My Basic Gerbil Care Set Up

Hi and welcome back to Creative Pet
Keeping. I’m going to show you my Gerbil set up this is a ten-gallon long tank
that is filled with aspen and the top is a reptile cage top that is very solid
keeps my cats out and is easily accessible also at the top i have attached the
wheel so it doesn’t get in the way and won’t
get knocked off but they can also run it it is a solid wheel therefore they can’t
get their tail cought and can’t get hurt i’m using a glass water bottle so they
can’t chew through it because i use a plastic one and they did and it leaked
everywhere and other random pieces of wood or wood products that i buy from
the store that are for mice or gerbils or hamsters they can chew
through and it’s very safe because i’m not a big fan of plastic products
because i don’t like the idea of gerbils ingesting plastic. Now to introduce my
gerbils this is yuki she’s my white gerbil
female and i believe the term for her color would umm himalayan and I think.. and she also has a buddy and her name is
Pysia she’s the one in the back she is mostly all black with white paws
and she’s like a little white tie on her chest she’s very cute It is good to have more
than one gerbil because they’re very social will groom each other play with
each other and also sleep with each other they are also very energetic and
should be provided a wheel to run around and to burn off their energy so they don’t
get fat. it is very important to provide your gerbils with something to chew on because like most rodents their teeth
will continue to grow throughout their entire life and if they don’t wear their
teeth down by chewing on things their teeth will grow too long and they
will be unable to eat and will starve to death so it is very important plus they I’m seemed to really enjoy
doing it too I just give them some timothy hay is for my piggies coz they can chew on that I give them cardboard edible tunnels
that i buy at the store and just plain wood products for them to chew on it is also
very important to provide some variety in their life by moving things around now I film this right after i stacked
all the wood on top of each other and as you can see they’re very curious we’re exploring and climbing as gerbils
are very athletic and are very good at climbing and I tried to fully change
the insides of the tank twice a week and every day i’ll move certain things
around because it gives them a variety it keeps them more active and it’s very fun to
see them explore and play and get excited when things change around in
their habitat here is just another simple example of how you can change
things around for your gerbil to give them some variety in their life this time i took some things up and went
for the minimalist approach another interesting thing is i
provide the gerbils with Chinchilla Sand and but not Chinchilla Dust because the dust is a little too fine so I buy the sand they’ll roll around in it because it is
natural behavior that they would do in the desert and the sand would absorb
oils from their fur and that is how they stay clean afterwards there are fur is
very soft and it’s not that oily and greasy and they very much enjoyed doing
this so they get to do it once a week and it’s also just a way to enrich their
life a little bit On a side note I would like to mention that the sand does go
away or gets absorbed and so you have to worry about your gerbil looking dusty or
feel like how are they cleaning themselves it they look really dusty well that’s not
really a problem it’s actually very funny because as you can see with Pysia she was she rolls around she actually
turns white temporarily but she really loves it while gerbils are generally awake during
the day because they are desert animals and their daytime animals so unlike for
example hamster who likes sleep during the day and be active at night they will
usually like to be active during the day they do have a tendency to sometimes get
energetic and just go crazy and either run around in the wheel or chew on their
cardboard at night I’m actually filming this at night and
as you can see they’re very rambunctious and full energy but that is what I
really love about gerbils as their so energetic and in spunky and their lots of
fun to have pretty much oh and before I forget I also want to
mention that i like to buy a few of sunflower seeds for the Gerbils I know they are not supposed to eat a lot but I’ll get a couple and i’ll actually hide them
in the Aspen and they’ll dig around and search for it which is also another fun
thing for them to do and gives them something to do although my gerbils aren’t really that
big of a digger..Gerbila are supposed to dig a lot generally in captivity at least they’re
known for stereotypical digging but mine uuuh..usually spend most of time in the
wheel if i take out the wheel is actually when they just they’re going
crazy and digging up the entire aaah… container so that is something to
consider so thank you for watching this video I
really appreciate the support I’ve been getting from everyone please make sure to like it and comment
if you have any questions and things that can help you out with and make sure
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another video

100 thoughts on “My Basic Gerbil Care Set Up

  1. I have two gerbils and they're both brothers
    we had the first one for alittle bit before we got the other one
    but then when we put the other one in the cage they fought
    so we split them up in two cages and switched them now and then to get used to the scent of eachother
    we tried it again and they started fighting again.
    i've still been switching them for about a month now
    but i don't know how i should introduce them to eachother?
    can someone help?

  2. I'm a new gerbil parent, and reading suggestions from everywhere online I put about 6 inches of bedding in their tank, and they really just love to toss it all around! I had to elevate their food bowl and water bottle because of it, but they ignore the Flying Saucer I put in there. I couldn't find a wheel that had a smooth back (so I could Velcro it to the wall) at the Petsmart I went to, so I got them the flying saucer, now its just full of bedding, and they run under the back of it.

  3. Yuka looks exactly the same as my gerbil! This video is very helpful and I love having gerbils they are so cute!

  4. Is two gerbils better than one?Cuz I really want 2 gerbils….I'm gonna go ask my dad right now lolz.Awesome vid 2!=)

  5. I'm not sure if this is normal but my gerbils play fight or atleast I think their playing, I have 3 and got them from pets at home so I'm unsure if their related and sometimes they come out the house alone while the two sleep in their house is this normal and sometimes they squeak

  6. My gerbil may of biten me or nipped me, it felt like when you scratch your teeth on your fingertip. Can you please tell me what you think?

  7. I just got my gerbil and the pet stor only have the one out of the hundred cages and Im nervous a little that hell get lonely im home schooled so ill be home probly 24/7 but im just afraid that if he gets lonely hell bite more the first day I got him I held him and he bite me and drew blood but I now know why he was stressed any tips on how to hold him or to get him to like me to were he wont bite as much? thx btw really cute gerbils

  8. I was talking with my vet the other day and apparently there have been studies done in the past couple years on gerbils and their digging. What the study concluded is that gerbils who have adequate hiding places do not feel the need to dig. When they dig they are generally trying to tunnel for shelter. As opposed to what my vet was taught in school which is that they dig for the fun of it or it is simply instinct to do so. SO, the fact that your gerbils do not tunnel is a good sign of stable mental well being.

  9. This video is very interesting, but I thought that if u change things around to much, it upsets and stresses the gerbils out.
    Is it a good enrichment to change things around?

  10. I have just gotten a female gerbil from a pet store. I found out about 3 days ago that she was pregnant,she does not have the father with her… Will She be able to raise her pups by herself?

  11. @CreativePetKeeping hellooo
    Cute video! Wanted to ask. I have been leaning towards getting a pet gerbil in the future and I wanted to know, are they ok with getting picked up, petted and playful with a person?

  12. 00:07 that gerbil looks exactly like mine! Only her fur is darker because she is 2 years old! Shes still pretty young, I read a book and it said that they live to 5 years but then someone said 3 years. So yeah ? . Any way, her name is Sandy! Shes really cute! Ps awesome video ! I'm definitely subscribing to you! ????

  13. Not this video but some english chick saying not to use a hamster ball my gerbils love it and they love the ball to run around so use it if you want they love it

  14. Are gerbils expensive? I noticed on Craigslist 3 need anew h ome near and really considering getting them. I have 2 hamster s

  15. Hello Love the video. I really want a pair of gerbils, butI have a question. I have a acrilic tank: 'bout 40per20 inches (split in half 20X20, since I had two hamsters and 1 of them died, but the other one still lives in the other side) it's a lot of space.
    My concern is the heigh (8in) of the partition,can the gerbil jump this high?

    Thank you so much

  16. Thank you so much!!!! This video helped me a lot to decide what is best for my gerbils!! (What method do you prefer for cleaning the cage?)

  17. What about their natural burrowing instincts? You should provide a spot where there is ALOT of bedding so they can burrow. Even if they don't seem to dig alot.

  18. I'm typically out for the day, and I don't plan on getting 2 gerbils at once. Will my gerbil be ok if it is by itself and I am not there?

  19. +CreativePetKeeping I'm not totally sure but I think your suppose to have more bedding so they can burrow more. I give my gerbils 4-5 inches of bedding.

  20. I recommend anyone who loves sweet little pets to check out the book Gerbils are love. It's an awesome picture book specially for little kids. There are lots of incredibly cute Gerbil photos in there!

  21. If you like cute talking pets, check out my "Banana Show!"

  22. is it normal for my gerbil not to like running on its wheel? because i have a wheel and he never runs on it.

  23. What do I do so I got 2 gerbils and the sellers said they were both girls but one was a boy( as we found out later)and knowing there social animals I found it hard to split them up. Is it ok to keep them split while the mom will have babys ? What do I do?

  24. Seriously, if i caged you in a golden cage , how would you feel ? Would you like it? Why don't you release this poor animal back to nature where he belongs. His only sin is you want to have a peep show on his life.

  25. Should I get rid of all my plastic things and I use wood products and also I thinking about breeding them have any tips I have two boys I just need a girl gerbil

  26. Hi! I was wondering how much this whole set up would cost if I were to get the same? Its a really cool set up and your gerbils are super cute!
    Also, how did you attach the wheel and bottle to the cover as this is the first time I have seen that and it seems like a good idea.

  27. This brings back memories of my gerbils Juniper and Sage. Juniper lived for 3 years and Sage lived for 5 years. My gerbils rolled in the sand and them they tipped it over and spread it everywhere.

  28. I just recently got two gerbils from pets at home now I realise just how misinformed the staff are the tank is too small I bought with them and there was no mention of sand baths 🙁

  29. hello I need help Please my gerbils are males and won't stop fighting what can I do please contact me

  30. i only have one gerbil, his name is gordon, and he lives in a 10 gallon tank. will my gordon still become sad, if i take him out and play with him everyday?

  31. i'm pretty sure they dont like when their stuff gets moved around imo. plus, a lot of gerbils like deep bedding so they can burrow. otherwise, great vid

  32. Also she put a edible  log like you have in your cage but they are chewing on that log and the wire she does not know what to put them in now because she is  scared they will get out

  33. Actually, gerbils are not day animals, nor are they night animals. they take naps through out the day and night, but they are more active during the morning and evening.

  34. Somewhat irrelevant comment but I had all of those hides at one point or another for my hamsters (Syrian, both dead got the second one after the first died, both lived past two years old) and both of them got way too large to fit in them. I might get a pair of mice one day, I miss having small mammals as pets. I only have chickens and a lizard now.

  35. What's the best place to get your gerbils from? I don't want to get them from a place that either treats them badly or is just a bad breeder.

  36. Wow! Black gerbils are REALLY rare and cute! Also, thanks for the video! I learned a lot from it. I just got two gerbils named Cookie and Sugar and they are so cute! I would like them to feel happy and comfortable in their new home! Now I can make that happen!

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