Mr. Sloth’s Car Is Too Fast & Ms. Rabbit’s Car Is Too Slow! | Cartoon For Kids

Mr. Monkey, Monkey Mechanic, was hanging
out in his hammock He had been working awfully hard lately and was looking forward to finally relaxing and catching up on his banana eating When suddenly… the garage bell rang That means Mr. Monkey has a visitor I wonder who it could be Why, it’s Mr. Sloth Hello, Mr. Sloth. What can I do for you today? Mr. Monkey…my car…is too…fast I need…it to go…slower Sure Mr. Sloth, I can see if I could make
your car go slower Mr. Monkey was about to go get a better look at
Mr. Sloth’s car when suddenly… Why, it’s Ms.Rabbit Mr. Monkey, you gotta help me, this car is just too slow I got places to go, places to see..go go go And this car just goes Can you help me? Well hello, Ms. Rabbit, I think I can help
make your car go faster First, let’s get a better look at both your cars First, Mr. Monkey checks the engines They seem to be running in tip-top shape Then he checks the steering wheels They both seemed to steer Finally, Mr. Monkey checks the tires Yep, they’re both just the right amount of tireness Not too soft, not too tough Well now, this is a puzzle Both cars seem to be just fine Mr. Monkey has an idea Off to his workbench Mr. Sloth’s car is too fast Ms. Rabbit’s car is too slow If only there was one fix that would fix both problems One fix to fix them all Mr. Monkey has a solution, but first he’s
going to need some supplies Mr. Monkey gets a nice big piece of red fabric Then, he gets the nice long metal tube Then he grabs some metal hooks and, of course,
some metal bolts Mr. Monkey is all set He just needs one more thing His trusty monkey wrench! Mr. Monkey gets to work Mr. Monkey is all done A big red curtain? Mr. Monkey it’s a big big big red curtain,
says Ms. Rabbit That’s right! Mr. Sloth’s car was too fast for him and your car, Ms. Rabbit was too slow So the one perfect solution to solve
both your problems is… you should be driving each other’s car Mr. Monkey, it’s perfect Wonderful Thank you so much, Mr. Monkey. Super, great job Another satisfied customer And with that, Mr. Monkey gets back to
what he was doing before Just the banana eating break Mr. Monkey needed This is going to take a while

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  1. Thank you so so much for these. My students jump in their seats screaming with joy when I put on a Mr. Monkey's video. They are absolutely adorable!

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