[MPD MISSION] Beware of the Dog, BTS(방탄소년단)

“Glamorizing only one person’s face in a photo”
(*A group photo where everyone but one makes a funny face)
Who will be today’s contestant? BTS: The boys who have returned with “I NEED U”Jimin: Come inside! MPD! Nice to see you again MPD!! Jin: MPD, we meet again! Jimin: The dog is sleeping Dog Nap RM: The sign says something.
It says, M-Countdown’s Backstage Mission RM: “Glamorizing only one person’s face in a photo” V: Shhh, the dog is sleeping~ YK: I’ll go then JK… V: Shhh, if you wake him up while stealing a bone,
he’ll bite you Then that person gets disqualified Shh! Beware of the dog 1. Steal a dog’s bone without waking him up~! 2. You are disqualified if you wake the dog up!! 3. The last man standing winsJ-Hope: This is nerve-racking J-Hope: Let’s have JK go nextJ-Hope: This is awesome!! J-Hope: I’m really nervous V: The dog is sleeping RM: The dog has a mean look about himJimin: This is kind of… RM: I guarantee 100% that Park Jimin will get caught J-Hope: This is really frightening V: Shh! He’ll bite you if you’re noisy Jin: My hand is shaking V: Eat it~~ Eat it~ Eat it~ Jimin: Suga hyung’s turn YK: It’s not easy to get caught!RM: That scared me!!! YK: I was far more startled by your reaction!!J-Hope: This is really…x 2 RM: Hey puppy J-Hope: I have an uneasy feeling about thisJin: How does this game really work? Jimin: Hey! Hey!J-Hope: Jin hyung–you’re out!Jimin: My eardrums got a scareJimin: This is the last oneJimin: That is not funny~ RM: Someone needs to get caught Jimin: Wait, if I don’t get caught… V: It won’t be fun if you don’t get caught this time. Jimin: Wait a minute, If I don’t get caught this time… Jimin: This is really not funny J-Hope: I’ll stop Jimin: You’re ready to pounce on me V: No no J-Hope: What the heck?JK: I’m stealing two bones at a time J-Hope: How about three V: ThreeJimin: How startlingJimin: You can’t play like that RM: That’s no fun Jimin: You need to grab it then remove it like this RM: That’s right, that’s the way to play J-Hope: This is getting ridiculous RM: How dare you look at me with those eyes!J-Hope: What does the dog have on us? RM: This is why dog-training is of utmost importanceJK: Should I go? RM: Go Jimin: He’s calm during your turn JK: You don’t know that RM: I think that you and I will be the next ones out Jimin: No, not me JK: It could be meV: Hyung, come join us RM: I’m doing good RM: His growls are just empty threats, aren’t they?Jimin: I think that you’re getting over-excitedJ-Hope: Jimin was getting greedy Jimin: This is hard on my heart V: Jimin, come join us YK: This is my first time witnessing RM
competing in the final round of any game J-Hope: First time everRM: I’m on a roll Jimin: I didn’t realize it before,
but now I see how ridiculous this game is JK: I think I’m good at this gamex 2 RM: I’m sorry..!!Jin: Why are we so invested in this game? JK: I’m scaredJimin: When is this game going to end? Jimin: I’m getting sleepy RM: I think that you and I will be the next ones out Jimin: No, not meJ-Hope: Maknae has won RM: I thought I could beat JK just this once.RM:JK doesn’t need the crownJimin: We’ve never been able to beat JK in any gameJ-Hope: Are we now “Glamorizing only one person’s face in a photo”? YK: Yes, “Glamorizing only one person’s face in a photo” Jimin: I’m pro at this Camera guy: Jimin, please get a little lower Camera guy: The rest of you– try not to look handsome RM: Our game comes to an end with our pretty boy JK coming in at first J-Hope: Your beauty blinds me~!! RM: This is a flower Jimin: Since you won the game,
you can request a gift from MPD V: Didn’t you mention that you wanted a bike? Jin: MPD said he’s going to give you a birthday gift JK: A bike? RM: Bikes are good JK: I need 7 bikes…RM: Just like a bike (?), our beautiful album “HYYH” has been released to the world Please give lots of love to BTS’ “I NEED U” and “HYYH”Jimin: Send us your love. Fighting!

100 thoughts on “[MPD MISSION] Beware of the Dog, BTS(방탄소년단)

  1. Alguien sabe que le pasó a jungkook en su brazo,más o menos por el codo,se ve que tiene una herida 🙁

  2. اول مره من استيقض الكلب اني اخترعت والموبايل وكع من عندي هههههههههه

  3. I am impressed that jungkook didnt even flinch at all those time that the dork barked. Universe really took its time creating Jungkook. He is amazing?

  4. So….Nobody is going to talk about how far Namjoon got?


    True army
    Do any of you guys even stan him as your bias? Hes super underrated, even as the leader.

  5. Jk asking for 7bikes has the most meaning ?????
    No wonder they're so successful.
    You can just feel how close they are???????

  6. 1:05 su reacción es igualito a mi guapo lee joon de mblaq, hay que emoción hasta el físico se parecen. Los dos son unos loquillos.

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