19 thoughts on “Mountain lion spotted prowling Simi Valley neighborhood soon after dog attacks | ABC7

  1. look how thin that mountain lion is.. its starving. set some spayed and neutered rabbits loose for it to eat elsewhere set loose dozens or hundreds of rabbits. either that or get county helicopters to drop carcasses for the mountain lions to eat a long way from homes..

  2. If I were those dog owners , I would set up a cage trap then disappear that thing! Literally, because no one is doing anything about it!

  3. That poor cat has had to live with big hunk of crap around it's neck when it already has a difficult and challenging existence. (Imagine taking down a deer with your teeth!) It's more than likely she has injuries causing it to seek easy prey hence the neighborhood environment wafting with appealing scents. Often, broken teeth or other disabling injuries lead cats to farm stock and even humans which are easier prey than the preferred diet found in it's natural surroundings. It should be captured, rather than killed, examined by veterinarian and either released in a suitable environment or taken to a big cat refuge if too frail or injured to fend for itself. Capturing a big cat is a REAL challenge, man-up.

  4. if we didnt destroy simi and make it grow from 600 people to the insane amount of people are here now most illegally and now we are invading cat territory and I love when idiots say they need to be where they live. Well we destroyed where they lived. Imagine the Indians the mexicans and the blacks all running around here and then yall just track them and say hey why are there so many indians and blacks and mexicans here. Well cause the Egyptians and Jews took their lands and now the masonic media makes everyone think its white people problems when its nazi zionists egyptians and Jews and muslims. They all the same evil that destroy our world and make all you extremely stupid and docile.

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