like that and then she asked can you can I go into a grooming for him and I because we were playing it by ear and nails were just needed right and I said okay let's just turn this into a groom and so we did a for guard down the body with the 10 blade under the guard and then to guard reverse teddy bear head and I didn't really shave down the muzzle just kind of around the eyes kind of cut that out with scissors eight and a half scissors and I didn't capture it all because it just was rolling so fast but I really was drying him and I he was kissing me and all this stuff and I really had to capture that this was a dog that was referred to go get sedated to get a groom done so I don't know what was going on but we can see it just depends on who's working with the animal and what was going on there's a backstory so I'll tell you that later all right we're gonna blow dry him now so we're gonna blow dry together if he's really hyper for the bull drying I will actually pass on it so we're gonna see how he behaves right now all right so let's get my like my eyeglasses on okay here we go all right here we go we're gonna finish up and we'll finish up together so I did not do a bone drying blow to blow dry I just really wanted to I feel like he's still a little nervous from the past and so I just want to keep it nice and simple although we did do a full haircut okay he did a four guard all over the body okay just try it without did a moment earlier who tries out you know it kind of takes to everything without a muzzle I don't know him and the backstory makes you just want to be careful Oh and this is a leave-in conditioner brush your tail here you see I really might not like it but stand up for me don't get upset don't get mad don't don't get mad at me no no don't get mad don't get mad no no good Lucy Lucy don't argue no no don't argue no let me see good good boy good boy yes good boy yeah see don't get mad I see some pricklies in there no no you kissed me did you can't bring this now did you just kiss me did you just did you just kiss me walking by you kiss my shoulder you gotta read the bottle reminds me have a nice big time man you want to try to get off there you did you offer No No my head is all in the way a lot of this the way it is hey hey stop me okay okay [Applause] you see all righty if you need some of these noisemakers let us know boy they're coming in handy take some pictures huh okay we'll be back with the back story and thanks for watching hey hey you guys okay this is recap on the have a nice that I had groomed and we me and mom had talked on the phone extensively before she had come in and man we talked for like a good hour about some of the stories that we've heard and what she has gone through with her dog so her dog has gone to a couple different places and she says she would never want to go back and the last place that she was going to Haran in Texas just really made her she had been going there quite a bit and then towards the end every time she would take her dogs she noticed like her dog was really showing her those signs of like which is crazy because I've been I've been noticing some dogs don't want to come into the salon right but I am very exposed like you can walk in and say I want to watch and I'm like okay as long as you don't say you're in chitchat with your dog will pretty much be okay and then sometimes we do end up chit-chatting just depends on how the dog is doing right on the table but some dogs are just gonna be like they don't want to go but if it's something like where you can't see what's going on in the back or like if it's just case by case so it's hard to say because one lady I was like if you ever think you know your dogs trying to tell you something right now by all means just sit and stay because I pretty much record most everything I do and not only that you can sit and stay and sit and I ball me you know while I'm grooming your baby to make sure you know you feel safe because if it were me let me tell you about Duke I did not want to put Duke had to be put down and Duke for Duke it's been years now but when I had to put him down he was so sick when it was time for his cremation I didn't trust nobody like I'm here in this industry and I was like I want to sit in of the the cremation machine and I want to watch my Duke being cremated I mean I was like an asshole but this is my baby and I'm willing to pay for it right so it's the same way if you have a client if you're picky like that by all means as long as you're willing to pay for it say it okay and it's and if somebody can't accommodate you then great I would if you were gonna pay for something dude right if you want me if you want to pay me to go buy you some bubblegum I will pay I will take your money and drive and go buy you some bubblegum if you can't go get it yourself so there's a business for everything out there and if you have a requirement that you think most people are not gonna be okay with say what you want say what you will pay and let people bid on it that's how construction works that's how concrete companies work that's how some real-estate companies within construction work matter of fact some cities require if you don't know all this you don't know business and that's okay but just don't judge what you don't know so if you work for the city they have to go through these bidding contracts contract bidding wars to get things done like building the highway so why is it that we can't take that wherever we go it's called negotiation and you can take it anywhere so you can go up to this realtor that realtor and me and say look I'm willing to pay this for you to do this or I want to pay extra and I want you to stage the my house so here in the grooming world why can't you walk into a grooming facility and say look I want you to groom my dog by himself in one or one hour maybe an hour and a half you know let's be realistic one to one hour and a half and I'm gonna sit in your Lobby and wait what do you want I'll pay you $150 to do that or what would you take for it to do that or I'll meet you here at 7 p.m. to get my dog done at 1:00 for one hour like don't be afraid to ask for those things okay so this client says like I said me if you don't watch our video you're gonna miss some stuff this client says she has been going to the same groomer she tried another groomer and then one time they nicked three times they nicked the dog three times down the tummy okay and didn't tell her I think what really hits people that have come to me and told me their story is the they didn't tell me factor so on my form and if you want my form go to my favorite rumor calm hover over shop go to the business services area it's expensive I've spent lots of years developing the form for check-in and then when you buy the form you get a video on how to talk to the client so this is real okay if you don't have a safety form a health form a form for your client then you're not keeping track of what you're doing and I really think that you need to get you organized okay so get your together because if you don't have I personally hate going to my barber and being like do you not remember the last cut we did it was just like a month ago so if you don't write it down and sometimes you know what your barber is not gonna write it down so right you write down the haircut you did last time so you can tell her well we did a one guard and you know and know what your haircut is okay but personally I would prefer to that's why with Widow it came down to the Yorkie and we had to do her face again and again and I was like dude I write it down every time there's no reason for me not to have this down for this haircut I I have been grooming this dog for four years or more every time you come in if you tell me something different it's never gonna be the same cut a little less today didi cut a little more leave it a little longer don't touch it at all that's all it's just messy so why can't it be the exact same thing every time so we'll never get it right if it's always just to just a tiny more than last time you know I'm saying okay totally off track here so she found me um through YouTube okay so have a nice mom found me through YouTube she would really loved the fact that she felt like she could be done in an hour with the pet grooming and she would have to wait all day she lots of people not everybody but lots of people know that I'm just straight up with you right I'm straight up with you YouTube folks and if you don't like it if you don't like how I am that you don't have to watch right it's just real and honest and it's like wow there's a cut there yep there's a cut there you know oh he bit my Clippers well he bit my Clippers so it just depends on what you want in your life do you want somebody the hey everything's good everything's not good okay the dog tried to bite somebody so you're gonna get real I'm not gonna hold a grudge with you I'm not gonna get mad at you I'm going to tell you I'm gonna educate you and then you can take that however you want to take it it's not for everybody but a lot of people watching my video and know if I call Dede she's gonna be real with me and I really am I won't let you take advantage of me at least David won't David will be like Dede you give too much already stop you know but I am gonna tell you how it is and if you don't like that then we're not on the same page and that's okay there's a billion other people that you can talk to and call and that's the thing it's trying to call your other groomers and find out the same thing will they give you the same advice of the same way we're all different and we all make the world go round so we all bring something to the plate that he and she don't bring okay so we're all different in our own ways she has but she basically tired of going to other groomers and her dog is kind of aggressive or something happened that got him really irritated okay so now we have to go backwards because we have to fix kind of why and what and so I really wasn't gonna video record it cuz I was busy and I don't record everything up for YouTube because I'm so busy y'all just don't know some of you guys do if I sent you free stuff if I helped you along the way all the over 35 emails a day a phone calls I've taken I spend an hour with you on the phone I have given you guys a lot of my time all over the board and you know who you are okay but I don't have time to do everything that I want to do we just don't we don't you have time has been with family as much as we want to so it just goes to show like works definitely come first however she said Dede you know I'm not sure what to do he hasn't been groomed in a while I have been refraining to take him anywhere cuz I don't trust anybody now I found you on YouTube and I actually want to give you a try can you help us and I said yes I can and I didn't record the very beginning and when we came to I took the muzzle off right because you never trust if a dog comes in aggressive with aggressive issues I honestly don't trust them 100% and I will never trust them 100% because it could be just a minute and it's a bite on my hand who cares he bit my hand it's what it does to my hand it's what it does what the CDs gonna do to that dog providing me it's those things that you try to I know you I know your bite might not hurt as bad as that but what the city might put your dog down because he's not vaccinated or the I require vaccinations so but that's different okay so just kind of what how it goes so the city could get involved things could happen so you just try as a groomer to not let that go that route okay so if it has to mean that I have a muzzle on him and I don't trust him forever great but I'm just gonna go with what I feel me and that dog or feeling at the time and most of the time my gut feeling is right right on and I'm like thank gosh you know the other day I did and I was like oh I was like I'm getting a puzzle right now you know I was like oh I was gonna trust you you know so thank goodness for praise God for protecting me when it could be really really bad situation so I had him with the muzzle we did everything together did it groom in and everything I was like okay you know if you know Congress so kind of aggressive is showing any signs that he would correct me and biting with his teeth that's aggression I don't care if his eye hurt I don't care was like her I don't care if your dog's gonna correct me with his mouth and his teeth that is aggressive okay if you are gonna correct me with your mouth and your teeth cuz all dogs don't do that all right so we go to the bath and I take off them uh so cuz bath time is different bath times not a lot of handling and not a lot of you know grooming and clippers and all this stuff going on and he was so sweet you kissing my mask and stuff and I was like dude I'm recording this okay so that way we could see they look back at and have proof of that first visit being pretty decent right and having the opportunity to be a good dog so after the groom and everything and we talked more she just really reminded me you know it had been a while from agreeing she had been to several groomers she had been to one the last room were quite often and then basically was like okay you have to sedate him now so that's where she was gonna go she was gonna go into like have to go to sedation so look at where we're at I think we did great I think the groom did a pretty decent and that we don't have to go sedation route we just needed that one-on-one and we needed to get done quicker than just get done quicker if possible so that the dog doesn't have all this other stuff at high anxiety all these other things happening alright thanks for watching t do with my favorite groom on YouTube be sure to pick up your apparel support our company wear our shirts around town and shopping and stuff and be like yes I support my favorite groomer I would I would love that I know David would love it so go to my favorite groomer coms hover over the shop section go down to grooming apparel if you are actually trying to order and you don't get it go to the YouTube where you found me and type in my favorite groomer navigate and then you can navigate the YouTube channel like that and you can navigate watch the video to navigate the YouTube channel and navigate the online store it'll really help because what you look at on a different one from one device to another it looks different so the your your and on your cell phone your website is on the cell phone it all looks different just take your time and do a lot more scrolling yeah it's there it's just you got a scroll okay so it just depends on the device you're using make sure you shop with us that's how you support us if there's anything you're getting whether it's a table a dryer or anything all you have to do is say dee dee if you don't carry it can you give me an affiliate link because I can I'm a business and that's how we make money is by referring and you guys shopping with me when you guys watch my videos and you learn so much stuff for free except for your time in my time you know you don't pay me directly anything for education right so if you're using our videos to groom your dog please support us that means buying something from us that helps us stay here because we we don't have to be here and we want to be here and yeah hopefully we don't go away so definitely support us at my favorite groomer comm slash shop and if you have any questions you know how to find me go to that same website my favorite groomer comm and go to the contact us now send me an email there okay thanks for shopping and thanks for being here I love you guys so much I appreciate you I would not want to do this if those positive people out there that love what I do with or without animals in your life or if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be here so thank you so much I appreciate you bye

41 thoughts on “My Dog Is Aggressive To Groomers

  1. So nice to hear you praising God so naturally. Very real. The dog was shockingly sweet to be labeled aggressive. I think he loved you.

  2. I'm not going to lie, I had made a comment on one of your earlier videos that "all you do is shave…" But now I see the intent of your grooming….. And I really appreciate you. I'm sorry for judging so quickly

  3. You rock Dede! Good recommendations. It’s called “cover your butt”. Record keeping and now videography! Everyone stays informed, is the best way.❤️

  4. That baby has absolutely no aggression ,It is all in the groomer!! Dede you rock,and I love your hair like that!! jmo

  5. Sedation? ? I mean really? I haven’t watched the whole thing but watching you brush the tail, he was so good! My dog hates her legs, tail, and behind being brushed ?

  6. That dog seemed to be very sweet. Just curious why the tail was left so long? It will drag on the ground and get dirty.

  7. Dede, why don't you put leave in conditioner all over the body? Like in this instance, you put it only on his left side and around part of the face.

  8. 1st your haircut is SO fly! 2nd He is so cute after is grooming session. 3rd. I LOVE your channel! I wish you could come to Cleveland and help me with my water fearful 14 year old Akita

  9. Random question for Dede but I’ve been looking at the LX-1000 Dryer/Blaster. Are these any good or a waste of money?

  10. Hahahaaaa he moved his left arm out the way of the clippers, smart doggie. That other groomer must've been horrid!

  11. That noise maker makes no sense. It’s just annoying. He clearly was annoyed by it. Why not some soothing sounds. Like some kind of music

  12. Of course I didn’t see the first part of this groom since it started with the bath but who ever said this dog needed sedation to be groomed obviously did not know what they were doing! He was a little nervous with some things but I sure didn’t see anything aggressive that would call for sedation! Nice job Dede!

  13. My dogs nails are so over grown, they will not let anyone touch their feet, but me. I have no clue how to trim nails, please do a video on big and small dog nail clipping.

  14. Totally has Havanese I'm his blood. So pretty, I have one but my guy is smaller… You're groom on him is totally beautiful…

  15. Looks like a sweet dog from what you showed, didn’t seem stressed at all. It will be interesting to see how he is when he comes back. Love your haircut.

  16. He may lick you to death lol. Aggressive my foot. I think the other groomer had to have done something.

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