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(upbeat music) – Next. Checking in? – You know it. – Go ahead and place any bags
or pets on the scale please. – No problem. (screeching) – I can not allow that
animal to board the plane. – Oh, no, no, no, it’s okay, it’s okay. She’s a service animal. – She’s a dinosaur. – I mean, he needs her
for emotional support. (thumping) – No.
– Yes, please. We’re not just one of
those bogus a-hole couples. I get anxiety and I need
her to calm me down. – A word, ’cause I’m getting
anxiety just standing here. (screeching) – Shh. I was with at birth. And I’ve been separated from her one time and I will not let that happen again. – He wouldn’t have the courage
to talk to you right now if she weren’t here. – Exactly. – He’s the most cowardly
man you’ve ever seen. – Well.
– It’s so unattractive. – Okay, that’s really helping. Listen, I didn’t wanna do this, but I read the bylaws and
there’s no specific rules stating that I can’t have
a dinosaur on your plane. So, load her up.
(screeching) – It could kill everyone on board. – Name one person who
was killed by a dinosaur. – What about at that park they
keep having to close down? – What park? – We don’t know what you’re talking about. – Look, I wanna help you,
but I have to at least know that you have some
control over the animal. – You wanna see control? I’ll show you control. – She’s highly trained. Watch. (screeching) – No, that’s wrong. That’s just, she’s super submissive. – Oh really? – Oh yeah.
– Yeah. – Sit. (screeching) – Come on, you have to say with authority. Watch. Blue, go full beast mode. (screeching) – Very good, honey. Blue, eat your pole. Huh? – You’re just saying
things she’s already doing. – Blue, stay! See, she’s understand. – She’s in a kennel, where’s she — (screeching) Oh no! – Here we go. – Can I speak with your supervisor? – Hi, I’m Raphael from CollegeHumor. Click here to subscribe. Click here for more fun stuff. And if you could just click here, it would really satisfy my OCD. (sighs) Thanks a lot, that really hit the spot.

100 thoughts on “My Dinosaur Is a Service Animal (with Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard!) | CH Shorts

  1. The movie that YouTube is connecting this sketch to is Lego Jurassic World: The Indominus Escape.

    Great job, YouTube.

  2. As someone with anxiety and has certain things that calm me down during a panic attack, I fully support his need for an emotional support raptor! How do you know he's not an anxious flyer? Let the man have his Blue!

  3. As someone with a service dog who goes on a plan a lot with my dog. This is some funny shit! Sometimes it feels like I'm traveling with a dinosaur because of the looks I get!

  4. Did they ACTUALLY get the people from the movie to do this video

    Or are the actors/voices EXTREAMLY GOOD

  5. Anyone else notice that the name of the airline's name is ICARUS Airlines and that its motto is "Always fly higher"?

  6. Yes,Absolutely Beautiful!?❤️? Thats me,Exactly what I would tell them.Claire:He’s the most Cowardly man you’ve ever seen,So unattractive”
    Me:Nice one Claire!?

  7. Ahh yes. two days after the 7 minute preview for Fallen Kingdom & 25 anniversary @ Universal Studios riding my last ride in Jurassic Park before converting it to Jurassic World. & Jeff Goldblum says hi showing the audience that marvelous chest of his 😛

  8. I mean, I'm all for the awesome trilogy and all, I loved the previous two movies, but this is the ending for the first movie I'd take any day. LOL!

  9. Bringing a dino on board a plane does not follow logic. Dinosaurs don't live to fly, he lives to hunt. You can't store in a cargo hold 65 million years of gut instinct!

  10. Sometimes I wonder how are these comedy channels financed. Was a little surprised that Collegehumor could afford getting Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard into their sketches.

  11. I think I would rather have a velociraptor, deinonychus hybrids are a bit big. Plus if they act similar to their cousins they could be decent pets. Compsognathus would be pretty cute as well. Of course I would want them Engen hybridized for featherless, look cooler that way.

  12. Isnt she… I mean… Am I the only one finding strange she didn't rate the interaction with the airport staff?

  13. My emotional support animal is a tarantula. Sure, it gives everyone else anxiety, but it keeps me calm.. and I am the most important person in the world, so….

  14. They should have just said, "look, we'll open the cage so you see she's friendly" he would have let them on the plane quickly just to save himself.

  15. I don't find this funny at all. My daughter has a service cat. It is equally as vicious as blue. Seriously evil cat.

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