my cats hate me

I'll give you temptations I got food for you buddy yeah ha ha yeah I got you out of there going on case recently Kim Seok Jin of BTS did a song and it was a beautiful beautiful song that brought me the tears about his pets and so I thought it would be fun to do a little video today getting to know my pets I have four cats a lot of you guys know that if you didn't know that I do I have four cats I live in this apartment alone as a human but not really alone because there's four amazing cat amazing is it is a stretch for one of them oh they're all amazing cuz they're cats and I love cats to death go vegan by the way did you know I have merch on sale new merch on sale I actually draw more tomorrow anyway let's get to know my beautiful cats I have are never gonna tell you I'll just bring them in one by one here's the thing they don't love being held pinball loves being out pinball pinball pinball pinball is my best friend I can't say all this I want to say all this when he's here in front of me you know what I mean but I've had pinball forever he can be held Marceline she's a ha she's a fucking ho I'm gonna she's a bitch she but she can be held so you can be that she could be the sweetest bitch you'll ever meet Sammi Sweetheart sweetest bitch you'll ever meet but then she could be terrible so Winston does not like being up Leo is just physically too heavy to hold but I'm gonna bring them in one by one and then we'll see we'll see how it goes I'm gonna try to speak about them for for a little bit each one give you a little give you a little profile it's like if it was a dating site I'll just give you the pros and cons mostly pros for all I'll just I'll just show you how cute they are and how beautiful they are I just wanted to appreciate this is more for the cats than you or me I just want there to be a video out there of me appreciating them so they can watch when I made a song I'm making a video so let me go grab pinball first cuz I know that's gonna go the smoothest because we're best friends so BRB alright okay looking at the camera you like the scratches yes you do okay this is pinball this is pic this is pinball okay pin you gotta stay here where this is you're not listening look for me we're best friends you're supposed to chill this is PIM Bob he's my best friend there's hair this is pinball he's my best did you poop on me pin you gotta stay here this is for a video this is pinball he's my best friend in the whole world he's 16 and a half years old his birthday is in December December 22nd he's the love of my life he's the cuddly SMO Stren the most beautiful wonderful cat in the whole wide world I've had him since I was nine I literally hope I die before him I can't I won't be able to he's not dying that's just facts you can't die he's immortal oh shut up you're fine he's being really sassy right now oh my god why are you being like this in front look you know the cameras on you do you know the cameras on you just relax would you I'm trying to make this video right now and you're not being cooperative is that a word I love you you got cookies in your eye I'm not at Winston Wednesday this isn't your time this isn't your time slot dude you're early oh you're bothering pinball – he doesn't like his foot sniffed you're not this isn't your time you were third get out of here all right pin balls really hating his life right now pinball used to always escape through the back screen door he's probably escaped over 20 times and every time I feared he would never come back and he would die can you relax but every time he came back oh my god but I love you you know when you have that one one pet that's like you're just your best friend in the world I don't know if you have that that's pinball he's my best friend we've been together forever Oh Winston just walked up the pinball and swatted him in the face I wish I could on-camera seems like a good thing I should have gone on camera after this I was gonna record them for a bit you know followed them around but right now we're just gonna do a one one-on-one segment with each of them Winston's right here wait don't you dare go anywhere moving on to Winston cuz Winston decided to come up here didn't he you came up here you're the one who wanted this Winston hates being held I'm surprised we've lasted 10 seconds already Winston is two and a half years old heard maybe three years it's one of the two he was originally my mother's cat but then my mom moved back in with us and then then I moved to here and I took Winston and he's wonderful and he hates being held one cute thing about Winston is before he falls asleep he can't fall asleep unless he's sucking his thumb he has to be sucking the Ehrlich his paw do paws have thumbs do a thumb so before he sleeps he has to be sucking on his paw like a fucking baby with their binky just stay you're good you're fine you're doing great you're great only only like one more minute only one more minute I have a couple stories to tell them about you another great thing about Winston is he loves chasing shadows on the wall I'll try to go in the other room I'll try to make a shadow and he loves just chasing shadows on the wall he's the most playful cat of the bunch he's a little spunky guy isn't he I'm sorry I didn't mean to yell oh this video just makes it look like my cats hate me I promise they love me tell them how you love me hey future Kim when you edit that make sure you make it sound like he says I love you thanks pal no problem Kim video has not gone the way I planned it to I plan to tell fun stories about the cats and how much I love them while they sat there and enjoyed the compliments and gave me love so far it seems to be that my cats hate me even though I feed them every day clean up your poop I clean up your pee up when you puke I clean up your poop when you poop on the couch I clean up your poop when you poop in the shower I give you unlimited pets I give you so many temptation I die let's try and find Marceline like the Queen she is she's the only girl in the house Marsten we gotta lift you up a bit so the in camera lifts you up a tiny bit Marceline she'll lift you just stay on the pillow stay on the pillow there's Marceline just stay on the pillow just just want chatting okay just stay on the pillow Marceline stay on the pillow Marceline just stay on the pill stay on the pillow Marceline Martha could you stay on the pillow Marcy just stay on the pillow Marcy just stay on the pillow stay on the pillow I'm talking Marcy just No here we have Marceline Marceline is a little older than 1 years old she's a baby baby girl she's very mean a lot of the times I think it's because she's the only woman in the household you know for guys including me and one woman so she has to stay strong I got it woman power but sometimes she'll walk up to one of the and she'll hit them in the face and then she'll bite them in the knee and then she'll walk over to me and try to scratch my throat and it's not like mine it's not a great thing it's not a great thing it's and she looks like a fucking demon look look at her can you just calm she's actually been the best for being held I'm pretty sure she's hating her life right now but at least she's staying with me but she's so cuddly she's very sweet she's so so cuddly when she wants to be cuddly then she's fantastic her great side is so great she's literally like two-faced in the flesh or should I say in the fur can you just stay like 30 more seconds okay I I don't know what to say maybe they hate me we're over simply struck out here I'm over 3 I'm just sitting you're trying to tell you guys how much I fucking love my cats and they come up here and they it's bait they're doing just talking shit about me I know you guys can't speak but they're essentially coming on camera and just talking mad shit I said I wasn't gonna make a song about my cats but I might have to make a diss track Winston's just sitting here watching me Winston Winston would you look at this huh would you look at this Leo how much was to get you from up there Leo's had a little nap up there I seriously don't know how he even fits up there he's the fattest cat I've ever seen in my life it's up dickhead how you doing after you completely embarrassed me out there using my remote as a chin rest after you went up there and talked shit about me pimba after you talk shit about me huh put in perspective yeah that's that's Leo up there and he's thinking I had to go from the counter to the fridge and then up there Leo gonna come down quick daddy's got to do something let me come down let me come down here I need it oh those a cutest shit ever dude I bet you you're everyone's favorite so far cuz everyone else is very mean to me oh you're fucking having such a cute little nap Leo Leo come down Leo please leo I'll give you temptations I got food for you buddy yeah ah yeah I got you out of there you open the freezer you lunatic what are you doing well I guess I'm giving everyone temptations now this is something I was going to show you guys anyway cats this is little temptations are drugs for cats I want to know what exactly is in here their products have a look at the ingredients but cats are fucking like cats go bananas for this shit whoa we just hit a Leo in the face what it Winston it's the second fucking person you've hit in the face today we're all a little antsy right now I get it we all want our temptations oh my god you have no patience I'm gonna I'm gonna make you guys wait for 30 seconds I'm gonna make make you guys wait for 30 seconds for these temptations teach you patience none of you guys you guys are all so spoiled I give you temptations every day you just expect it you guys know you guys gotta learn some respect Oh Winston oh my counter is so dirty I'm sorry about mine sorry about how messy my apartment is trying to buy a house right now so I'm not really caring about this apartment so there's four piles that pile is leo's it's the biggest he's fattest so he gets the most food I don't know what my logic is there that's pinball he gets also the most food cuz I love him the most that's Marceline and that's when since Winston eats very slow and then Marceline doesn't eat much food so ah there you go there's Leo's food that's Leo's there's Winston's food there you go Winston there's Marceline's food there you go Marceline last but not least you are by being bratty as I'm giving you the food look at the mall feasting I have Leo on diet food don't worry I'm not trying to kill him he literally eats diet food but the problem is even if it's diet food he eats so much of it doesn't matter if the Foods diet if you're eating all of it and you're not gonna get any skinnier all right here's Leo Leo please just cooperate me Leo Leo Leo really hates being held Oh Leo why guess we're just chasing after Leo all right well Leo we're gonna have to do your profile just right here Marcin what are you doing you good she's hiding under the bed Winston's hiding under the table I'm not here to hurt you guys all right so Leo we don't know how old he is I got him from the Humane Society about four months ago it was a lot like three months ago I think I did a video on the channel was like I got a new cat I've always wanted five cats this is my fourth one but when I move into a house I'll be able to get five because then four four is a lot for an apartment okay these guys fucking go crazy leo no no no no no no no Leo Leo leo no why does this happen to me why does this happen to me what what did I do wrong okay I'll give you guys so much love can we see Leo there is I'm gonna keep doing your profile there we finally I found Leo with the Humane Society I fell in love with him right away he was this big chunky beautiful guy Leo just stay there dude okay the Humane Society said they don't know how old he is they have no clue so he could be fucking three years old he could be 13 years old I have no idea Leo how old are you thanks dude why do you look so scared dude I I just tried to hold you once so I tried to kill you guys everyone's just getting all fucked up cuz I tried to hold them look okay Leo is those big fucking eyes i fucking love him that's why I fell in love them one problem that Leo has though is he always likes to poop on the fucking couch isn't that right Leo he poops and pees all over the couch I've had to clean my coach countless times because Leo poops on it or pees on it while I'm asleep I've tried locking him in my YouTube room for like weeks at a time just with a litter box and he does well he knows how to use the litter box he knows how to use it but he loves pooping on the couch even more come on give anything to say boom I'll tell them how we're best friends and you love me boom I'll jump on the couch if you love me all right that's a bad fuck Winston who are you hiding from look at him give me kisses he loves me so much look my loves me might he be licking off the temptations residue off my fingers I don't think so I think he just loves me and wants to give me kisses don't you think Winston Winston wait was it Jason come on jump yeah Winston come get the shadow Marceline nicely Marceline wants the shadows too Marceline I love you and I think you're beautiful and wonderful and so amazing even if you scratch at me and even if you try to beat up the other guys in the house even if you make this weird demon face when you get upset I still love you in pinball you're my best friend in the whole world and I love you so much and I would rather be dead than live without you you're not even listening great always new I'll come on the fridge Winston I know what you love the fridge why not are you doing the things that I you do when the cameras on are y'all camera shy he comes up on the fridge don't you love the fridge Winston look at this cute boy look at this cute what the fuck was that Winston I Love You Winston you're so playful and wonderful and cute and you bring so much joy in my life and you make me so happy and you're always so funny the way you're chasing shadows or the way you're knocking all my glasses onto the floor so that the glasses break and then and then I step on them with my foot and I start bleeding out of my foot cuz you knock down the glass I love when you do that but most of all I love when you scratch your head on the freezer door it is my favorite look how cute little Marceline is oh my god make this two thumbnail Marceline okay that's how beautiful you are without a little bass on the frame john lastly i'm gonna say goodbye Thalia leo are you in here my son Leo my friend I've known you okay it's going in out of focus Leo my friend I've known you for the least amount of time but I've learned to love you the mom that's not sure I love people the most even though you poop on my couch and pee on it and it takes a lot of effort to clean the PM poop out I've spent lots of money on cleaning the couch I spend lots of money on that couch I'll probably have to throw it out eventually because of all the times you've pooped in peed on it regardless of that I still love you so much and not just because you're thick I do love you because you're thick it's a little I mean it I think it's a good amount of thick I don't want to call you fat no okay you know it's a good amount of thick I appreciate how cuddly you are he's so cuddly even if you absolutely despise being held you the cuddly sweetest biggest boy and you deserve all the love in the world and I will love you until the end of my days and even then I'll be loving you up in heaven you too Winston and you too pinball and you too Case Squad thanks for watching I don't know what this video was mostly just me getting yelled at by my cats me begging them to love me but either way I hope you enjoyed it really was a mess of a video just me chasing around the cat's I don't know I hope you had some sort of enjoyment out of it at the very least you got to look at cute cat after having a look at this everyday maybe the reason they were being fussy with me is because they they thought I had a mouse on my shirt no ok the mustache is beautiful I will not compare it to that of a creature anyway hope you enjoyed I want to do more like you know I always try to do blah I mean hearing their idea blogs not very often but when I do blogs I'll make sure to include the cats because they are far more interesting than I am but I love you hope you're having a beautiful day and have a wonderful day and go get a cat from the Humane Society go do it it's they bring so much joy in my life I know I was messing around with them I know they were messing around me but I fucking love them and I would be so lost without my sweet sweet felines any sort of pet any you know get a dog anything it's just it's great to have a pet they always need homes and you know it's great and I just love animals most especially house cats anyway love you bye that shit try to give it in yeah I gotta kill it all day tight fit for tripping on these stress not again yeah yeah hang on this no that's out there where now my

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  1. they hate me but i love them





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  2. Can has got me going down memory lane about my baby kookie. She would have been three this year, if they didn't killed my cat…. I would be snuggling her and showing her this video

  3. I freaking love cats. I love them a lot. I had a cat I named kookie. I raised her and she was very photogenic. She loved posing for the camera. But sadly my child died. I was distraught and until this day I'm still having cat fever but my father won't let me have a cat. I just want a cuddly fur ball to love man


    you just love cats :3
    so lil meow meow got your attention!


  6. Unless Leo isnt potty trained, he is super young bc my cat didnt learn to stop doing the same thing till he got older

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