Moving With All My Animals! Moving Disasters And Future Plans!

what’s up y’all welcome back mandy of my
hectic life pets where we talk about all things pet and pet related it has been
forever since I made a video or at least it feels like it’s been forever moving
was insane so it actually was just me and my daughter trying to pack and get
everything ready so pack up with the five year old super fun times don’t
actually recommend it to anyone ever so my husband had gotten a new job out in
Texas which is great because is so good it is so good you guys to be back in
Texas and out of California no offense to those of you who love California it’s
just not really for me there’s a lot of regulations and a lot of restrictions on
some of the things you can do when some of the things that you can have and
several of the animals that I’ve really really wanted to get well they’re
illegal to purchase in California so I am super super glad that we did move
back to Texas because I grew up here and I love it here and this is what I’m used
to and I really really have been homesick for many many years moving was
actually a serious nightmare though and luckily I’ve got my nice cup of
peppermint mocha coffee thank you Stacia but yeah moving was an absolute
nightmare getting everything packed getting everything ready to go I thought
I could be superwoman and do it all and work and help my
and pack everything and make videos and I was wrong I was absolutely wrong I am
NOT superwoman and I cannot do it all as much as I wanted to
so with moving for starters the truck was not big enough for all of our stuff
to be able to fit in it so I ended up losing a fair amount of furniture and on
top of that a couple of my fish tanks did not make it either
luckily my good friend Bethany over there was willing to hang on to my
community fish until I am able to get a tank over here set up and ready to go
for them then she’s going to go ahead and ship them out to me now I did get
most of my other fish out here my butter fish and my killifish and my african
dwarf frogs unfortunately my pair of gardener I
Kelly fish did not make it on the journey and neither did my tree frogs I
think all the just all the bouncing around in the car and everything I think
it was just too too stressful for them to be able to make it but luckily for me
almost everybody did make it unfortunately a couple of the bettas do
have some fin rot probably from sitting in those bags in the car for a little
bit too long sitting in some ammonia and everything even though I tried to keep
their water clean and everything for the trip I mean you can only you can only
really do so much plus it’s a really stressful trip I mean it’s 30 hours and
that’s probably low balling it I think it actually took us a little bit longer
than that to get here but you know over a thirty hour trip in a car pouncing
around that’s that’s a stressful situation to put some of these animals
under but luckily my pac-man frogs and my crested gecko made it totally fine
and my Kelly fish though my other gardener I kill
fish his tail is a little bit kind of crooked now but I it seems to be
straightening out now that he’s back in a tank so I’m hoping that maybe in a few
more days it’ll be straight again I’m not sure really if that’s gonna happen
or not but I mean being kind of cooped up in
that little bag in a cooler for several days that’s also gonna be a little bit
wearing and stressful on their bodies but he’s eating great and he’s swimming
all over the tank so hopefully a few more days and maybe his tail will
straighten back out all the way if not then I guess I guess I have a crooked
tail killifish he is about five years old now and he is my favorite so I’m
really glad that he made it and he seems at least happy if nothing else well like
I said it’s really good to be back in Texas we’re pretty much almost done with
setting up the inside of the house I have a ton a ton of future plans for
what I want to do there are a few animals that I’ve been
foaming-at-the-mouth to be able to get but I could not get them because I was
living in California and now that I’m in Texas I can have them and of course when
spring comes around I really want to put in a bog garden style pond out in the
backyard hoping that I can make one big enough to be able to put some goldfish
in there but we will see what ends up happening so lots of big plans lots of
things that are going to be going on over the next several months and I am
very excited very excited for everything that is coming and I’m really happy to
be in my own house in Texas it’s just so much more quiet out here y’all so much
quieter I also did order a bunch of supplies from Josh’s frogs to restart my
bioactive tanks I do still have my culture of spring tales that made it
here too and I am going to be starting an isopod
culture from the isopods that I have ordered from Josh’s frogs as well lots
of things going on I’m super excited to be back I have a missed you guys I love
you guys out there there is gonna be a lot a lot of good things to come I think
I’m also trying to decide on what type of tanks that I want to get because I do
want to get an axolotl and I need another community tank since I lost the
ones that I had so I’m excited I’m not sure exactly what sizes of tanks I’m
gonna be getting I really want to get some big tanks but there’s only so much
space for so many tanks so I have to be sort of sort of reasonable since I want
multiple types of things and multiple types of tanks I can only get so many I
got a bad case of mts over here bad case of mts so anyway y’all that’s all I
really have for you guys today and I will see you in my next video thanks for
watching guys bye

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  1. Mandy it's awesome to see ya back glad everything is coming along nicely and hope all is well can't t wait til that pond ????

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