Music for stress: Anxiety, relaxation, depression | isochronic tones for deep tranquil sleep

36 thoughts on “Music for stress: Anxiety, relaxation, depression | isochronic tones for deep tranquil sleep

  1. If your anxiety and depression strikes, just calm, deep breath and say "everything is gonna be ok, there is nothing to worry about". It will heal your mind and body

  2. All the wonderful people in comments and reading this you all are awesome all we want is to be happy and peaceful life Right May God bring all the happiness to you all Stay strong?

  3. I feel i am alone……..I am in a big depresion…..I try fix my Life it s very hard………Maybe this music make me calm i don t now…….I leave a big Chance why ? Beceause i try help and i wrong ? With what ? Beceause i have a big hurt try help sombody and i take shit i smoke ? Write now i try leave in the past bad things and i try have a good life…..But LIFE IS HARD ! Thank you for advance and supoort depresion people ! Have a nice day !

  4. Bruh I was relaxed within 1 min … All my bad feelings where gone… Thank you wonderful person
    who posted this!

  5. Sending a virtual hug to everyone listening❤️ Peace, love and light on your journey to feel better ☮️??

  6. I was barely 2-3 minutes into the video and I started crying profusely. It felt I was finally able to let it all out through tears. Thank you! <3

  7. Guys, please read this patiently. Hope it would work for you too.

    I was struggling with depression for many years along with severe anxiety…

    I tried every medications and antidepressants prescribed by many doctors. But yet i was almost the same as even it was getting worse….

    Anyway, after too many researching, THIS worked for me very very much. I couldn't believe it.

    To my opinion give it a try.
    You won't be disappointed as i wouldn't…

    By the way, I'm neither an advertiser nor marketer or things like this…

    That was true story of what i have experienced.
    After tolerating a piteous living, i comprehend very well what depressed people is feeling…

    and if you're not interested in, at least introduce it to someone you know suffering from…

    Help him/her to be rescued from an unimaginable hellish life.

    Because i went through it and it is literally indescribable disaster. ???

  8. As today as i listened up this music i was teary eyed, feelin' alone, so much in pain and depression anxiety.. dont know what to do..
    I was experiencing family problem and my kind of relationship i had. Thank you for this good kind of music it makes me feel better now.. to the one whose reading this just like, keep fighting and trusting that one day we can make it easy for us.. just pray to god

  9. I'm sad right now. My grades have become a total wreck. I'm not really afraid to fail as an honor student. I'm just afraid of disappointing my family,the people around me. For those who says grades are just numbers, I'm sorry but those numbers are really important. And I always get criticized at school for many things. I just don't know what to do with my life anymore.

  10. Guys, idk if you will accept my tip, but I believe that this is a temporary relief for what we have lived.. To guarentee the relief, listen to this and try to ask our beloved Jesus, to change our life to be happy! You will be free from every sadness and bad life..

  11. Im suffering from severe depression… I dont get enough sleep at night… Each night im struggling to sleep… I have pain inside my head… I have no friends… My family members are not concerned about me… I hate this condition… I need the real me… The old me… I wanna live and sleep like everyone does… I just sleep for 2 hours… I need help… I need a friend who can care for me…such that i feel like i have a family member just for me… I dropped out of college… Im not sure if I'm going to be able to come out of this condition.. This sure calmed me a bit… But still… I need help

  12. 1. Suicide doesnt give you a free pass to heaven and suicide could hurt your family friends and GOD don't let suicide get stuck in your head very miserable it's happened to me once and this music is very relaxing and helps me

  13. Im only 24 and i get anxciety every single day i hate it so much i feel like im gonna die like i cant breath and i thibk about getting an anxciety attack every day because these anxciety attack scare ne so much ? this music has helped me for the past week thank you so much

  14. Hello,I am from india,I always topper in my every standard from 1st standard to 10th standard…at my 11th I fall in depression. my percentage of 10th standard is 87….after depression I getting lost every day.. in 11 standard I foght just for passing 11th….even I can't reads properly one sentence…till I fights with depression…my english wasn't good sorry but I want to tell my story

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