so it's Halloween and Bella was in labor and we thought she needed a c-section but on the way to the emergency Miami after-hours emergency use video intercom hi my dog is giving birth right now come on in thank you hello second floor lobby are you kidding they told us that she needed a c-section and she pull on just shit one of the babies out sinners yeah she's downstairs me apart I'm very excited oh my god I cannot believe she's giving birth oh thank you can we do an outfit of the day okay Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader pregnancy edition okay back to Bella yeah like two days ago right up there on the yellow Mustang yeah yeah she's right there baby shut up is it really only one came out oh but she's still like oh you're such a good bobbing baby could I see sweetie oh my aching in yeah look the dogs moving tried to play the dip oh look Bella you're a mother baby say hi to your breath outfit your father okay that's good okay she has one ow okay you guys okay thank you bye Bella I love you I'm scared I'm wet yeah oh my god from her that's literally my money Joe and I had a towel and everything it's 11:11 and I wish that I was okay so we're back at the hospital Bella had her little tonight stay here and she had four puppies how do you feel I cannot believe for puppy she pushed them all out of her on her own no c-section insane I think I want to name one pumpkin because they were born on Halloween and one named maybe princess those you should be all names even if they're boys ah no honey no it's 75 free mutt favorite hood it's only four letters for mud pizza that's five letters how did you get the dog they came out of me this one wait so – boy zeros which ones are boys initially yeah boys are both the brown ones yeah oh yeah and that's their little penis right there oh look at those they sound like little birds and how many days or weeks until they open their eyes yeah so I have a bunch of good documentary oh they're all leaning on each other like nutritional needs for the nursing called her bitch that's what vo those are going you did so good you did so she's so active now how's it feel to be a mother huh babies you look your babies they're so shiny what good job out I love you good job honey so this is definitely gonna be a Halloween I will remember for the rest of my life I hope you guys enjoyed this video and until we all see you next time say bye to babies if you guys have any name ideas for the puppies let me know and until I see you guys next time stay gorgeous you

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