Murder in Jason’s Family | VIEWS with David Dobrik and Jason Nash | Episode 27

What’s up guys Welcome to views the podcast where Jason Just came back from taking Nicorette that he chews on are the dog’s mouth in our house You you are the you’re the worst person in the world. You need so much Rees cooling I don’t know who went wrong in your life because you are a monster. You are a selfish fucking lousy Just you no regard for anyone in this world but yourself I say father is embarrassed. They walk around there fucking hang their heads love cuz you’re a disgrace Fucking decent human being and I can’t wait until you fucking burn in hell and I’ll be watching you from heaven me Kristin Scott Top they and Heath and will go. Where’s David? Where’s David? Oh, right He was a fucking his whole life. Are you done? Yeah. Yeah. I’ve done we go fuck yourself. Okay, I will Listen, I’m pissed because I was I was just sitting there minding my own business guys. Keep in mind This was literally two minutes ago before I hit record on the podcast and I saw the dog Chewing on Nicorette which Jason leaves laying around the house Sure know there’s gum in there Nicorette is what Nicorette is what smokers used to try to quit smoking. Yeah. Yeah, go ahead Yeah, okay, great point David. It’s also very not safe for dogs. And what do you do? What do you do you fucking cause friction between me and Kristen instead of just maybe taking the fucking Nicorette out of mouth David goes? Hey Christian Jason’s nipple wraps Would you just stir the pot? I don’t be an asshole. Just fucking take it out of the dog’s mouth maybe don’t say anything maybe you know and do me a solid for once the amount of times then I watch your fucking logs and Their mom chimes I fucking help you Solid do you know what happened what the tug was chewing on the nikah? Right and it spit it out and I’m like hmm, and he waited a little bit. I wait like seven seconds I’m gonna put it back in its mouth and I go Would you do that I just want to get you in trouble why would you do that? You can’t do me a solid one time one little solid. Oh shit. This is still the intro Okay, I roll the roll the intro music. I Amber back we’re sorry Jason and I got off on the wrong foot We got off on the right foot Cuz I’m about to tell you a bunch of fucking shit that I hate about you I am so sick and tired of your bullshit. I Got it guys, I got him pinned up against the fucking wall and he’s cute as a button, but I’ll fuckin with this microphone Is your hand on my crotch because it’s the only way you’ll listen cuz you fuckin get no lovin from nobody Okay, okay let’s um, let’s let’s um, let’s break that down What Jason is saying is we got an offer for the podcast for a lot of money? So upset, we got an offer for the podcast for a lot of money and I turned it down because if for that much money for how much he was saying for the year and I videotape it to videotape the podcast and there’s a little more we’re already doing there’s a little no, there’s a little more complicated go on a specific person’s app that I didn’t want on it and And yeah we would get paid money for and I turned it down because I thought it would be like selling out and I thought it would be a very cheap move and I and I really respect the podcast I’m like Jason and I don’t like to cut corners for some money. I respect the podcast It was the right move not even for the money, but you wouldn’t listen to Ben the agent You wouldn’t listen to Jack the manager and you wouldn’t listen to me. We fuckin tried so many fucking times. I have a long-term goal – what – fuckin spend all your money on Elon Musk. I wanna see you I want to put your kids through college because I know you’re not gonna do it. You just missed the fucking Chance to put them through college. You dumb shit Yeah, maybe too maybe through fucking USC, but I want to put them through fucking Yale and Harvard I want to be able to it’s over it’s gone. No, it’ll the window is now we’ll come back to it No, it’s not. No one’s gonna pay a seven hundred thousand dollars to do this podcast. I Will holy shit until gates What are you doing? Here I don’t know a lot more attractive in person Hey, man, I have this new Microsoft app and I want a pair you guys four billion dollars engaged sounds so cool You’re doing cool Bill Gates All right, we’ll do it for you. I want to do up. Oh, wait a minute Oh David’s too good for it Never mind too. Good for it. I was looking out for us. We’re a team I would admit it was a mistake No, it wasn’t you fucked up. Oh This is why Jason’s mad This is why sorry I should I should explain this the original deal Jason kind of agreed with me a little bit He was like, okay. Yeah, maybe it’s not the right time to do this move Maybe we should go out or podcast a little bit more. But this is where the catches the app Shut down two days ago like completely which means if we were to sign the contract like a month ago like we got the offer There’s a really good chance that we would have just had to been paid out for it in full Without us even doing any of the podcast shows on their app And that’s where we may have messed up because then we would have gotten the money for free basically Without even having to do any podcast or any work and that’s that’s where we messed up I would have just spent it on stupid shit for what and Charlie anyway more iPhone apps. Yeah, Jason just bought his two kids They’re 11. And what eight eight? He done them both an iPhone acts. Yeah, because they’re like learning on it. They’re like making music on it. They’re gonna be musicians Yeah, you’re right. Yeah, Angry Bird is really helping him with mathematics trajectory Guys, Charlie’s mostly playing animal jam. Yeah before this before this goes any further. We don’t have an ad for today’s show which bums me out but it opens up some time for us to talk about the live show that we have in Chicago and Guys, just come to the live show. It’s gonna be a bunch of we’re selling it out I mean we’re hoping we’re selling about the tickets are selling they’re selling all of our friends are basically comin It’s gonna be a lot of fun. I’m gonna have a good time. Just gonna have a good time We just had a show in New York and in Boston that went very well and it went pretty solid. Mm-hmm No complaints about the New York and Boston we added some animals Gave, it’s putting snakes on people put a snake on my mom in Boston Yeah, so come to the Chicago show and it’ll be fun. My mom called me today She was pitching herself to be on the podcast. Oh, she wants to be on the podcast. She was pitching herself what she said David you know If you wanted to talk about divorce and you know how your father and I we remain friends and how you and Manny Have remained friends and she was she was pushing her way out. She’s so cute. She’s so cute You’re really nice to her that she really wants to be on the podcast. Yeah, of course Can you can you go ahead and before we do anything else? Can you tell me the story about your dad that you told me in the car Oh Super nonchalantly guys. This is this is fucking insane and he just told me this is right after we met his dad He just told me the story in the car. Like I start going to the airport like it’s not a big deal. Okay, go Oh, yeah, so when I was a kid when I was like 2 years old But they had they had my sister and my mom and dad and my parents were rich Your parents used to be right my dad started a furniture store and he had this concept which is now very popular now in Boston But basically it was like Saturday night at a furniture store So you would like go on a date to a furniture store have drinks walk around what meet people? Yeah, they had a movie theater and it was this whole concept where people would socialize at a giant furniture store Jesus criminy If you go to Boston, there’s a place called Jordans furniture where you can go there’s an IMAX theater. There’s ziplining That’s the furniture store Yeah, it’s just this weird thing and people go play hide-and-go-seek adult hide-and-go-seek through the furniture store and they like encourage it It’s just a weird thing. That’s amazing. So my dad had that concept or maybe his friend. He was partners with somebody. Yeah, and um, Long story short they borrowed money from the wrong people okay, you know they borrowed money from people that were connected through the mob that’s amazing and Movie shit movie shit and then eventually so your dad and your partner, right? Yeah These were the two that started the the furniture store My dad was like the business end and the partner was more of the face Yeah of the thing and then long story short that his partner Decided to not pay the mob back, which is a big no-no, right, which was eventually I guess they had paid everything But they felt that they didn’t need to pay anymore. Has he not seen any movie ever? Yeah, right Or maybe movies were around back then. Sorry. Yeah, Goodfellas wasn’t made yet But all the movies were made after this situation that Jason’s about value. Okay, go Yeah, and then they came in the middle of the night and they shot my dad’s partner in the face Why are you laughing because you told me this on our uber ride back to the airport like so casually I know this is guys he told me the story and my My chin was just like hitting my knees and I got straight to the airport And the rest of our friends were there and I did she go did you know that? Jason’s dad’s partner who was shot in the face I just wanted to tell the story to the world because I couldn’t fucking believe it You love get you love getting reactions from people. Yes. I love it. And I think it’s a it’s Brule’s Okay, and then what what happened? What did your dad have to do and then you know my dad? You know was questioned by the police and then we had armed Guards in her house living in our house for a long time eventually. He lost all his money We were broke. My dad could never work again. And why’d he never work again? I mean, I don’t know no no one would hire him I work in that space because his name was tainted because he was part of this murder Oh and it was like a big thing. Yeah, and then that was it He didn’t give her to jail or his every choice. Your dad’s name Al Capone Yeah, and then that and then that really son then yeah We were just broke of my entire life and and then you know, my mom started working my parents got divorced I’m sure that caused a lot of that’s how it should have been now. You wouldn’t be any fun if you were born rich. I Mean, I know a lot of people who are rich who are really funny. No, I roll absolutely funny But like one of your best qualities is that you were born broke and you stayed broke for 20 30 plus years I guess so this place to draw comedy from but I know a lot of funny rich people know I was Chris Leah is rich. I mean everybody everybody that’s really funny is not really know. But I mean they grew up. Yeah Oh he was once rich Yeah, I think his dad was really rich and I know Nick crawls dad is like really successful. Nick Kroll is really funny Yeah, I mean that that’s amazing and then your dad had to hide out Yeah, are we lighted are we allowed to share this story? I guess so, I mean he’s living his life I think it’s over now. What’s your dad’s name? Non-scary? Exit out my dad loved meeting you. Yeah. Yeah. David was interviewing. My mom. Wait. Does your dad like me? Oh, yeah Yeah, he loved you. Yeah, what did you talk to him? After? Yeah, I talked to him after yeah. What are you saying? Great? What are you saying? He just said he’s like this is my favorite part dude when I met when I met Liza’s parents like fucking non-stop I was sitting there. I was just sitting in a house. We’re watching movie. I’m like no, come on, really What did he say? And then she’d be like he liked who you thought you were really cool And I’m like no no tell me exactly how he said it like word-for-word. Like how did he Was he serious? Yeah, he just said he’s just so smart. He’s mine It’s mine as real whips matter than real people four times his age He’s got the comedy mind he’s got the business mind What I say about my dick Right, why nothing what do you mean no, nothing I didn’t mess around with him in the bed Did you say I didn’t mess around with him in the bathroom? I? Didn’t say anything I said, what did he say about? What did he say about my pick for March Madness? I’m having a basketball draft shit. He’s not up to that again. Is he? No, no, not up to why I thought I thought that was over. What was over yeah, whatever happened in the bathroom Nothing, dude. He came in he came in he needed some mints and I put my cock in his bag Okay after that because your dad will actually kick my ass, yeah, he’s pretty tense he’s a fuckin scary and you think so Yeah, that’s scary He’s like I told you that and then you said you said he’s not scary and very he’s like respect the guy He’s like you have to respect him. You can’t be a douche to him cuz he’s like oh, yeah, he’s tall Yeah, he’s like he’s very respectable, but then you said in the car? You said he’s nothing like you explode to scribed him pika. Well, can I say how you described? How did I describe him you described him as like he’s a real dick? I did I did not like he’s a real hard-ass. Did I say that? Yeah, you did and I expected just like this guy who he was a hard-ass growing up I didn’t I didn’t know I said he’s really fun. Yeah. My dad is a great guy He was always the guy that I would run into other people Blake. Oh you’re fat is the best and I’d be like really? yeah, cuz I That much fun for me cuz he okay I’ll be honest with you this may hurt your ears cuz I think he was a cool dude in your pussy’s Job to fuckin make sure you don’t get picked on you’re right But I think the relationship you had with your dad is like what like a popular kid in high school has a fuckup You know like a like a, you know nerd like a cliche relationship He was just bored by me. Yeah Why can’t you be cool I Remember one time when I was a kid, I got socked in the eye. Yeah on the bus uh-huh, and I came home and it’s like black guy is already such a Was it awful day? I just didn’t want to deal with it anymore My father was like we’re going over there right now and you’re gonna fucking fight him Like what I was like are you kidding? and he was this like they had this thing in my town called Metco, which is they would they bust like a lot of like urban kids into the white neighborhood Yeah, and and this this kid was your dad showed up at a child eggleston man shot him in the face No, John Mayer, John Eccleston was enough fuck with John Eccleston I mean he was like from the fucking Street and what did you tell your dad when he said let’s go kick this guy I’m just gonna get my ass kicked by this guy. Yeah, he’s like no we’re going over there. We’re gonna fight him right now We’re going and and and my mother just fucking begged him and and then he took me over there I got my ass kicked because your dad beat your ass cuz you wouldn’t buy it. No, he brought me over there I got my ass kicked again. Oh shut the fuck up. You actually fought the guy He goes over to the kid he’s like hey you’d be a good sign Not like my pussy boy over here Dad tormented me. I used to fucking I would be in baseball. I was like pretty good at baseball. Okay for sure No I was I was fucking good and then but the day everyone’s good in the third grade the days he would come I would fucking Be awful cuz he stand behind the cake you had. Yeah, I had that with my parents can make me nervous Yeah, and then and then that was awful what else did he fight? And then what he, you know when he came like Coming back for like from the game when he give you shit for sucking Yeah, yeah giving so much shit for sucking like what were you doing took? It kept saying you pulled your head out. You pulled your head out Fuck you. I’m not a fucking great athlete. Okay, he was a really good athlete Like that, huh? Sorry Oh, yeah, yeah you fucking Blue Ivy oh Yeah The first person that’s because I cry midway through 50 first dates it does not mean I’m No, no, no explain explain to me how you think explain to me how you think that I’m that I’m gonna raise a bunch of pussies cuz you’re so You’re soft like by the way what I never said that your son was a pussy You were the one who said it first, huh? you were the you’ve said my son was a pussy who said my son me and my son are pussies me and why well, I said I said you and your son are similar and you go. Oh That’s what you were gonna say, oh you just you are you inferred that you were like, oh well my son’s a pussy So I must be a pussy wait wait till they’re fucking three nannies are Raising you and Liza’s kids and we’ll see how I’m gonna be there for my kids. Oh, yeah, right You can’t even fucking pull Nicorette out of the dog’s mouth The least parental thing I’ve ever seen in my life You fucking look at your little brothers and sisters. You fucking roll your you think I’m gonna be a good parent You won’t even go to Toby’s soccer games You fucking dirty just lowly because I didn’t want to put pressure on him like your dad. Yeah, right. Yeah Well, you don’t think I’m gonna be a good parent when I’m older. No You know what? I know you won’t I’m gonna give you a chance right now to step back from your little douche character that you’re playing, right? Happy – okay, I’ll step back. I’ll go ahead answer. Honestly good a good parent Yeah, what what have you shown so far in your life in terms of caring for others? That wouldn’t allow me to believe that you’re gonna be a good parent. What tell me one moment. Okay, one moment Your kids had dinner last night. Yeah, you welcome Marnie She’s got a great job and we did just fine until you know, who’s next Marnie who You’re paying for the TV show SWAT on CBS, you’re funding that surprise by a Bunch of fuckin jars And shemar Moore, yup, Shamar Moore’s my best clothes his friend who’s shemar Moore he’s a black guy and what’s he star on SWAT. Yeah, that’s right. Yeah. Okay cool. We just plug Marnie she’ll Be an okay dad right I mean Jury’s out. I mean look you’re obviously will like calm down at some point But if you had a baby right now, yes, obviously I’m a can’t have another kid for five years Oh like I’m too young I hate when you pull the I’m too young card like you don’t fuck it like you can make mistakes And I’m not allowed to you do that all the time and you do it to port I’ll do it to poor Todd poor Todd our good-looking friend Todd who lives? Like Stu go out and once in a while, I’d have some beers and dancing these two of these soups. What’s he doing? When you look like Todd it’s your fucking job to go I’ve never looked like Todd’s so I can’t put myself in his shoes So maybe you’re right. Yeah, so don’t throw stones at Todd stop pulling that young card. I’m not pulling the young card I just said I’m not ready for kids you what do you where where do you think you’re caring like? What what makes you think you have any kind of dad? What kind of dad was your dad the buthey loving? Yeah, he was cool was he loving? Yeah So he wasn’t No, my dad was cool my mom was cool. He’s just saying that because they’re listening yeah Was okay I love you mom and dad minute my father was gone that better things were for me. Really? Oh, yeah Yeah, that’s what you said before I met him and then I met him and I knew fright Literally from the first second. I met him. I’m like, oh my god. Jason was a pussy when he was you Know your dad was your dad was son. Let’s go out and play some catch Yeah, and you heard you were the guy who who liked to lick the draw, but that’s who you were It’s just nothing wrong with you. I went out and played catch There’s nothing wrong about being the guy who draws But it’s just weird when he when he’s mixed with your dad cuz your dad is just like fucking dude I mean you guys got to see this guy He’s just like out of like a movie like I like he Robert DeNiro. He reminds me of John F Kennedy Yeah, he looks like John F Kennedy. Yeah, it’s like when he gets older, he’s still gonna be even though he’s old He’s still like good-looking. You mean 70 and he looks great. Yeah. Yes. We’re doesn’t work. He’s knows no stress. Okay Yeah, don’t throw him under the fuck. I mean he doesn’t work and he works a few months out here He just look at me actually take it easy. I work harder than my dad. My name is jason nash My dad, my dad was a dick to me when I was younger something. I’m taking it back No III wish I wish my father would fucking attack something the way I attack things or the way you attack things Like I said to him I said oh if you want to try to start some business or something I would love to and and but I I want him to fucking come up with some ideas and what he say to that He said yeah. Yeah, let’s do it. Let’s do it, but then fucking You think he’s like, yeah. Yeah, great idea. I’m just gonna go borrow some money from the mob real quick Yeah, yeah, there’s an article my mom has the Boston Magazine at home I tried to look it up online and I’ll bring the upbringing when I go home. I’ll bring the magazine He we can read it. It’s really deep about your dad and about the shooting and everything. Hey, what about all these sexual? Harassment things, huh? What do you think about that David? I mean, I think they’re shitty I think the most interesting thing about that is that it was like all going on and no one ever Said anything it never why is it reaching the point now? You didn’t mean? I don’t know I can’t answer that because I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve had it bottle something up like that. I’m talking about No, these were known things. However, you Weinstein did this everybody knew that? Oh, yes, they’re known things but like but what’s shifted in the culture if there’s it’s just word gets around easier so it’s the Internet it’s it’s it’s like a woman a woman can’t be sexually assaulted and She tells four people and they shut it down because they’re friends of Harvey Weinstein Now a woman sends out a tweet and there’s no way to shut it down It’s just like it’ll fucking I just read like wow, it’s all like right away But the only thing that’s kind of scary to me about these accusations is that is that they’re just accusations, right? Right and like the people that like I’m not I’m not being like Oh Harvey Kuenn sees innocent or anything like that shit but like like there are some people that are being accused that are that are completely denying it and you know, There’s a really good chance that it’s complete bullshit and they actually did it But there’s also a small chance that they’re literally just being accused to be accused and their careers already ruined Do you know so far? I don’t think there’s anybody like that You don’t know cuz Louie admitted to all of it, you know But there’s been like 15 people accused so you don’t know which one and you see like yeah James Toback Oliver Stone there those guys did it there was this whole sex scandal and 15 people were accused of it and There was like a we were in New York and one of the headlines on a newspaper read perv, perv nation or something It showed all 15 of their faces on the front of it, like literally like Louis Harvey Weinstein. Yeah all of them Oh really, like straight up like I don’t like a movie that where like someone goes into the future Yeah, and he’s like a newspaper and it says perv nation and it’s these people that you would adore It’s fucking crazy. The Louis thing is so so crazy cuz he was he was such a media darling Louis thing is Darling we seek a loved him louis c.k Is like one of the favorite comedians of a lot of people’s he was he was my favorite comedian. Yeah Back, yeah. Okay. Well, I think he’ll be back. You think he’ll be back. I do I do so louis c.k was caught Not caught but he was allegedly I mean they did the bunch of women came on so that he masturbated in front of them right and You’re telling me you knew this before I went to the Aspen Comedy Festival in 2003 Marty and I went my partners and I had a comedy show. Okay that we Performed four to four times there like a sketch show. Yeah, and so Aspen is really fun It’s like a fancy fancy big big comedians mixed with like a lower-level comedians like me like literally like I had drinks with Steve Martin Not not for business or anything, but just basically like hey come sit down and then like I’m sitting with Steve Martin, okay I’m sitting with Dave Chappelle It’s just cool and it’s just like YouTube when you like go to VidCon, like they’ll like, you know, like you talking Eliza It’s exactly. Yeah, exactly Yeah, it’d be like Liza talking to me where it’s like the biggest people will talk to the smallest just super casual Yeah, super casual and it’s a small festival And anyways, you know, we’re hanging out one night and the rumor spreads that you know Louie showed his was up in the hotel room showed his penis to Dana and Julia who also had a show there that year like they were a two-person sketch group and It spread everyone in the festival knew Everyone knew okay. And then what happened? How did this rumor get shot down? And then basically I know the women that we’re talking about it. Were they like bragging about it? Were they like actually like fucking I’ve never talked to Dana and Julia, I’d never known them, you know But all I had heard was yeah like they were up in the hotel room we show that showed him their dick and I wasn’t sure if like if Dana and Julia were Like the kind of performers that were like fucking yeah, like balls out like whatever it’s his cock like that’s hilarious Like I just didn’t know. Yeah and then come to find out. No, they weren’t cool with it at all And no they it it fucked their whole careers up and they couldn’t work on any projects that Louie was associated with or Louie’s manager and that Was and that was 11 years ago or sorry that was 14 years ago Yeah, holy Sh and then that went on and I didn’t know of the other instances and then and then and then and then Loui became really famous. He wasn’t that famous then He was famous amongst like comedians They knew how funny he was, but I don’t even think he had his big special yet by then And then why did it why did people hold on to things like that for 14 years? I I guess no internet. I guess there wasn’t anyone. What’s crazy to me is these all these allegations came out and Kevin Spacey? Who was reported but he touched boys. I don’t know what he did Yeah, he touches all kinds of men and he sexually assaulted people whatever Not whatever touched each judged Anthony rapped. That’s what lit it up And it just it’s crazy how Hollywood is reacting now, Kevin Spacey Those allegations came out and like and he just they just finished a movie called. What is it called? It’s a Ridley Scott movie It’s called endless money or something like that all it’s called all the money in the world. The movie was finished The trailer was out for it. It’s set to release in December 14th. And they took it so seriously that they’re going back and Reshooting all the scenes of the movie that have Kevin Spacey in it tons of money with a new actor Yeah bonkers. Yeah, and I mean, I mean part of that is because they’re disgusted of a louis c.k Did and the other part of that is oh my god Look, we’re gonna look so good if we do this because people gonna be talking about it Which which both ways that happened before louis c.k. They recast him. Yeah, and that was two weeks ago Yeah, I mean I don’t their reshooting a movie with another actor. They stripped Lois of Netflix HBO FX all of his deals done. Yeah secret life of pets done and and I you know What he did is awful But I do feel bad for him. Yeah, I think that I think that’s fair. I think you’re I Feel bad for him because he’s you know, he’s he’s got a sickness That that’s you know, that’s my other. That’s my other cool You always feel bad for for I feel I feel that anybody that gets in trouble I do too I don’t know why but it’s it’s even criminal I don’t know. It’s because I’ve never been in the shoes of the victim right like like, you know, I don’t know I always just feel bad. But but this this is my question, which is a good transition with mental illness I I noticed that when there’s like when there’s like a big shooting or there’s even a shooting in general and The and the person the defendant that shot everyone is pleading insanity So that they’re saying that they’re mentally ill just to get less of a charge I never understood that I never understood how if you’re mentally ill you can get less of a charge That makes no fucking sense to me Do you understand that sick? But do it but what that that’s just so it’s such bullshit to me like you’re sick plead insanity I know insane, but but okay, let’s say let’s say a guy let’s say guy shot four people is getting the death penalty, right? Okay and now all of a sudden he wants to plead insanity and he wants to say he’s a mental illness and And now he’s not gonna fuckin have the desperatly It’s fucking pathetic what they have to prove that he is insane But who gives a fuck if he’s insane and a shot for people you’re fucking insane regardless But we’re talking about that’s just exactly what we’re talking about. You feel bad for the person. No, I’m not I mean like you’re like, okay. Well this person is insane. So they they really plead the insanity defense. No, I’m saying that I don’t think it justifies if you’re mentally ill if you don’t think so. No, that makes no fucking sense Have you ever known a mentally ill person? Have you ever known someone who’s like not all there? Okay you should work in a state hospital like it’s but but I’m saying fucking scary if you killed four people as I killing her a mentally handicapped person I can’t which human being like that it is if you if Dude, if a mentally handicapped person what person killing multiple people is not mentally ill like what person is that? Someone who’s just someone, who’s what what vengeful I don’t know someone who doesn’t care That’s what mentally ill to me is is someone that cares for people that’s the difference I mean you’re talking about someone who like isn’t all there. So someone who was like, yeah, like fuck these people. I don’t care I’m a roblem and I don’t care. I don’t know. I think that’s the difference I think Yeah, it’s it’s it’s you know I I don’t I think that line is way too thin and I don’t think I don’t think that should be a thing I whatever Never mind about the whole insanity conversation because I’m starting to confuse myself, but I have something that ties in with insanity conversation last night My friend Jonah I called him in the morning and I told him this was in the vlog But I just want to recap just for the people that don’t watch. Oh, yeah, I wasn’t there last night Yeah, so I called him at like 6 p.m. And I’m like dude listen I need a film I don’t have any footage and he’s like I got you and he hangs up and Then I go and I get I get to my house. It’s like 10:30 p.m Did you think when he said I got you I’m just like oh, he’s gonna find out a way to hurt himself or something I don’t know. That’s he loves doing that. He loves putting himself in Painful situations because he knows how much I love it but But he calls me like 10:30 and I’m upstairs shooting in my apartment and he’s like David comes out like a freakin I like every please come down right now I’m getting my ass kicked Right. That’s at 7-eleven and I’m like fuck you you’re lying is like just calm calm was he already up at the apartment? But he hadn’t gotten there yet. No, he hasn’t even been to my apartment. I don’t even know he was in the area I just got a call from him. I’m downstairs at the seven-line. I’m getting my ass kicked So I fucking sprint down like grab your camera. I grab my camera cameras already in my hand David has a house and an apartment. David has an apartment where he goes in films And it’s been the set of his vlogs for the last three years even though he doesn’t sleep there anymore He goes there and it’s like this weird dungeon crazy part jail bunch of heart Insane at this apartment. There’s weird people sitting on the couch couches. He finds new members of the vlog that come through there That’s how he found Jonah my friend dirty Dom. He’s a drug dealer drug addict now more of alex ernst alex ernst They’re all they’re all specific characters and they’re all really Fucking crazy people and it’s really fun to see the people that walk into the apartment because they’re all they’re all super Character like and they all have their own like weird things about him. Anyway, he calls me as I come down I sprint down stairs and I’m immediately recording him and I’m like, oh my god, this is fake. This is fucking fake This is ICU. They’re not even actually hitting you it’s fake. What do you see when you come downstairs? Back in my head. I’m like, this is fake. He’s just doing it to draw me But what do you see like, he’s just getting jumped by four dudes Okay It’s jump like what like like there’s a floor and they’re they’re kicking him in the stomach and they’re kicking him in the face can You tell that the kicks are real. I mean, yeah the kicks in the stomach are real, but he’s really good at taking pain So I’m like, yeah, they’re really kicking in 30. Yeah, they’re kicking him But at the back of my head, I’m like, okay, this is fake I know this is fake and then literally without even thinking or without even having any time to pull him apart a cop pulls up and He gets out of the car and he’s like get on the wall. All of you guys break it up I don’t give a fuck if this is a joke get on the wall And the other cop pulls out his gun, and he’s pointing it at Joe He’s pointing it at all of us like like about to have a shootout We’re just like it’s a fucking joke. It’s a joke. It’s a joke, and he’s like get on the fucking wall And then we sit there for 20 minutes and Jonah’s like Jonah’s like man. Listen, I’m a comedian. We just make these jobs a comedian Never been on stage. She’s never been on stage in the movie He tells his mom like when his mom’s like why don’t you go get a job. He literally says mom. I’m a fucking comedian I’m writing jokes. Yeah, that’s what he says and even when I’m not writing jokes mom. I’m writing jokes I’m working up to writing the jokes that’s what he says this thing because he’s like he’s like this wannabe comedian and I really appreciate you and he is not what he’s Not without talent he’s talented now. He’s yeah, he’s a funny actor and it’s just it’s just we’re sitting there 20 minutes And it’s it’s me. It’s for three or four black. It’s three black dudes and Jonah and and someone tweeted at me they’re like White privilege and I don’t know I don’t know what the fuck they meant by I know what that does That’s bullshit. Cuz we were all in the same exact situation. I guess if it was Worse for black guys making the prank they wouldn’t to jail is what they maybe none of us were treated differently at all Right and like I even like I even talked to the black guys, I like we even made like, you know we even made those kinds of jokes after it was over and they were literally like they were like They’re like we’ve been in situations with police officers. All you have to do is be respectful, right? That’s what they said and I’m like well that makes sense to me He’s like and they’re like, yeah A lot of times people are just douchebags and bad things happen to them And when we when I was there with with with the kids, they were everything the cop asked them They would just answer there wasn’t a problem The cop was like okay go on don’t fucking do that again, and that that’s what happened So when you’re when you knew they had you on the knees cuffed. Did you think you’re going to jail? Well, the problem is even if I get written up, even if I go to jail I get deported. Oh Because the most shit because of my legal status. So that was that’s what you were thinking I wasn’t thinking I didn’t care for it I figured that if I got deported it’d be the funniest way to get fuckin deported, but I don’t know. I don’t know I You know what one reason that I actually want to get deported is because I’m a homeowner now Which I just figured out recently and guess what happened yesterday. I’m minding my own business. I take a math. You’re a good person Thank you. Give to charity. I take a bath for the first time ever in my bathtub, right? It’s great you did Yeah, I took a bath I was at what don’t look at me like I’m a pussy Don’t know. I’m not looking at you like a pussy. You’re looking at it like I’m pathetic. No, not at all I just think it’s curious that you took a bath You don’t seem like the bath type you seem like you’re not you would never take a moment to relax or pamper yourself I took a bath, okay and it was in 10,000 pounds of meat sauce. It was actually for a vlog. Oh, okay. Okay then I Took a bath and after the bath you up the shower cause it’s also B or whatever So I shout get all the meat so some meat sauce I showered and then guess what happens what the water in my shower? I a shower that’s like ground level. It’s not like in a tub So it just started pouring overall into my bathroom and all into my bedroom and I come out in my bedroom floor soaked. Whoo There’s like an inch of water in my bathroom every floors. I had no idea. So I’m like, I’m screwed I’m screwed and then Liza comes over the next day and Liza takes a poop. Did you know that Liza poops my girlfriend poops Liza. Yeah, and I found this out myself Hello, and that was the same. Look I had on my face I know I know girls poop but I didn’t just didn’t know Liza do it. We’ll get to this another Erin Don’t worry. I have I figured everything was I already called her parents I let him know that I want to speak to them because I’m just as confused as you are and then Liza poops And she clocks the toilet. So then I’m like great can’t use that toilet She says I’m not allowed in the bathroom because she can’t unclog it Right and I I go into another toilet to go use the bathroom there. I poop I clog that toilet Oh and I try flushing it again, and then I come back to my bedroom And Liza’s poop water has now poured out of the room and is all over my pet room floor now Oh, it has poured out of the bathroom to the bedroom floor. It’s all over my bedroom floor We have to clean it up. Liza says do not use the white towels because she doesn’t want me to see her poop So we use the darker towels to clean everything up. It’s disgusting. How are using darker Charles? You’re still gonna see the poop Yeah, but it’s it’s just it’s less. It’s less scary I guess once the brown towel is picking up the brown you can’t see them But yeah, yeah, so we clean all that. It’s so cute. This is such a little newlywed moment, isn’t it? Yeah Like getting to know each other it was great and then and then I have and then I called the guy I called Fleming guy And turns out I there’s roots growing in my plumbing like they’re they’re clogging up because there’s like roots growing inside the tubes that’s sending the sewage out and He went under the house and he fell yeah, he went 80 feet on the house And he said now he has to drill a hole in my driveway. That’s kind of cost me $5,000 to fix to fix the plumbing That’s that’s what they don’t tell you about being a homeowner. This is the stuff that they leave be good They do tell you that they do they do get whatever they tell you. Everyone says it Rent, you don’t have to worry about repairs. That’s what my family is to say growing up because we couldn’t afford a house They’d be like I’m better than a Patman. You don’t have to cut the grass, but that’s that’s what they say And now I have $5,000. I know that was much of us. That’s nothing. That’s that’s nothing That’s that’s what that’s what it is dawn home I know and I it’s not much of a story but it’s just a wake up call if you guys are looking to buy a Home don’t do that. I kept one for sale invest in Tesla instead. Yeah, and I have one for sale now No, but it was it was a dumb move a goofy movie that won’t happen again You know what also won’t happen again, but a Chicago live podcast show. Oh boy. Your transitions are tonight tonight No better time go time sell it to the people buy a ticket right now Come see all of us. We’re a friend group We’re a tight-knit community that loves making vlogs and loves podcasting a guy who’s coming Who’s Scott Scott Chris Tristan zing Corinne Todd? Karena, Brandon, Brandon, James and Jason David we’re all gonna be there and some surprises some surprise. People are gonna be there too. It’s gonna be fun Just make sure you come make sure you buy tickets buying before they sell out They has been a views podcast brought to you by jason nash. Yep The man that jason nash get that you can get tickets on my twitter go for it and i’m david dobrik You can also call me Jeff. Thank you guys for listening to this podcast. We’ll see you guys later next time on you It’s needed a couple more seconds to end the podcast and we’re good

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