My Cats Review The Bubble Backpack

Hi, I’m Anna Akana, and I have 4 cats, and I love to spoil them. I bought them these expensive felt things that they never use This intricate wall playground system that they sometimes sleep on but don’t really appreciate And for Christmas I decided to get them this Outdoor Space Bubble Cat backpack thing All my cats love going outside so I figured, let’s do it the right way, and make you look like a catstronaut Like my leggings which are available at, quick plug for myself So, let’s have Congress go first cause he’s in a little sweater Are you ready to go to space? You ready to go to space? You ready to go to space? You ready to go to space? Ok. Look you can see out the window Alright, let’s see how they like it Ready? Here we are It’s the outside world! -car noises- Success! Look at him like bob up and down I’m trying to like walk super smooth for him Hey guys! I feel like Congo’s the only one who’s gonna like it cause he like is too mentally challenged to know any better Yay! Good job Alright, next cat Hi Jimbo Oh Jimbo not gonna like it I already know He’s so fickle Are we ready? Ok ok I’m a little bit scared Oh he hates it already! He hates it so much Oh no I don’t even wanna go all the way out, he doesn’t like it We should go back we should go back He don’t like it He don’t like it Ok ok we go inside Aw, we go inside we go inside Hold on Jim Well, one for two He’s gonna be so mad See you’re fine You’re fine dude Number three Alright I don’t care what’s out there Aw she don’t like it either Oh she hate it She don’t like it Oh ok let’s go back in Go ahead Go ahead And now, finally, Lily I have a feeling she not gonna like it She might be hiding under the bed actually (Camara man): This is such a weird video Why? (Camera man): Where you’re just testing out if your cats like things and you have a feeling that they’re not gonna like things Well she’s hiding under the bed Cause she knows that she’s last Lily Oh dude she’s not coming out (Camara man): Should of done her first I know fuck she knows what’s up now (Camera guy): You wanna lure her out with some food? Ah, we’ll try, how’s that? Kitty Lily Everyone who went in the backpack gets a treat Lily She too smart Hey Lily, don’t you want some food? Hey Lily look She’s too smart It’s for you No that’s not for you Jimmy! Lily’s too smart for that shit so we’re gonna have to just cut and wait for her to come out to continue the experiment Ok we finally got her out of her area, and now she’s gonna hate me for a long time I know You’re so good Hey There you go Last kitty Alright let’s take her out and see if she likes it Ooh look it’s another world Does she like it? No she doesn’t Look Look dude Cool (Camera guy): She’s just hiding now, she’s just hiding Did you like your journey outside? No she don’t And that concludes Their Christmas present Um, overall I would say that, uh, it was an ok investment If I have to take them to the vet, maybe I’ll do this instead of a carrier Hey (Camera guy): Minion! Minion boy (Camera guy): Congo you’re a minion For anyone who’s concerned, this whole thing is mesh, and there are breathing holes

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  1. We got one called "The Fat Cat" on Amazon. It's got the bubble, but holds more weight (up to 19.8lbs), and the cats can hang out the top (there's a little leash attachment) –

  2. I love how she reacts when her second cat starts to meow and and her dimples are gorgeous…. Ma Heart is melting here ?

  3. you are wearing a crop top and legging…and you made congress wear a sweater over his thick furry coat!!!!
    and then packed him in this back pack!! poor congress…cant speak for himself.

  4. Can you please link me to the intricate wall play ground that you have? We have a cat that hopefully would love it! Thank you very much!!

  5. I one time went on a 5 and a half mile hike, and when I reached the summit, there was a woman with one of those backpacks with her cat in it. That meant that for 5 and a half miles she had her cat on her back, in the hot sun. I have never admired someone so much.

  6. Replace the suffocating window with a screen so they can smell the outdoors. Maybe they'll like it more. I doubt it though

  7. No wonder cats don't play on the wall. No fun! No fluffy, moving stuff and the shelves are hard and dark.
    The cat bag is simply too small. Bags are flexible and choke the cat as they adjust to OUR body.

  8. I don't think it was very cool when you said "too mentally challenged to even know better". I love your videos and I think your cats are cute, it's just that particular comment really struck me and stood out because I have family with cognitive impairments. Unfortunately, that's sort of the way they're treated.

  9. Congress was just chilling and enjoying the ride. The other cats might need to get used to it. And Jimmy and Abby weren't necessarily showing displeasure they may have just been singing you the song of their people because of their joy. You don't necessarily know. But yeah, the cats weren't necessarily thrilled but if you take them somewhere cool in the thing, they might dig it. who knows? Cool cat carrier though but I will likely stick with the ones I have already because they seem to work fine. 🙂

  10. Just came across your vids Anna and this was hilarious! My cats HATE the idea of being confined to experience the outside world but would willingly run away from me the second they are alone in the backyard. Thanks for sharing your experience ?

  11. can afford fancy house and cats, can't afford a decent set of cloths, still wearing her toddler tshirt

  12. I’ve got a cat who would love this honestly, she likes being in enclosed spaces and when she was a kitten she used to curl up in my hood to just chill as I went around the house. She’s like 17 now and is the very grumpy grandmother figure to my other cats but I think I may need to try this to see if she feels any better in this as opposed to my other cat carriers

  13. I feel like the backpack is similar to baths and cat walking. You gotta get them comfortable with it at a young age. That way it is familiar and they learn to be comfortable inside there, and I personally don’t think it should be a transportation to the vet, because they will be even more distressed in there if they suspect that they are being taken to a place that is uncomfortable for them.

  14. Best way to get them to like it if they don’t is to give them treats in it with and get them to want to go in/around it with it open and in your house. Letting them go in and out of them whenever they want. It’s all about assurance for cats.

  15. C'mon , you're torturing animals! Do you wanna live in such a small space?? If somebody put you in a small bag and cover your head, how would you feel? I think this is a criminal toward animals!

  16. Actually if your calling your baby mentally challenged it is abusive, mb you should take a look in the mirror….

  17. Lily looks just like my cat Lol I wanted her to like it so bad so I can purchase it but she doesn’t so I’m not buying it ??

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