100 thoughts on “MUNCHIES Presents: The Art Of Making Danish Hot Dogs

  1. At the local hotdog stand where i live the guy mixes remoulade with a bit of the water from the pickles it makes it so so much better

  2. Can't get remulade anywhere else in the world? Try again. Hei kjære naboer i sør, vi har remulade vi også.

  3. In response to the language comments. It's no wonder the Danes speak English, they just about fucking invented it.

  4. I've been to 43 countries the past 14 years, and I can safely say, no country comes close to the danish hotdog. It's the best example of junk being able to stimulate ur sweet and savery cravings at the same time, without it being weird. I guess the danish hotdog would suit pregnant women, since their cravings can be both at the same time!

  5. Peter's great personality and dedication to his craft are well worth my adoration. If I lived there I'd most definitely be a superfan!!

  6. Man I get so jealous of all these countries that sell these beautiful hotdogs. Is it weird to travel to a country just to try their hotdogs?.

  7. tager en bid af hot doggen
    vært: åhhh åhhh filtrér mig, splejs mig, spyt mig i nakken giv mig en flad kast mig ud af vinduet og kald mig torben.

  8. Denmark and Sweden is the kings of hot dogs, NYC can fuck right off! Peters hotdogs are amazing, if you ever visit copenhagen, you have to try it out!

  9. Ketchup on a hotdog, pickles instead of sweet relish and warm chocolate milk? Europeans ruin every good American invention.

  10. Remulade is common in Norway too, but we mainly use it on roast beef sandwiches. Im sure they have remulade in Sweden also.

  11. Whoever invented mayonnaise needs to go to jail, same as the gUY wHO INvENTED tHE cAPS-LOCK kEY ON a sTANDARD cOMpUTER kEYbOARD.

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