Mugman: Wizard Pest Control

It’s me, Mug- (uff) It’s me, Mu- It’s me, Mug- (pew) It’s me, Mugman! (typing) (mugman) I think aunt terrines gonna love this! Hey, Teanna, can you move the mouse? Alright. That is not the right mouse. (MICE) (FEAR) (BLASTAWAY) Sunshine! You’re not an ostrich! You’re just related to one! Tell Sunshine to eat them! Great. (inhale) I’m calling an exterminator. Let’s see what the other search option does. (Truck door opening truck door slamming) (Door bell) Hey Mr. Wizard! So uh, whats the problem? Ey, Mice. Hey, I got this. (Goat sounds) Well now we have a goat infestation. Hey, ya like feta cheese? (Munching) (Goat sound) (Scared) Oh fine. (Sheep sounds) Now we have a sheep infestation. Hey look, winters coming, you could make plenty of sweaters What are you doing? Fine, how about I- Changing them doesn’t fix the problem here. (Cow sounds) (muffled) And now we have a cow infestation. Hey, plenty of milk. You’re supposed to be an exterminator. Exterminate them. No, pest control. (Mr. Wizard) Now there just more useful. Ohhhh- Ahhhh. Here, let me try one more thing. (unicorn sound) Now we have a unicorn infestation! You know what, they need these over at the fantasy party palace. Come on guys! (sliding) As long as you get them out of here Alright I’ll send you the bill. Have a good day. You call that pest control? (mugman) Guess we have to call a cleaning service. (Door bell) You need your house cleaned?

59 thoughts on “Mugman: Wizard Pest Control

  1. One thing that usually bothers me in this series is that when you try to draw 3D backgrounds and environments, they usually look a bit off. (E.g, 1:01 when Teanna is standing in the hallway) I'm guessing this is a byproduct of you using your mouse to draw the art assets.

  2. You should make one episode where Mugman is playing a strategy game that uses bitmaps. You decide what happens afterwards. After all, this is just a suggestion.

  3. love how you made the wizard pest control website look like one of those websites back from when the internet was just starting

  4. Jacob can you at least make a video of mugman and teanna when they were little pretty please?????????????????????????

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