Music Therapy For Your Dog with Anxiety Problems

33 thoughts on “Music Therapy For Your Dog with Anxiety Problems

  1. I'm just about to get my dog so he can listen to your wonderfull music I think he will love it so so much?

  2. I loved the back ground nature sounds, I think the piano clanging is too loud.. ..irritates me …I suffer from anxiety … maybe a SLOWER softer instrument.. harp..guitar… .I do appreciate efforts regardless, just giving an unsolicited opinion

  3. My dog's annoyed cos he cant hear jack shit with this playing. He wants to know if someone has pulled up in the drive or if the crow is circling his bone but he cant make out anything with this damn piano music! He said 'ya may aswell just blindfold me too ya bitch'.

  4. THANK YOU! My dog is super anxious and because of the fireworks she was freaking out, now she's super relaxed!

  5. Takes a little bit, but Buddy enjoys it and so do I! He slowly dazes off and starts drooling sometimes.

  6. I started playing this music when I leave, to sooth my dogs' anxiety when I am away. Now, whenever I start this music, my dogs get anxious before I even leave.

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